Christ - base study modules 1 to 7

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Guided study approach

This presents seven study modules to initialize your understanding of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha (MoG).

Before tackling these seven study modules, please read the page on the guided study approach as it is important you do some preliminary reading and study before tackling these seven study modules.

To this purpose I have selected three main lectures and two supportive lectures. They are the best starting point for your study of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha, from all Rudolf Steiner's lectures in the GA. Again: it is necessary to study these in depth before tackling the study modules.

Once you have done that, you will understand where the proposed segmentation in study modules below comes from:


As described above, the scope of each of these modules below follows from the central lectures on the topic in Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works.

Christ Module 1 – for the whole of mankind unification of humanity through brotherly love

Christ Module 2 – Christ Jesus: what was the nature of the being that went through MoG?

Christ Module 3 – zooming out .. evolutionary framework where MoG fits in

Christ Module 4 – how it works spiritual-technically: the Mystery of the Blood and the Mystery of the Heart

Christ Module 5 – major change: initiation as spiritualization - the Old Mysteries (of the Spirit) and the New Mysteries (of the Son)

Christ Module 6 – the principle in image metaphor story: the Holy Grail, Parsifal, nature’s yearly cycle in plant kingdom (subconscious nature of impulse)

Christ Module 7Cosmic dimension .. zooming out even further: a new beginning, a new center and Sun, change of astral atmosphere Earth

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