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The Cosmic fractal is a term or label to denote and describe the evolutionary dynamic of continuous development of spiritual hierarchies in a coordinated interplay in which nothing is static, all spiritual entities are evolving and developing, and the whole takes place along a certain plan and with certain laws or patterns which characterize the whole, and through which we can gain an appreciation, understanding, insight into creation and the cosmos.

The terms chosen may be considered unfortunate, but the above describes a spiritual scientific integrative description to cosmogony and teleology (see Meaning of life#.5B1.5D - Relevant concepts and terminology), in a way that one can develop a mystical feeling in one's soul for being part of this, Man as a microcosm in the whole of the macrocosmos (as elucidated from 25920).

Further introduction, see below in the Discussion area: Note [1] - 'On the term Cosmic Fractal'


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[1] - On the term Cosmic Fractal

A fractal is a term from modern mineral science and mathematics, to denote similar patterns arising at various levels. Mandelbrot series are graphical representation. Another image could be the 'russian dolls': the same figure at a different size, contained in a larger one.

The term Cosmic Fractal has been chosen because - although it clearly has the disadvantage to come with precast meaning from another context - it does 'coin' characteristics that appear in the study of spiritual science. And, because no other 'top level term' was already in use or available, to provide the approach or ingoing perspective as described below.

Of course God, Logos, Brahma, Trinity, etc .. are all 'top level terms'. Cosmic fractal describes the same, but now with just a zeitgeist twist to it that may make it sound more modern or intriguing. Offering a new 'brand' or flavour of spiritual science. All this may sound apologetic, as one could challenge the need to introduce yet another term.

However there are also advantages. The below will expand on what is 'in scope' and by outline of its contents describes what is meant with cosmic fractal. Using this term however stays clear from the discussion around the God and Creation theme that has caused so much misunderstandings and pain in humanity. Of course the cosmic fractal describes creation, Spinoza's God in nature, etc, but it is - in a way - also more.

It binds together the multitude of aspects offered by anthroposophy and spiritual science, such as 'not I but Christ in me', and EDN - ICM - PSSR, and the macrocosm-microcosm coupling described by Rudolf Steiner in his 'arc' of nine lecture cycles and 124 lectures between April 1920 to Dec 1921 (GA201 to GA209, starting with the famous GA201 cycle that was initially published as 'Man, hieroglyph of the universe'). And more: it includes a continuous extension from the worldview of mineral science, all scientific developments of materialistic science, graciously into a meta-representation that extends to spiritual science, with the Spectrum of elements and ethers, and the laws of the etheric (see Mathematics of the etheric and Formative forces) and the appreciation of the astral (see Lemniscatory timespace).

Introducing the cosmic fractal

Below is an outline that could be followed in a lesson or lecture, illustrated by the many FMC schemas on this site.

The above is a high level introduction. To bring it to live it needs to be filled with contents and an appreciation and contemplation of the wealth of concrete and specific illustrations.


Another term from modern mineral science is 'holographic', based on the fact that a hologram contains the characteristics of the whole in every point. This has led to the term being used by people trying to evolve their mineral science perspective to a more holistic. Eg Michael Talbot's 'The holographic universe: the revolutionary theory of reality (2011)

[2] - Using the zodiac clock for a view across epochs

The zodiac clock provides a calibration for the evolutionary time axis of epochs and cultural ages. This concept is used in practice by Rudolf Steiner in sketching evolutionary developments, and depicted in various Schemas. Three main ones are:

  • FMC00.020 - Apostles and Last Supper
    • linked to Schema FMC00.169 and variants, which illustrates the reasons why in various contexts, the evolution of humanity is counted in cultural ages or sub-races counting only the ones that take part in progressive evolution. See Holy Supper symbolism - apostles.
  • FMC00.092 - Development of human faculties
  • FMC00.373A - Christ across epochs

3 - further draft notes

reverse recapitulation - 1908-03-24-GA102

spir hier working first half, second half free - cosmic breath

Lemuria electromagnetism lemniscate link - 1916-10-02-GA171

one CoL important, includes CoF globes see Revelation astral globe

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