From Anthroposophy

Evolution is an essential cornerstone, but it is also a vast and extremely complex theme to cover.

We can take three main perspectives:

  • spiritual hierarchies and their evolution in the great cosmic dynamic
  • the macrosmos - heavenly bodies, our solar system, stars and planets
  • Man, or the microcosmos .. how the make-up and consciousness of Man evolves
  • evolution of the macrocosmos, of spiritual beings and all forms of life, of consciousness
  • cosmogony, the origin of our solar system / cosmos

and the mapping to:

  • the Biblical texts: Genesis, The Book of Revelation (Apocalyps)
  • myths and legends as per tradition and artworks (eg Wagner)


  • Introductory to cosmology
    • Three dimensions of evolution
  • Overview solar system and planetary stages
    • solar system evolution in a nutshell
    • solar system evolution as the evolution of the Hierarchies
    • planetary seals
  • the beginning of our solar system
  • Old Saturn
  • Old Sun
  • Earth
    • Earth's Seven Epochs
    • Current epoch and its cultural ages
    • Two races of mankind
  • New Jupiter
  • New Venus
  • Vulcan
  • Advanced topics
    • The two halves of each evolutionary cycle
    • The Yugas
    • Recapitulation
    • Rememberance