Christ - study modules 15 to 21

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Where does the Mystery of Golgotha and the Christ Impulse affect your life, and how?

This set of seven modules takes the perspective of Man's life experience and starts from different aspects of life between birth and death, and between death and a new birth, to show the specific impact and importance of the Mystery of Golgotha.

These modules can therefore be related very individually to your personal life, and backed with the deep imaginative insights that you developed for yourself based on the first 14 modules. In practice of course all modules can be approached concurrently as part of the path.

Current life between birth and death

Christ Module 15 - Study of Spiritual Science and the Mystery of Golgotha

Christ Module 16 - During sleep

Christ Module 17 - The experience of the year

Christ Module 18 - the three meetings

Christ Module 19 - experiencing the Christ - inside, etheric, initiation

After physical death: the journey between death and a new birth:

Christ Module 20 - after death: impact on etheric tableau, and guide to Sun sphere

Christ Module 21 - after death bis: pendulum around midnight hour, lord of karma

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