FMC schemas

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The Free Man Creator initiative has created schemas and illustrations for the student of spiritual science. The great thing about the new internet technology is 'free flow of information' so we can share these to support re-use wherever they can be of interest or use.

With reference to 1915-01-09-GA161, the aim was and is

  • to produce schemas for didactic use for the earnest student of spiritual science, to support self study.  Also
  • to offer an overview and synthesis for facilitating integration and building imaginations. As well as
  • to bring together references to Rudolf Steiner’s lectures in a way that adds value overall.

The schemas were made along a structured taxonomy per field and study topic, however they are shared here in a single download file.

This repository uses only an index number with no further classification. An Excel overview exists as an index to this Powerpoint deck.

All schemes can be traced back to digital materials made in Microsoft Office format (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) so they can be edited and adapted.

Download area - FMC schemes reference

The file below will be updated regularly, this are the very first test versions to set up the system. For now only the PDF version is linked, but in the future also PPT and XLS files will be made available.