Spiritual Hierarchies

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This jump page provides links to different types of spiritual beings, from various perspectives

  • overview of the spiritual hierarchies, the main three triads of seven spiritual hierarchies of creation
  • the evolutionary principle - how the spiritual hierarchies work together in creation and across evolutionary cycles at different levels
  • the counterforces: luciferic, ahrimanic, and asuras, soratic beings and their influence (also known as 'evil')
  • the three logoi and trinity
  • it also includes more in depth coverage of various main categories of spiritual beings: folk souls, group souls of nature's kingdoms, elementary kingdoms, and elementals. For an introductory overview picture, see Schema FMC00.142 and variants on Overview Golden Chain

Overview of spiritual beings

  • Overview of the spiritual hierarchies
  • First Hierarchy (H1)
    • Seraphim
    • Cherubim
    • Thrones
  • Second Hierarchy (H2)
    • Spirits of Wisdom (SoW)
    • Spirits of Motion (SoM)
    • Spirits of Form (SoF)
  • Third Hierarchy (H3)
    • archai
    • archangels
    • angels

The 'developmental counterforces' or 'forces of opposition'

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