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This page describes what is called on this site the 'logoic principle', the basic principle underlying the ever-evolving creation, working through and spawning off the spiritual hierarchies. The principle through which creation and the Cosmic fractal grows in complexity and consciousness.

This furthers and builds on knowledge of The three logoi (and their intrinsic nature), Creation by the three Logoi (and how these principles work together), and Creation of solar system.

The logoi are used at various levels and context in spiritual scientific descriptions, because they are fundamental principles and characteristics appearing throughout creation, and hence appear everywhere in the multidimensional cosmic fractal.


Schema FMC00.329 on the IAO page describes how the cosmic fractal weaves new layers through the three dimensions of evolution across the planetary stages. Taking a step back, Schema FMC00.564 on Creation of solar system illustrates how this has given rise to the nine main spiritual hierarchies, with Man the Tenth hierarchy under development. Both schemas are connected by Schema FMC00.077A.

How this is done, as a universal process, is explained conceptually with Schema FMC00.067A and Schema FMC00.067B.

Logoic principle

On this page, the goal is to bring all the above to live to connect it to more specific and concrete studies of certain planetary stages of evolution such as Old Saturn, and the current Earth stage that can be used to relate this to the human being, here and now.

A first fundamental principle of this process is the reversal that takes place during pralaya. This is covered on Christ Module 7 - Cosmic dimension (1904-11-09-GA089 and 1904-11-10-GA089).

A second fundamental principle is what happens with the divine intervention of the Logos, such as happened on Earth with the Christ at the Mystery of Golgotha. Schema FMC00.413 below illustrates how it can be deduced that a similar process happened on Old Saturn. Schema FMC00.482 provides another view. Rudolf Steiner stated that the Son principle reveals itself at every Condition of Life (1904-07-10-GA090A). See also the quote by Kikis Christofides below. This puts the Mystery of Golgotha, unique for the development of humanity, in a broader perspective.



  • Mahat is a sanskrit term from Hindu teachings mapping to the absolute divinity also called the Logos (or in Buddhism, Adi-Buddha). It is used for the sum or all creative wisdom of Brahma in the cosmos. See more on The three logoi.

Inspirational quotes

Kikis Christofides


When did the Christ Logos express Itself on our planet? The expression of the Logos within the universes is within the static condition of the Absolute.

The Logos expresses Itself within a planet, at the point when 'human' consciousness has reached such a level that makes the manifestation of the Logos possible and meaningful. ...

The Christ Logos is born and crucified eternally within the static condition of the Abso­lute.

.. and this static condition expresses itself within time and space according to the level of consciousness reached by entities that passed through the Human Idea. [editor: what Rudolf Steiner called 'the human stage', Condition of Consciousness level 4).


Schema FMC00.067 shows Creation by the three Logoi as three outpourings by The three Logoi. See also IAO


Schema FMC00.077A is an extended version that provides additional perspectives for personal contemplation (see Discussion area below).

See also Schema FMC00.207 for a summary table with the roles of the hierarchies at a certain CoC in relation to Man.


Schema FMC00.413 provides a 'spiritual hierarchies evolutionary' view on the Old Saturn planetary stage.

Read this together with the three sources mentioned on Evolution Module 1 - Foundation: GA011-1904, GA013-1909, GA089-1903.

  • The middle table shows the evolution of the various spiritual hierarchies, here abbreviated with a three character acronym for the sake of the tabular representation.
  • Above a copy of FMC00.414 to show the worlds or planes of consciousness in which the different Conditions of Life (CoL) or rounds rolled off. It shows the two CoL that were most important for Man in bold, with the bodily component for Man added below.
  • Below the main table: the hierarchies at the stage of evolution which required them to then split off on another planet in the next CoL. This is a natural consequence of the cosmic fractal and the underlying principle that causes the constitution of a different solar system with various planets in each planetary stage of evolution.
  • On the right, the situation when the archai go through the human stage CoC=4 in the fourth lowest mineral CoL. It shows how the human being was then the lowest part of their being.


  • On the left: at the start of Old Saturn there were 11 types of being above Man. Observe this implies two levels more than the Seraphim, here added in light grey.
  • The red line shows the fructification or bestowing process whereby the highest creative hierarchies participates in the evolution of the CoC-4 stage hierarchy. Rudolf Steiner describes those in red, but not the one in dark red which ought to have been the logoic intervention underlying the change in direction of the Old Saturn evolutionary cycle (from descent to ascent).

Schema FMC00.564: a Schema by DL, who made this up - some inspiration for meditation.

What was there before our solar system, as described in spiritual science? What happened before Old Saturn? Why do we start there, with what is described?

Imagine the divinity as The three Logoi, it has as its intrinsic nature that it wants to know itself, and it is characterized by a cosmic breathing pulse. Through this breathing, the logoic principle gives rise, in consecutive cycles, to a new combination of consciousness, life and form, which is called a spiritual hierarchy. The Seraphim are still closely tied to the nature of the third logos (L3), then follow Cherubim and Thrones.

The triad is characterized by a threefoldedness in how the natures of the three hierarchies interrelate (between themselves), and relate to the three logoi: consciousness, a rhythmic life pulse, and an extension which gives it form. In following cycles a ladder is led down of such triads (see upper left of the drawing) thereby extending a ladder of currently Twelve Conditions of Consciousness. In each cycle, an additional hierarchy is added below in an extension of complexity of the Cosmic Fractal.

This can be mapped to the start of our current solar system evolution (lower right) starting with the Thrones sacrificing and the angels being the last hierarchy, and we find back the stages of Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon. See Schema FMC00.077 and variants. A 'linking pin' chain element closely ties the lowest hierarchy of triad N and the highest of the next triad N+1.

The drawing is only a high level sketch of a complex multi-dimensional dynamic. Below the horizontal line, the future is developing. Within our solar system 'cycle' of the spiral, one could say the horizontal line on the lower right corresponds to the CoC=4 'human stage' type of consciousness, but one can also imagine that the nature or complexity of the condition of consciousness shifts with each spiral arm, so it jumps with steps of 4.

Compare the three triad blocks on the lower right corner for Old Moon stage, to the same block on Schema FMC00.077B.

Extending the horizontal line on the lower right, one sees that Earth and Future Jupiter are two intermediate stages that reach a sort of cycle conclusion stage on Future Venus - see also Schema FMC00.022 on that page. This is maybe also why Rudolf Steiner says that no human mind or language can today imagine Vulcan, and hence why it is not talked about: creation and the state of consciousness is beyond what we can take in scope for grasping with current intellectual thought and waking consciousness.

The spiral and ladder of consciousness is not fixed or stable, but very relative, as one can look at it in many ways. For example in the next three planetary stages, humanity will be in the roles represented by the colour green on Schemas FMC00.077 A and B. After that comes a graduation to become creator at a higher level, emanating substance through sacrifice; to get an idea: like the Thrones gave rise to the Archai on Old Saturn. See again Schemas FMC00.077 A and B - this schema does not show this (but it could be depicted in a future grid version).


Lecture coverage and references

Overview coverage

1904-02-02-GA090A provides basis

Reference extracts



The wisdom in space we call cosmic wisdom or 'mahat'. Mahat is the sum of all wisdom spread out in the world .. it is the primal image of wisdom. 'Mala' is the image of mahat in Man.


The creative wisdom of Brahma is mahat. A solar system exists as a thought in the spirit of Brahma. [Evolution unfolds as the] thinking over of this cosmic thought after Brahma.

Everywhere in the world is wisdom. It flows from a sort of spiritual germ in our soul. In the soul is the cosmic wisdom. Mala lives in many. Mahat lives only once.

As Mahat becomes individualized, in other words becomes Mala, it needs a connection link or member. That is 'ahankara'. Through ahankara, every human beings hangs together with the universal cosmic wisdom.

continues on p 24 to be added still


see drawings p 32-33

three logoi:

radiating rays, every beam being a soul -> drops as part of the whole

God is Unity and Primal Source, and by devotion to the cosmos out of love, becomes a multitude. Like water becoming drops.

L1: omnipotence, all-powerful, L2: power, L3 wisdom


p 89

1/ first phase: involution and development of Form from outside inwards: L2+L3 (upto first half of fourth CoL) .. building of the sheaths

second logos: plant seeds

third logos: soil bed (matter) from which new forms arise, world dust (has taken in all

upto then cloudlike aura

2/ plus fructification by first logos, radiating from inside out .. evolution, development of Life -> gives rise to second half of fourth CoL and next three CoL ..

for Man, middle Lemurian epoch: radial-radiating aura

3/ future development:

development astral body - rotating chakras

sixth CoL: development of mental body, into radiating mental body

seventh CoL: causal body is perfected, now radiating causal beams/rays (at end of seventh CoL only the causal body remains)

4/ p 89:

Prakriti -> Mahat (L3) + Purusha (L1)

soul body spirit


check if relevant

link between Mahat and manas in Man

add from GA244 p 269


p 193-5


p 230: Christ was the 25th for our solar system

... 'our' Christ is the 25th, in every kingdom the Son principle reveals itself once, 49 times in a planetary chain


p298-299 is the cosmic fractal nature

  • evolution consists in that each part of Mahat develops such that it becomes identical with Mahat .. this is called the great sacrifice: the whole Mahat gives his being to all its parts, that is development
  • purpose of the cosmos is that the Whole gives his Being to all its Parts. In the beginning the Whole was perfect/complete but had no parts. Now it has parts, it is giving its being to all parts, so his own completeness will be in all parts in the end.
  • at the start: Mahat is outside the I; at the end: Mahat is inside the I
  • not Mahat, but the I has gone through a development: the world is cosmic thought-building
  • however of course, in reality the I is also part of Mahat

Atwar & Ishwara

From the start we have a central consciousness for the planetary cosmos, then a siderical consciousness starts to develop, and then a heavenly. At the start one is consciousness, and at the end all that take in the consciousness of the one. At the start unity-consciousness, at the end manifold-consciousness.

Now we call a being which at the end is equipped with such consciousness as many others, 'atma'.

And that unified consciousness that is at the start we call 'ishwara'.

Hence the whole of evolution is a transition from unity consciousness ishwara to the unity consciousness of the 'atwar'. ...

When one imagines evolutionary development, one has to say: at the start we have an undivided ishwara-consciousness, that somehow divided, so that dull consciousnesses arise or come out. This point is esoterically-astrologically designated as the Balance. So we can say: the image of the Balance means for the spiritual scientist: the emergence of atma from ishwara.

And now an important moment in evolution sets in: the being, from which the I emerged, is twofold, as it is a macroscopic being. The microcosm is the atma-embryo and the macrocosm is that what works from the outside as ishwara-consciousness.

1939- Valentin Tomberg

see: Old Saturn#1939 - Valentin Tomberg, and relate to the dark red on Schema FMC00.413


Note 1 - Introduction to the page on The Logoic Principle

On a small personal note, just not to forget with the years, with gratitude for the christmas inspiration.

This page is ambitious because it tries to convey, at the same time:

  • ancient indian sanskrite terms used in theosophy, such as mahat, ishwara, atwar, ..
  • the principle of the three logoi, which is usually sketched at a really high conceptual level
  • and especially how to relate the working principle of the three logoi to evolution, creation, and the spiritual hierarchies

Note 2 - Narrative on the Logoic principle


Schema FMC00.067 three logoi and three outpourings -> can one understand this, actually, truly?

How can one try to imagine it, to bring it to life?

Aspects we will connect to:

1/ Quote rephrased from Christ Module 3 - Evolutionary framework#Kikis Christofides:

The Logos expresses Itself on a planetary stage of evolution and for a given category of spiritual beings under development, at the point when consciousness has reached such a level that makes the manifestation of the Logos possible and meaningful.

2/ red on Schema FMC00.413 on Old Saturn

putting it in a frame:

3/ see the ladder: Twelve Conditions of Consciousness

4/ we can see the ouroboros: the circle on IAO

and of course the connecting key is Schema FMC00.077A on Creation of solar system

5/ now zodiac to solar system .. Schema FMC00.076 on Creation of solar system

Narrative draft outline:

L3 provides substance, soil, cosmic dust ... body

L2 links and brings it to life .. ai it adds components such as P + E + A ... soul .. the astral being the 'seed'

L1 then brings the higher element, fructification .. adds consciousness

This is like a car jack to go "+1" on the ladder of CoC

it represents the Cosmic Fractal 'growth principle'

its implementation in weaving through the hierarchies H1 -> H2 -> H3

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