Spiritual Hierarchies

From Anthroposophy

Overview of spiritual beings

The 'developmental counterforces' or 'forces of opposition' (also know as 'evil)

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the various spiritual hierarchies


  • the evolutionary principle - how they work together in creation and across evolutionary cycles at different levels
  • the counterforces: luciferic, ahrimanic, and asuras, soratic beings and their influence
  • the three logoi and trinity

It also includes: folk souls, group souls of nature's kingdoms, elementary kingdoms, and elementals

A volume being worked out in depth is focusing on the Christ, see Status of planned publications

Study of Christ Impulse and Mystery of Golgotha (MoG)

Here is a prototype website on the topic of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha based on temporary draft notes. It is a pilot experiment to assess how the study of a complex theme could be supported didactically in a non-linear way with respect of and using direct RSL references.

It is in support of lectures and serves as a reference for a guided study process.