Man's cycle of reincarnation

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Man's cycle of reincarnation, of life between birth and death, and between death and re-birth

  • introduction
    • principle of reincarnation
    • evolutionary perspective
      • when did it start, when will it stop
      • how does it change
    • The doctrine - Historical context on teachings
    • Practical aspects
      • Frequency of incarnations
      • Location
      • Characteristics of inheritance - talent
    • It's more complex
  • the journey (between death and a new birth)
  • metamorphosis
  • equivalences: – equivalences 'between death and rebirth' with what we know 'between birth and death'
  • karma or destiny
    • Karma studies: case instances of individualities with multiple personalities or incarnations - centered on the 80+ Karmic Relationship (KR) lectures held by Rudolf Steiner in 1924
  • causes of death
  • the spectrum of death - early death vs old age
  • about the world of our beloved dead

each human life represents one breath of a 'Great Being that breathes us in and out, again in a rhythm determined by the number 25,920 - the sun's course around the Zodiac (the platonic year cycle of 25.920 years)

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