Three dimensions of evolution

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Evolution proceeds along three dimensions that are characteristics of The three Logoi:

  • Conditions of Consciousness (CoC)
  • Conditions of Life (CoL)
  • Conditions of Form (CoF)

Imagine the cosmos as an eternal cosmic fractal-like evolution that rolls off along a breathing dynamic, whereby the three dimensions mentioned are the stages in three levels of that cosmic breathing dynamic. At the highest level, each planetary stage of evolution gives rises to a CoC as the result of an outbreathing followed by an inbreathing, a process consisting of mantavara and pralaya stages.

  • A stage of awake daytime emanation into the spirit, astral and physical world is called a 'manvantara'.
  • Between two manvantaras takes place what is called a 'pralaya', a state of transition, of 'disappearance' (in the higher spiritual) or of deep sleep.

This sequence takes place at different levels: at CoC (between planetary stages) and at CoL: one CoC can also be seen as smaller breaths called CoL, with minor pralayas in between. Furthermore one CoL can also be said to go through a number of CoF stages.

And last, this in and out breathing takes place even higher level with the beginning and end of a solar system, see Cosmic breath of Brahma.

Our current conditions of space and time are quite specific to in a certain subphase of Earth development, as we are currently living in:

  • the fourth CoC: Earth
  • the fourth CoL: mineral
  • the fourth CoC: physical (and lowest)
  • the fifth epoch: called Aryan or PostAtlantean (see also Earth's seven epochs). See also the mixed races that developed in earlier epochs on Human races.
  • the fifth cultural age: called anglo-german (after ancient Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman; see Current Postatlantean epoch)


  • spiritual beings responsible for the state transitions, see Prajapatis
  • representation for students of spiritual science: CoF in colours and signs, CoL in sounds, life sounding forth. No characterizing signs exist in the physical world for the CoC (1904-10-25-GA089)


Schema FMC00.093 gives an overview of the different dimensions that roll off in one another in the great cosmic evolution


Schema FMC00.057 illustrates the levels of Conditions of Consciousness (CoC), Life (CoL) and Form (CoF). See also Prajapatis

Schema FMC00.057D provides an explanatory overview of the 343 states in the solar system evolution.


Schema FMC00.010A links the three Logoi to the Three dimensions of evolution.

See also the '1904-10-25-GA089 quote' section in the Discussion area.


Schema FMC00.314 is an extended version of schema FMC00.314A by Rudolf Steiner, adapted from an illustration by Richard Seddon.


Schema FMC00.314A is a more well-known schema of the seven Conditions of Life (CoL) or kingdoms, with the Conditions of Form (CoF) underneath, drawn by Rudolf Steiner end 1904 (see also GA093A) to explain that the 25th stage (of the 49 in total) is always the deepest, densest, middle stage. We are now in the fourth planetary stage of CoC in the 25th stage, thus on the densest stage of all.


Schema FMC00.203 shows the first six planetary stages in the overview of solar system evolution, to point out that for the evolution of Mankind, there is always only one but different CoL that is important per planetary stage (1905-03-18-GA090B). On Earth that is the current mineral CoL, on Future Jupiter it will be the plant CoL. On Old Moon Mankind was still at the level of the third EK, see The elementary kingdoms


Schema FMC00.057A is the schema specifically within one planetary stage, like Earth. For Earth it is the fourth mineral CoL4 that is important for development of Man. See further: Earth rounds perspective.


Lecture coverage and references


On completion of all 343 states the human being will be what we call a `god'.

This is not the supreme god but 'the third Logos', which is in truth the Logos of Form when it will have gone through the 343 metamorphoses; it is Form at its most advanced stage.

These different configurations of Consciousness are Form again on the higher plane. Conceived as a whole, these 343 forms are thus the Third Logos.

The Second Logos will represent Life at its highest stage, and the First Logos, Consciousness at its highest stage.


The CoF are represented in colours and signs for esoteric students, the CoL in sounds, life sounding forth. No characterizing signs exist in the physical world for the CoC


[1] The three logoi and the three dimensions of evolution: the 1904-10-25-GA089 quote


then read

  • 1906-11-08-GA055 on Christ Module 4 - The Mystery of the Blood which explains how suffering (as we know it on earth, now consider the 343 cycles) need to include or be constituted of a destruction process of the lower by the side of a creating process of the higher.

Contemplate this together with Schema FMC00.057 above to see how the 1904-GA089 explains the embedded levels.

What is new is that it 'lifts up' the principles described to the level of our complete solar system evolution and the language of the Three Logoi.

What has received completion in one cycle, such as Man at the end of this solar system evolution, will create as the Third Logos in the next.

This can be held against how this happened in our current solar system evolution, and the first outpouring by the Third Logos (see eg Schema FMC00.067)

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