Christ Module 3 - Evolutionary framework

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Putting the impact of the Christ Impulse in an evolutionary perspective can be done at various levels whereby we zoom in or out at a different evolutionary scope.

The MoG introduction lectures touch on this at a higher level, without getting into detail. This module recaps this 'simple version', and provides a structure with separate pages where the topic is covered more technically and extensively.

The difference between this and the generic topic page coverage of Evolution is that here the focus is on the role and impact of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha, whereas the general Evolution coverage goes into the evolution of spiritual hierarchies, creation of the building material and develpment of the kingdoms and cosmos as a whole.


  • Studying what happened at epoch level
    • First the essential background to understand the relationship with the MoG Christ Impulse, of how humanity evolved and gained it's self-consciousness ('I-hood') and independance or freedom through the Jehova impulse in the Lemurian epoch: Jehovah-impulse and link to current PostAtlantean (impulse Christ) as per the MoG-intro lecture
    • The Atlantean epoch and the continuation of the SoF trickling in, but also the Mercury influence
    • Zooming into our Current Postatlantean epoch and the impact of the Christ Impulse across cultural ages
    • The next great Sixth epoch


Schema FMC00.014 below is at the level of the solar system evolution, showing the planetary stages and zooming in on the transition from Earth to Future Jupiter.

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