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Spirit World (or Spirit Land) is the third world after our physical world, and the astral or soul world. In theosophical language (based on indian sanskrite terms) it is also called Devachan. Other terms are: the heavenly world, the world of inspiration (lower) and intuition (higher), or the world of harmony of the spheres.

It consists of:

  • a lower region, that contains the formed mental or spiritual archetypes of everything we find on Earth. In theosophy this Lower Spirit World is called rupa devachan.
    • The lowest three regions are called the continental, oceanic and atmosopheric regions and contain archetypes for the physical earthly, the etheric life, and the airy astral components we find in the lower planes.
    • the fourth region, holding the middle with the higher spirit world, is Plato's 'home of the Ideas', or the 'Realm of the Mothers' of which Goethe speaks in Faust
  • a higher region of unformed mental substance, in theosophy this Higher Spirit World is called arupa devachan, it is also called world of reason.


FMC00.079 positions the Spirit World with the different terminologies

Schema FMC00.136 provides an overview of the seven regions of Spirit World and the experience Man has in each region. Whether Man reaches that region depends on his or her spiritual development or maturity.


Lecture coverage and references


.. from these highest [sixth and seventh] regions of the spirit world, the Masters send the great impulses for humanity from the higher planes of Budhi and Nirvana. They send these impulses that work on the timescale of centuries.


(seven regions)


(description of five regions)


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