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Free Man Creator (or in short FMC) is the name of a project working on study materials for spiritual science, see more on the About page.

The name coins an important essence of the message of spiritual science, more about this on the topic page for Meaning of Free Man Creator.

Its is organized in six main fields of study that form the base materials from which study modules and essays can be derived.

This website is a front end to to publish existing materials of the FMC project, and can be used as an introductory navigation tool for further study.

Contents and structure

Main six study areas

The FMC project work is focused on 'the mother' of 'core spiritual science' or 'core anthroposophy', and not on the Application areas (such education, biodynamic agriculture, etc.). The latter are therefore not covered in depth, much more information already exists for these in the world.

Rather, the inspiration is to see the spiritual scientific teachings as a contemporary version of the Mystery School tradition going back all the way from the old Egyptian and Greek mystery centres upto the School of Chartres, let's call it the Free Man Creator school.

The scope is to cover the full extent of the spiritual scientific worldview, and this is structured into six main domains, fields or work areas:

  1. Man - the human being : Microcosm and Macrocosm, and the correspondence
  2. Evolution (of macrocosmos, of spiritual beings and all forms of life, of consciousness, incl cosmogony or purpose of creation)
  3. Spiritual Hierarchies (as well as the Trinity, the Christ, Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences, ..)
  4. Worldview Spiritual Science describes foundational building blocks (worldview, spectrum of elements and ethers, ..) ,and builds on the three first areas to and brings the spiritual foundation knowledge to our experiential world (kingdoms of nature, clairvoyance, etc) and practical application areas (medicine, music, ..). Hence this offers an upgrade to our worldview: spiritual science offers a meta-representation or paradigm to contemporary (materialistic or) mineral science which is limited to physical matter and mundane consciousness.
  5. Initiation is about practical exercises and the great work on one's Self.
  6. The Michaelic stream covers the story of spiritual science throughout the ages, from the ancient Mystery Schools and their Initiation rites over philosophy and theosophy to contemporary anthroposophy, and the important link with Michael and the Christ Impulse. It is an Impulse carried by a stream of souls or Individualities. As one gets deeper into spiritual science, one realizes one's very personal connection and/or one's personal karma.

Each study or work area is made up of 'logical chapters', whereby each logical chapter or theme can be considered to consist of at least one (or more) study volume(s).

Other site contents

Furthermore the site also contains:


Schema FMC00.101 depicts the first three main study areas on this site. Together they make up the foundation for the spiritual scientific worldview, making up one logical whole as they are completely inter-related as shown below.

See Schema FMC00.336 for a narrative on how they relate.

Schema FMC00.336 (is an old pencil drawing that) provides a map for the territory of a lifelong study, and maps to the structure of this site.

(1) It starts with (in brown-grey) the trigger: Man's most important questions that live in our soul: the three with arrows, and the 'meaning of life?' below.

(2) This leads to 'Man: know thyself' which leads to the study of Man as microcosm and (an integral part of, and relationship with, the) macrocosm. This is studied on this site in the area Man - the human being (in red)

(3) This study really requires an understanding of evolution (in blue): evolution of both Man as the microcosm, and the macrocosm or great Cosmos. This is the second great area of study on this site: Evolution

(4) Clearly as spiritual beings are the make up of both microcosm and macrocosm, it is they who evolve, and it their evolution that make up the evolution of Man and the cosmos. Hence spiritual hierarchies (in green) is the next great area of study. As Rudolf Steiner points out regularly "all is beings" - see also Cosmic fractal.

(5) The framework of the Body of Knowledge and insight, thus developed, also allows to re-frame the question 'meaning of life', as that question depends fully on the frame of reference, and the meaning one gives to the words 'meaning' and 'life'. The answer is Free Man Creator, see Meaning of Free Man Creator. However the answer alone, without the journey and context, and frame of reference thus developed, will not be meaningful.

(6) It is this study that fills heart and soul with the conscious responsibility to act in the world, and to have the strength of will to put Initiation as a personal priority in our life, to make best use of this incarnation and 'lead the best life possible'.


Schema FMC00.336A shows the unedited drawings made 'in one go' many years ago. The left drawing rolls off from top to bottom as per the steps (1) to (4) in the explanation for Schema FMC00.336. The right drawing then has a slightly different presentation with a depth effect and use of the graphical dimensions: it starts with the three key questions, and the block of study in the rectangle becomes the foundation for the block below that emerges and comes forth as the fruit of the study work, and that becomes a lighthouse or gyroscope providing guidance and priority for one's life.


Schema FMC00.305 gives a very simple 'four level view' for studying anything we know in the world or cosmos. Starting at the highest level of experiential observation, we can study the structural components of a kingdom of nature, be it Man, Plant, Animal or Mineral. These bodily principles and subsystems are the result of the wise collaborative weaving of the spiritual hierarchies throughout the evolutionary process, using the available building materials or substance available at each stage. See also Cosmic fractal.


See the FMC meta schemas for high level overviews on each of these aspects.


Note 1 - On Schema FMC00.305

In Rudolf Steiner's lectures, spiritual science is offered with descriptions at various multiple levels as represented in Schema FMC00.305, using various languages including symbols and concepts of spiritual science of past cultural ages (eg Alchemy, see also Schema FMC00.532 on Cosmic fractal).

However, as described on the topic page Cosmic fractal#Inspirational quotes, ultimately all that exists in our cosmos are spiritual beings in a constant dynamic of evolution, all interconnected in complex intertwined interactions.

These multiple influences of various groups of spiritual beings are coined in the concept of the Golden Chain that tries to describe in a synthetic way how the cosmos is made up from these influences.

For the rational mind and intellectual thinking about the Cosmic fractal and Golden Chain, these multiple influences from various spiritual beings can be 'separated' conceptually (based on the different worlds of consciousness and spiritual hierarchies) and again superimposed conceptually. For example on this site is elaborated upon how the influences of the planetary sphere modulate the zodiacal influences, how the hierarchies interact with the elemental beings, the effect of the spirits of the elementary kingdoms.

Hence, in the spiritual scientific worldview of the cosmic fractal, the make-up of the cosmos as we know it, the kingdoms of nature, 'everything is spiritual beings' and also Man - the human being, is embedded, carried by, the spiritual hierarchies.

This insight and realization can only take shape slowly through extensive study of spiritual science and the accompanying practice of initiation exercises, it has to mature, until eventually one comes full circle and starts to 'see' it better. Everything one studies really fits somewhere on the Schema FMC00.532.

Indeed it is because of the spiritual hierarchies and their cosmic breathing that there are these evolutionary cycles, and the recurrence and multi-levelled structure explains many things, and is also why there is this 'fractal nature' to spiritual texts such as the Book of Revelation (eg qualities related to seven, etc), and why we find the wonder of number as explained on Book of Ten Pages.

The many schemas on this site are building stones, puzzle pieces, and steps along a way, like little stones as one walks a path of slow progressive insight. It's only when one has done enough work on the three upper levels of Schema FMC00.305, that starts emerging or 'making sense' the language of the lowest level, that of the spiritual hierarchies. It is the ultimate final language, the most difficult for Man to grasp or relate to.

As an illustration, for example the Schemas 472, 473, 492, 132 on the page Third Hierarchy are such pieces of the puzzle or 'stones along the way'.

The Schemas on this site can be regarded as pointers or sigils that represent pieces of this puzzle that can assist to build one's insights in order to 'get it', and it is the challenge, of this wiki site, to try to develop a first didactic approach to enable this.

This site can be no more than a humble tentative attempt to this daunting, complex task, and one life - yours and mine - looks minuscule compared to the sacred grand wisdom, that we touch and try to contribute too here.

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