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What started as Q&A or Structured Discussions can be supported with dedicated 'Discussion pages', see below for an overview.

Note these pages are alive and continuous work in progress, sometimes they are a scratchpad to collect elements for further development. They also represents a shared basis from which to gather input from contributors via Structured Discussions.

These pages will ..

  • summarize the essential points and contributions from the freeform interactive online forum-type discussions (which typically deliver a much lower efficacy in reading and study).
  • be structured and cleaned so they fit the general frame of this site
  • living and continuously updated and enriched, but also linked to the rest of the site.

In that sense, these pages, all taken together, are a 'work area' for the site contents based on interaction and collaboration. If a new of interesting topic is developed on such a Discussion page, the contents can be moved to a standard wiki topic page in a second step.

Overview of Discussion pages

Discussions from 2021: