Introduction to Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha

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It is wise to start with the end in mind. What is the importance of Christ Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha?

It is impossible to give a short answer or executive summary type synopsis, because the bandwidth of meaning that can be conveyed with some words is just insufficient. Nevertheless we can try some densely written 'bullet points', each statement as a pyramidion to the whole pyramid of meaning below (which these words cannot convey).

  • The Mystery of Golgotha is a unique event in the evolution of the Earth and the solar system, for humanity and the whole of the cosmos. The highest divine being, a God, worked his way down the spiritual hierarchies; to live in Man and join the Earth and the destiny of all of mankind on the planet, until the end of the world.
  • The Mystery of Golgotha represents the start of a new beginning, whereby humanity will evolve to the 10th spiritual hierarchy of the 'Spirits of Freedom and Love'. It is the start of the spiritualization impulse for humanity and the earth, the letting go of the physical, towards future versions of planet Earth where humanity will become spiritual beings of true selfless Love.
  • The Mystery of Golgotha is a fructification of the Earth and Mankind with the Christ Impulse. The Christ Impulse is like an invisible power that works slowly, like a flower that opens but on a cosmic timescale of millenia and more, and instigates a new brotherly love between all human beings. Growing unselfishness and reducing egotism. Its impact is on a timescale that reaches beyond the evolutionary stage of the current planet Earth, but will become ever more important in the next cultural age, the next epoch, and the next future version of our planet.
  • Implications of the Christ Impulse are also the redeeming of all sins and errors our souls and spirits have incurred in the past ages (since what is known as 'the fall of Man') through the purification of our soul and spirit, thereby surpassing the death of the physical body as we know it. This is known as the resurrection.

The above has been a subject of the teachings in the Mystery Centres for millenia. Though the depth of such important cosmic event of divine nature is beyond our intellectual understanding and current mundane consciousness, and requires a higher state of supersensible consciousness, still the ancient wisdom teachings can be studied through modern spiritual science.

This site offers guidance and support for the individual in-depth self study and contemplation by the earnest student. The above perspectives, and many more, are approached structurally through study modules that allow one to build one's understanding gradually and in stages.


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