Planets hosting beings at various stages of evolution

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Our solar system is like a cradle for the development of spiritual beings, the various planets provide different conditions for beings at various stages of evolution.

So also our Earth provides an environment to host souls and provide an environment for their development. That environment is intrinsincally related to the evolutionary stage of our planet Earth and humanity.

During certain disruptive evolutionary stages, as in the 'catastrophes' of the separation of the Sun, the separation of the Moon from the Earth, or the ice ages, the Earth does not provide the conditions for souls to incarnate. At other stages, when conditions are right, souls can descend from other planetary realms and incarnate in a human physical body on Earth and go through experiences furthering their development, or contribute to the development of the community of human beings on earth (see for example also 1904-10-28-GA092 below).

More specifically:

  • period of third and fourth epochs: Between the separation of the sun and the separation of moon, because of the continued hardening of the earth, the great majority of human souls had to relinquish their union with the earth. During this interval human soul-spirits, except for a very small number, abandoned earthly conditions and pressed upward into higher regions to continue their evolution on the several planets belonging to our solar system, each according to the stage of his development. Only a very small number of the strongest soul-spirits remained in union with the earth. During this time the rest dwelt upon the earth's planetary neighbours. After the separation of the moon, when the earthly conditions were stabilized in a balance between moon and sun influences (see Schema FMC00.190A below), the human soul-spirits who had escaped to the planets gradually begin to return again. This started in the later stages of the Lemurian epoch and went on far into the Atlantean epoch. This variety of earthly incarnation have rise to the human races.
  • period fifth and sixth epochs. In a similar kind of transition, now the mirror-reverse of the above (right half on Schema FMC00.190A), beings are joining Earth again for whom this is the right developmental stage, in order to blossom in the sixth epoch. Rudolf Steiner states that this started in the 1870s and will continue in times to come. Indeed in the current epoch this will surely continue upto the next 'russian' cultural age (3500-5000 AD) [which is the important one in light of the sixth epoch - see also Schema FMC00.169A and 1908-06-25-GA104 on Overlapping evolutionary periods] and into and along the sixth epoch itself.


Schema FMC00.130 provides a simple tabular overview of evolution and Man's bodily principles the developmental goal per planetary stage (and Condition of Consciousness) - and epoch (taking into account conditions of life and form). See also Man's transformation and spiritualization.

Cohorts that are developing ahead of this 'mainstream' evolutionary pathway require different conditions and hence develop on other planets. Once, and only when, humanity and conditions on earth provide certain conditions mapped to their developmental stage, they can descend and incarnate again.

Schema FMC00.190A is a variant of 'napking drawing' FMC00.190 that shows how first separation of Sun and Moon, then reunion of Moon and Sun, causes a period in the Earth development with a balance between Sun and Moon influences (see also Emerald Table) to provide an environment for Man to receive the I principle (and the Jehovah impulse), freedom (due to the Luciferic infection), and the fructification with the budhi principe of higher love (due to the Christ Impulse given the Mystery of Golgotha).

In other words 'it all happens between the third and sixth epochs'. One can imagine that beings leave and return to join at various stages along this developmental pathway, corresponding to the conditions that match their spiritual maturity .


Schema FMC00.313 provides an overview of the beings that provide spiritual guidance of mankind in the current Postatlantean epoch, comparing it with the categories of beings and the state of 'ensoulment' by a being from the third spiritual hierarchy H3 in the Lemurian epoch (upper right, different cohorts).


Lecture coverage and references

Introduction statements to the essence of this topic: first read 1910-08-25-GA122 then 1909-06-09-GA109 below.

1904-10-28-GA092 (SWCC) puts into perspective that the whole spiritual guidance of mankind upto this point, was done by higher beings that do not stem from mankind developing on Earth. See also White Lodge and Bodhisattva.

In the course of our fifth epoch and the time between the end of the Atlantean and the beginning of the next Sixth epoch, an advance in human evolution of the highest importance will be made. The Leaders of mankind, their Manus, will arise in mankind itself.

None of the great leaders who brought men forward, who gave them their important impulses during the earlier epochs (or 'root races'), went through their own evolution entirely on the earth. They underwent it in part on other planets, and thus they brought from other worlds the great impulses they had to give to the earth. The Manus of the Lemurian and Atlantean epochs, as well as the Manu of our current fifth epoch, are supersensible individualities, who underwent the sublime schooling which enabled them to become the leaders of mankind, on other planets. But during the current fifth epoch (and root race), highly developed human individualities have trained themselves so that from the sixth epoch onward, they will be capable of becoming the Leaders of mankind. The Leader of the Sixth Root Race, in particular, will be a man as we are, only one of the most advanced, indeed the most advanced among men.

He will be a being who began his development when incarnation started, approximately in the middle of Lemuria, one who has always been a man among men, only he was able to advance more rapidly, and one who has gone through every stage of human evolution. This will be the fundamental characteristic of the Manus of the sixth epochs. Such beings have to undergo all kinds of Initiation, to be initiated again and again. Hence the fifth epoch from its outset has always had Initiates, men who were so initiated as to enable them to walk their own freely willed path. This was not the case during the Lemurian nor even in Atlantean epoch. In both the Lemurian and Atlantean epochs, those who helped mankind forward, those who ruled and guided mankind, those who were political leaders and leaders of great religious communities, were under the influence of and directly dependent upon higher beings, beings who had gone through their own development on other planets.

It is not until the fifth root race that mankind is left free. Then we have Initiates who have a connection with higher beings, but to whom such comprehensive guidance is not given. More and more freedom is allowed to the Initiates of the fifth epoch in matters of detail. Guidance is given along general lines, not only to the Initiates but to those who are stimulated by them. Impulses are given to them but yet in such a way that it is out of their own spirituality that they have to carry things out.

1904-11-01-GA089, a more extensive extract is on Man in the Lemurian epoch

The lunar human beings who came to the Earth in the middle of the Lemurian age, when their bodily house was ready to be inhabited and prepared to receive manas, are called pitris, which means Fathers. It therefore depended on how the pitris had developed earlier on, and when had they received the spark of manas.

A pitri could also remain so far behind in evolution that in the middle of the Lemurian age he would not have reached the level of being able to connect with the human body and dhyanic spirit.

Evolutions always go in seven cycles. It is possible to lag behind a little in evolution at any stage in the seven cycles. Those who have remained behind will need to use the final phase to catch up on some things.

We are thus able to distinguish seven classes of Moon pitris, according to the way in which they had lagged behind. These existed in the middle of the Lemurian race. Only the most highly evolved pitris were then able to incarnate. The others were not yet able to do anything with their bodies.

Because of this, new pitris were coming up all the time until the end of the Atlantean age and even into Postatlantean times. To this day, pitris still incarnate in population groups that are at a very low level; one may also find quite childlike, little developed pitris among the lower levels of the population in our large cities. However, it is rare now for pitris to incarnate for the first time today. There are only few very young pitris who are still wholly governed by their kama.

1909-05-31-GA109 (SWCC)

In the Atlantean Oracles and their centers of wisdom, spiritual life was differentiated in the same way that external knowledge and the areas of trade and professions are subdivided in external life today. There were various branches of spiritual investigation and occult wisdom in ancient Atlantis, but everything in those times depended on different conditions. Wisdom varied from one oracle to another according to the capacities of the human beings and their external environment. A connection existed between certain human capacities and certain planets, that is, certain mystical occult capacities were connected with special planets. Therefore, on the Atlantean continent we should distinguish between oracles of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Just as did our earth, our present capacities also developed out of the cosmos, and they are in each case tied to different planets and their influences. On Atlantis, people who were suited to develop this or that cognitive capacity were chosen from the population and assigned to one of the seven oracles. Of the seven oracles, which were named after the seven planets in ancient Atlantis, the Sun Oracle stood out from all the others, but next to it the Vulcan Oracle prepared itself in secrecy for its future task.

Each of these oracles had emanated from the cosmos according to its capacity, but there was one center in which the capacities of all seven oracles flowed together, and it was here that the wisdom of the seven oracles in Atlantis coalesced. The adepts of this center, of the Holy Sun Oracle, had been initiated into the mystery and service of what we today know as the Sun. We should not forget that the physical sun is only the external expression or physiognomy — the body and garment — of the spiritual life of the exalted Sun-Being.

When the sun separated from the earth, and along with the physical sun those beings abandoned the earthly arena who had advanced through the human state and, therefore, could no longer use the earth for their development. After the moon too had left, the earth was able to realize its destination of becoming the abode of humanity. If the sun alone had influenced the earth, the latter would have gone through such a rapid development that human beings would have become old soon after birth. By contrast, if our earth had been only under the influence of the moon, human beings would have been stiffened and become mummies Development would have been too slow, and their bodies would have reached a state of rigidity and lignification. However, through a wise guiding force, sun and moon maintained a balance in the external influence they exert on the earth; and this enabled earth and human beings to develop at a speed suitable to them. The beings of Mars, Mercury, Venus, and so on, who did not need the forces that had left with the moon and earth for their development, departed with the sun to take up their own abode. Yet they continued to be connected with the earth and sent their beneficial forces down to it in the sunlight.


Thus after pralaya the earth first of all recapitulated the Saturn condition; it was a condition of warmth. Then this gigantic globe of warmth condensed to the gaseous state and only when a definite point had been reached was it possible for the globe to form the fluid element and recapitulate the Old Moon condition. At this point on the earth there was a repetition of what had previously happened on Old Moon: the sun separated from the earth and earth-plus-moon became one independent body, containing the substances and beings of earth and moon, as they are still present today. Thus for a time earth and moon, and sun were one united whole. The earth-plus-moon was ejected because man could no longer keep pace with the tempo of the sun. Had the sun remained in the earth man would have been old practically at birth. The beings of the cosmos are at entirely different stages of evolution. It will only be possible to indicate the most important features of this evolution during the fourth period, that of the earth. Even the more mature beings belonged to grades at every possible level. There were some who could neither profit by the rapid tempo of the sun nor by the slow tempo of the earth. These beings departed already before the separation, when sun, earth and moon were still united. They created special arenas for their activity and these were the domains suitable for their rulership. It was thus that the outer planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, were formed.

During the recapitulation of the Saturn embodiment, Uranus, Vulcan and Saturn separated from the earth. During the recapitulation of the sun embodiment, Jupiter and Mars separated. After the sun had left the earth, Mercury and Venus separated from it. After the separation of the sun, the earth cast out the moon. The dispersal of Old Moon was brought about by the forces of the progressed beings who drew out the solar body, while the normal and retarded beings produced the moon circling around it. In all the mysteries these happenings were called the strife in heaven. The detached planetoids are the ruins of that battlefield. It is here that the primal secret of the origin of evil must be sought.

The planetary spirits involved could not have waited until the sun separated from the earth because they would not have found the right soil for their activity; evolution at this time was turning into different channels. The planetary conditions of space and movement are all the expression and effect of the activity of their beings; these conditions indicate the evolutionary rank of the spiritual beings inhabiting the planets. Beings who had believed that they, too, could accompany the sun because this had formerly been possible but who could not now do so, separated from the sun, but only after it had itself separated from the earth. These beings separated from the sun after this event and are at a far higher stage of evolution than men. Venus and Mercury are the two bodies that, having separated from the sun after the latter's separation from the earth, formed the inner planets of our solar system.

After the severance from the sun a difficult, sombre period now began for the earth, in a certain respect its darkest, hardest era. While still united with the moon, the earth drew into itself all the forces that were retarding evolution. To obstruct life is characteristic of the forces principally active in the moon. During this period, these obstructive forces were working far too strongly in the earth. If the earth had remained connected with them, life would not have taken its course in the right tempo. Man would have hardened to the stage of mummification. The earth would have become a veritable cemetery, one vast graveyard containing statues of mummified human bodies. No procreation would have been possible. When the sun had left the earth, fearful desolation and hardening of all life took place. So already at that time there were periods when the human physical body was abandoned by its spiritual members, just as today the physical body is abandoned by its spiritual members at death.

In that past era, withdrawal and emergence of the being of spirit and soul from the physical already took place and a new search for the physical body began, as happens today when incarnations are to take place. But more and more frequently it happened that when the being of soul and spirit desired, while the moon was still united with the earth, to find a human body again, none was to be found, because bodies were no longer fit to receive the being of spirit and soul. Just imagine that great masses of human beings were to have died today and because of the character of the physical substance these bodies had become so decadent that the souls would have said: We cannot make use of these bodies, they are too decadent for us, they offer no possibility of further evolution. Suppose that because of an extensive spread of alcoholism, for example, successive generations had gradually become so degenerate that the bodies were simply useless for the descending souls. This is more or less a picture of the state of the earth at that time, before the exit of the moon. Everything that should have been habitable down below was often hardened, crusted, withered, mummified. There was actually a period when souls were seeking in vain for bodies for their own evolution on earth. The consequence was that certain beings simply could not at that time have returned to the physical plane as men. They could not have incarnated again on the earth. These beings then went to other cosmic bodies that had separated from the sun, namely, to Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. There was a time when the majority of these beings who should normally have incarnated on the earth according to their nature and their stage of evolution, placed themselves under the protection of the beings of Mars, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn, having ascended to and populated these cosmic bodies. Only the strongest souls found it possible to cope with the stubborn bodies and keep them flexible. Please understand me well. It was only the best soul material that then came again to the earth, because its power to master the stubborn bodies was the greatest. But under such conditions evolution could not have progressed.

The beings of the highest rank belonging to our solar system now adopted a new procedure. The most impermeable substances were extracted and separated from the earth; the severance of the moon was brought about. The result of this was that the forces that had remained behind were no longer frustrated in their evolution. But it was not until later that this moon became what it is today. The time had now come when the physical and etheric evolution of man could find the tempo befitting its stage. The forces both of the sun and the moon now worked upon the earth from outside, maintaining the balance. Gradually, while the moon was emerging, a kind of softening, an amelioration of the bodies of men, again took place. The period just described is called in occultism the Lemurian epoch, the epoch of the separation of the moon during the physical embodiment of the earth. The epoch when the sun left the earth is called the Hyperborean age, and the epoch when the sun, moon and earth were still united is called the Polarian age.


What, then, is the anthroposophical movement? It came into the world because the lofty beings we call the Masters, who live in human physical bodies but have reached the far higher stage of evolution than the average man of today, poured out a certain amount of wisdom from the last third of the nineteenth century onwards. The living influx of this wisdom from higher realms into our culture is the actual basis of our anthroposophical movement. Do not imagine that there was no possibility of the attempted influx of wisdom falling upon deaf ears in humanity. Even if there had been deaf ears, the Masters would have said that an attempt must be made later on, when human beings would be ready to receive the wisdom. In occultism this is known as the test of maturity in men. The fact that wisdom pours into humanity from higher beings such as these is not in itself sufficient; what matters is how it is received; the success of the test depends upon that. Such tests have already been made several times but have not always succeeded. It was often within narrow limits that humanity proved to be ripe for the tests; receptive souls and hearts were not always to be found. When the I of humanity was to be instilled, the test consisted in gradual attempts to permate what had formerly been astral body only, with the I. Then it turned out that the astral body, permeated by the I, was incapable of penetrating the physical body. Adjustment was therefore necessary and this was made possible by the separation of the moon. It was in the middle of the Lemurian epoch that the entry of the ego, the Christ principle, was first achieved.

But the following was connected with this. During and after the separation of the moon, the earth was depopulated. We have heard that the bodies had become so contaminated that they could no longer provide habitations for the souls. Cosmic happenings such as these have been preserved in legend and saga, but occult investigation reveals their true origin and teaches us that while the separation of the moon was taking place, when the earth was depopulated, many souls were searching for suitable embodiment in cosmic space; they departed from the earth and assumed bodies on other planets. But when the moon had finally left, it became apparent that the earth was capable again of providing suitable bodies.

Now, the souls, who during the latest Lemurian epoch and thereafter in the Atlantean period [had gone to the planets, presented them-selves again on the earth and incarnated in the bodies there. [editor: erroneous editing/translation: these souls had left before and returned during lemurian and Atlantean epochs, after the Earth had stabilized after the departure of the Moon, in a balance of forces between Moon and Sun]

Groups of human beings now formed on the earth. Some provided bodies for souls coming from Jupiter incarnations, or from Mars, Venus or Saturn. These souls now found bodies that were appropriate for them. This grouping of souls gave rise to the birth of races. Hence there is a certain connection between the races and cosmic bodies and thus it was possible to speak of Saturn men, Jupiter men and so on. What can be called the concept of race had now, for the first time, its justification.

On Old Moon, and also on the earth while it was still united with the moon, there were human beings at different stages of evolution. This can be perceived right on into the Lemurian epoch, when owing to the exodus of the moon, differentiation took place in humanity. Thereafter the concept of race arose and from then on began to have a certain meaning, a certain significance. Race is something that comes into being and subsequently passes away again. The epoch of the formation of the races is that embraced by Lemuria and Atlantis. Today only stragglers of the races are present.

1910-GA013 also describes souls leaving earth and returning after the separation of the moon in the Lemurian epoch .. and in Chapter 4:

There was moreover a further class of human beings who had absorbed most of all the Luciferian influence. They could only reach up to a Spirit Being [Vulcan] who with his associates had been thrust forth again soonest of all from the evolution of the Sun. This Being has no special planet in the cosmic spaces but lives to this day in the surrounding sphere of the Earth itself, with which he re-united after his return thither from the Sun. The human beings to whom he revealed himself as their higher I may be called adherents of the Vulcan Oracle. Their vision was more directed than that of all the other Initiates to the phenomena of Earth. They laid the first foundation for what afterwards arose among men as arts and sciences.


We know from yesterday's lecture that men were still psycho-spiritual beings at this time, but that they were unable to unite with the earth on account of the density of the matter which streamed from the earth into its periphery so long as the moon remained with it. So it came about that the great majority of human souls had to relinquish their union with the earth. Here we come to something of great importance in the relationship between man and earth, something which happened during the time between the separation of the sun and that of the moon. During this interval human soul-spirits, except for a very small number, abandoned earthly conditions, and pressing upward into higher regions, continued their evolution upon the several planets belonging to our solar system, each according to the stage of his development. Some souls were fitted to pursue their evolution on Saturn, others on Mars, others again on Mercury, and so on. Only a very small number of the strongest soul-spirits remained in union with the earth. During this time the rest dwelt upon the earth's planetary neighbours. This came about at a time preceding (to use our own terminology) the Lemurian age.

Then came that other important event, which took place as we know during the Lemurian time, whereby the moon with all its matter and all its forces was itself withdrawn from the earth. This brought about great changes in the earth, which now for the first time came into a condition in which the human being could thrive. Whereas the earth's forces would have been too spiritual had it remained united with the sun, they would have become too coarse had it remained with the moon. Hence the moon too withdrew, and both sun and moon Beings then worked upon the earth from without, thereby bringing it into a state of balance. And in this way the earth prepared itself to become the bearer of human existence. This all happened during the Lemurian age.

Evolution now makes a further advance, and little by little the human soul-spirits who had escaped to the planets begin to return again. That went on far into the Atlantean epoch. What had crystallised out as man during the latter part of Lemuria and during Atlantis was gradually endowed with soul-spirits of differing characteristics, according to whether they came from Mars, or Mercury, or Jupiter and so on. This brought about great variety in earthly incarnations. Those of you who are familiar with the lectures I gave recently in Christiania know that this division of men into Mars-men, Saturn-men and so on was the origin of what later became racial differentiation. It is still possible today for the seer to recognise whether a man's soul has descended from this or that planet.

But it has also been emphasised and fully discussed in 'Outline of Esoteric Science' - that by no means all human souls abandoned the earth. What we might describe as the toughest souls were able to go on using earthly matter, and to remain with the earth. I have even mentioned the startling circumstance that there was an outstanding pair of humans who survived the densification of the earth. Spiritual investigation impels us to accept what to begin with seems incredible — that there was such a couple as Adam and Eve, and that the races which arose out of the return of souls from the cosmos came about through their union with the descendants of that pair.

1921-01-22-GA203 (SWCC)

.. if we look back into human evolution, then we find that in olden times, those ancient times in which an instinctive clairvoyance was prevalent, the whole disposition of Man's soul was different; Man assumed a quite different place in the world. What was striven for in those places which we often designate as the Mysteries, in those ancient epochs of human evolution? ..

Those who wore considered ripe and were found suitable for being received into the Mysteries during their earth-life — that means in the time between birth and death — participated in a certain instruction given them by the Guides in those Mysteries, and that instruction came from what the Leaders of the Mysteries had to impart concerning the super-sensible worlds. No Mystery-Leader made any secret of the fact that, in his opinion, the teachings in the Mysteries did not proceed only from human beings, but that, through the special rites carried on in those Mysteries, super-sensible beings, Divine Spiritual Beings were present during the celebration of the Mysteries, and with the assistance of those Gods present therein everything connected with it was given out. The essential point was this: all the arrangements made in the Mysteries were of such a nature that they attracted, so to speak Divine Spiritual Beings, who, through the mouths of those who were the Leaders of the Mysteries, gave instruction to those who were the pupils therein.

In those olden times, everything was so organised socially, that not only were the arrangements made accepted by the Guides and Pupils of the Mysteries, but even by those who stood outside the Mysteries and who were not able to share in the life of the Mysteries. The whole arrangements made as social arrangements for humanity, were thus accepted.

One need merely think of old Egypt, and of how those who were the Leaders in the State received their directions from the Mysteries. The Mysteries were regarded as the self-understood place of direction for everything which had to occur within the social life.

Today, my dear friends, one can also impart instruction, esoteric instruction, which can run in forms similar to those old Mystery-arrangements; but all that has quite another meaning to-day. That is because between our age and that ancient age, in reference to such things, a significant turning-point has occurred in the development of mankind.

In those ancient times man was, as it were, destined to receive the instruction given through the Mysteries and through which he approached those Divine Spiritual Beings, during his life here, between birth and death.

Now things are different. We are living after that turning-point in human evolution, between birth and death. When these things altered, that which Man then had to learn through the Mysteries between birth and death; that, my dear friends, he now learns to-day, before he descends through conception or through birth into a physical body. He learns it according to his Karma, and according to the preparations he had gone through in a former life on earth. What Man undergoes now in the spiritual world, between the great Midnight Hour of existence and his next birth, is something which also includes that spiritual instruction.


Man today experiences something akin to the old Mystery instruction, before he descends from the pre-existence condition into his physical body. That is a factor with which anyone must reckon, who through spiritual knowledge, stands in reality today. We must not think of a Man born today as he was thought of in olden times. In olden times he was so considered that one could say: “He descends on to the Earth and is destined to be initiated through the Mysteries into the knowledge of what he really is as a human being.”

The case is not like that today. That arrangement was made for human beings who had gone through a smaller number of earthly lives than has the Man of today, who has, of course, taken far more into his soul in his many incarnations which made it possible for him to receive certain instruction on the part of the divine spiritual beings in his pre-existent condition.

My dear friends, we have to pre-suppose something of this nature today, when we see a child. When we meet a child today, we must realise that we no longer have the task of pouring into that child that which had to be poured in, in olden times. Today it is our task to say: “This child has been taught, he has only laid a physical body around his already-instructed-soul; that which was his pre-birthly instruction from the Gods must make its way through the veils around that soul, it must be brought out.” That is how we should think today in the sense of pedagogy, if we are to think in the sense of true Anthroposophical Spiritual Science. It will then be clear to us that, fundamentally, all our instruction shall tend to remove those hindrances which lie around that which the child brings with him into this world from his pre-birthly existence.


This quickening to life of the shadow-pictures of the intellect is not only a human but a cosmic event. You will remember the passage in the book Outline in Esoteric Science dealing with the time when the human souls ascended to the planets and afterwards descended once more to earth-existence. I spoke of how the Mars-men, the Jupiter-men and the others descended again to earth.

Now an event of great significance came to pass at the end of the seventies of last century. It is an event that can be described only in the light of facts which are revealed to us in the spiritual world. Whereas in the days of old Atlantis human beings came down to the earth from Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and so on — that is to say, beings of soul were drawn into the realm of earth-existence — since the end of the seventies of last century, other Beings - not of the human order - have been descending to the earth for the purposes of their further development. From cosmic realms beyond the earth they come down to the earth and enter into a definite relationship with human beings. Since the eighties of the nineteenth century, super-earthly Beings have been seeking to enter the sphere of earth-existence. Just as the Vulcan-men were the last to come down to the Earth so now Vulcan Beings are actually coming into the realm of earthly existence. Super-earthly Beings are already here, and the fact that we are able to have a connected body of Spiritual Science at all today is due to the circumstance that Beings from beyond the earth are bringing the messages from the spiritual world down into earth-existence.

But, speaking generally, what is the attitude adopted by the human race? The human race is behaving, if I may put it so very shabbily to these Beings who are appearing from the cosmos and coming down — slowly and by degrees, it is true — to the earth. The human race does not concern itself with them; it ignores their existence. And it is this which will plunge the earth into tragic conditions, for in the course of the next centuries more and more Spiritual Beings will be among us - Beings whose language we ought to understand. And this is possible only if we try to grasp what comes from them: namely, the substance and content of Spiritual Science. They want to give it to us and they want us to act in the sense of Spiritual Science. Their desire is that Spiritual Science shall be translated into social behaviour and action on the earth.

I repeat, then, that since the last third of the nineteenth century Spiritual Beings from the cosmos have been coming into our own sphere of existence. Their home is the sphere lying between the moon and Mercury, but they are already pressing forward into the realm of earth-existence and seeking to gain a foothold there. And they will be able to find it if human beings are imbued with the thought of their existence. This can also be expressed as I expressed it just now, by saying that our shadowy intellect must be quickened to life by the pictures of Spiritual Science.

We are speaking of concrete fact when we say: Spiritual Beings are seeking to come down into earth-existence and ought to be willingly received. Catastrophe after catastrophe must ensue, and earthly life will fall at length into social chaos, if opposition is maintained in human existence to the advent of these Beings. They desire nothing else than to be the advance-guards of what will happen to earth-existence when the moon is once again united with the earth.

Today people may consider it comparatively harmless to elaborate only those automatic, lifeless thoughts which arise in connection with the mineral world and the mineral nature of plant, animal and man. Materialists revel in such thoughts which are — well — thoughts and nothing more. But try to imagine what will happen if men go on unfolding no other kinds of thoughts until the time is reached in the eighth millennium for the moon-existence to unite again with the earth. These Beings of whom I have spoken will gradually come down to the earth. Vulcan Beings, ‘Supermen’ of Vulcan, ‘Supermen’ of Venus, of Mercury, of the Sun, will unite with this earth-existence. But if human beings persist in nothing but opposition to them, earth-existence will pass over into chaos in the course of the next few thousand years.

Another excerpt from a undated lecture is available here. The given date and contents for the lecture are incorrect (checked on, but the same points are made as in the 1921-05-13-GA204 lecture above.

The intellect will become more and more shadowy. If man does not resolve to absorb what is to descend from the spiritual world, he will pass completely over to the shadowy side of his intellect. The intellect is now only able to understand the mineral kingdom, it cannot penetrate to the human being. Plant life is a deep riddle to it, animal life is more so, human life is completely opaque. The formation of images devoid of reality will continue unless man resolves to develop imagination. If he does this the shadowy pictures will be re-animated by Spiritual Science, and become not merely human events but cosmic as well. We read in “Occult Science” that human souls at one time left the earth for other planets and later returned to earth existence. In turn those from Mars, Jupiter and the other planets returned to the earth. All these events are substantiated by investigations of the spiritual world and in this connection we find an extremely significant event in the 7th decade of the 19th century. Man returned to earth from the other planets up to 1879. Since then other beings from foreign cosmic regions enter into relation with man on the earth. In Atlantis man was the last being to enter the earth; since 1879 Vulcan beings descend into earthly evolution. They are the first, Super-earthly Beings to bring messages; to them we owe our Spiritual Science. The human race does not welcome these Beings, as a whole it ignores them. This will bring the Earth into a tragic condition ultimately. They will continue to descend, but man will not understand their speech except by understanding Spiritual Science which should transform the social environment. These Vulcan Beings, from between the Moon and Mercury, are trying to obtain a foothold in earthly existence. They seek to be the fore-runners of the end of the earth and the return of the moon. Our shadowy intellectual understanding must be re-animated by the pictures of Spiritual Science. Shock after shock will arise and the earth will dissolve into chaos if these Beings meet with opposition from humanity.


[1] - The excerpt of 1921-05-13-GA204

The transcript of the spoken lecture was edited and rephrased below in more condensed written text without changes to contents.

Since the 1870s, super-earthly Beings - not of the human order - have been descending (from the sphere lying between the Moon and Mercury) to the Earth for the purposes of their further development, and they enter into relationships with human beings. Just as the Vulcan-men were the last to come down to the earth so now Vulcan Beings are coming into the realm of earthly existence. They are coming down to the earthly slowly and by degrees, and ought to be willingly received.

In the course of the next centuries more and more spiritual beings will be among us — beings whose language we ought to understand. Vulcan beings, ‘Supermen’ of Vulcan, ‘Supermen’ of Venus, of Mercury, of the Sun, will will gradually come down to the Earth and unite with this earth-existence.

They desire nothing else than to be the advance-guards of what will happen to earth-existence when the moon is once again united with the earth. The fact there is already a body of spiritual science today is due to the fact that Beings from beyond the earth are bringing the messages from the spiritual world down into earth-existence.

The substance and content of spiritual science comes from them: they want to give it to us and they want us to act in the sense of spiritual science. Their desire is that spiritual science shall be translated into social behaviour and action on the earth.

The human race does not concern itself with them; it ignores their existence. If human beings persist to ignore and oppose to them, earth-existence will pass over into chaos in the course of the next few thousand years. Catastrophe after catastrophe must ensue, and earthly life will fall at length into social chaos, if opposition is maintained in human existence to the advent of these Beings.


In the first paragraph, the distinction is made between Vulcan-men and Vulcan beings, as 'not of the human order'. In the next paragraph this is confirmed: Supermen of Vulcan, Venus, Mercury, Sun with the prefix 'super'.

  • We can interpret this as that 'Men of the human order' are the cohort of the human population with Man's bodily principles mapped to the normal evolutionary course, as depicted by FMC00.130. Imagine beings who already fully have the spirit self (manas) principle and are at the stage of developing the (life-spirit) budhi principle. Or even already having developed the life-spirit principle, and at the stage of developing the spirit-man (atma) principle. They are 'ahead' of this curve and can now join the earth because they now find conditions where humanity is at the stage that they also have to develop these principles. In other words, Man now has started the ascent, see Man's transformation and spiritualization.

Rudolf Steiner clearly points out a link between spiritual science as 'needed for humanity to pick up, required for further developmental stages', and the beings that are joining the earth existence.

  • Since the 1870s, we have seen a tremendous influx of spiritual scientific and initiation knowledge, see ao Sources of spiritual science. Focusing on Europe, this includes important figures as Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), Beinsa Douno (1864-1944), Franz Bardon (1909-1958), Daskalos (1912-1995). But those are only the most prominant names who worked in a very visible public fashion.
  • To put this in perspective of the White Lodge and Occult atom: spiritual leadership upto today has remained with 'higher beings', not part of the mainstream group of human beings undergoing development on earth. Only from the sixth epoch will this leadership pass, for the first time, to a human being with sufficient spiritual maturity. See 1904-10-28-GA092 quote on Sixth epoch.
  • What we find in modern initiation, as for example the three Initiation manuals by Franz Bardon is a pathway to do just the above: to develop the higher principles on a 'fast track' versus the slower development of part of Mankind (which in any case has to be split into various cohorts). Using this initiation path as an example (the same is valid for others), we know that certain human beings find these books at a certain stage in their life, and then go through the books at a rate much higher than most people (see the questionaire by Rawn Clarke in 2003: each step of the three books in three months would mean seven years for all three books, as an indication of the fastest possible pace), or advance even beyond the third book (maybe in a few decades, as in the report given in The Adept Magician by Marten Crawford). Hereby we have to account for the fact that people at this stage of development will remain silent so we do not know of them.

The above example illustrates a small cohort of human souls with the highest spiritual maturity that go through initiation as a process that fits them naturally as a glove. The pie-chart idea of various cohorts making up the larger population of beings on earth is also found:

  • in the parable of the sower in the bible,
  • the sixteen paths of perdition - see the subtopic covered on Human races,
  • the description of various cohorts lagging the normal developmental pace, or beings that already part of the next wave (emerging Future Jupiter men) - see I-less human beings

Zooming out, this has to be placed in context of the transition from the fifth to the sixth epoch. Just as Man had a different structure in terms of body/soul/spirit in the Atlantean epoch versus the current, the same will also be the same in the Sixth epoch when Man - more spiritual and clairvoyant - will again be more etheric and hovering above the body, as compared to the current soul experience.

  • Indeed at the end of the current epoch:
    • humanity will reach a stage where the current fertility dries up, and physical incarnation will cease to provide bodies for souls to incarnate.
    • This is timed around the stage the moon will reunite with the earth.
    • The end of the current epoch is also described as the time of the 'war of all against all' that will put an end to this epoch by a castastrophe encompassing the whole earth, similar as at the end of the Lemurian and Atlantean epochs.
  • Beinsa Douno lectured extensively on the sixth epoch. The quote below can be connected to the above quote by Rudolf Steiner.

The sixth race will be that of Love. .. the wave of the sixth race is coming .. its members will be a transition between angels and humans. .. It is the race of Love, that will impose the Kingdom of God on Earth. ..


The main core of the sixth race will consist of the White Brothers who will come from above, but of course there will also be members also from today’s people, but only the prepared ones. The elected people of all nations will go through to the sixth race and than we’ll be able to speak of brotherhood and Love. ..

The above lines of perspectives are connected through the transition between epochs as developmental stages, as explained on Overlapping evolutionary periods (see eg Schema FMC00.169).

To bring that whole context to a very personal and feeling connection in our soul, a special page Spiritual minority in a materialistic world was developed, the idea being to read the long extracts in full, let them sink in and take them into our soul.

The 'call' (in 1909-04-06-GA109 on that page) is the same call of destiny that is referenced in many lectures on Christian Rosenkreutz, but see also the 1924-08-08-GA237 (and other excerpts) in the section 'Personal connection' on The Michaelic stream

[2] - The topic of the so-called Star children

In recent decades, much has been written about gifted children with special abilities, sometimes called 'star children', 'indigo children' . It is said that these children are coming to Earth to help humanity in its development.

The background to this goes back to Nancy Ann Tappe (1931-2012), who stated that during the late 1960s and early 1970s she began noticing that many children were being born with indigo auras (or, in her terminology, with indigo as their "life color"). The idea was later popularized and let to the book 'The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived' (1999), written by (Tappe and) Lee Carroll and Jan Tober.

In parallel Henning Köhler had similar findings and intuitions.

Could there be, or is there any reality to this?

In 2001, Georg Kuehlewind wrote the book 'Sternkinder', it got to its 8th edition in 2009 and was translated in EN in 2004 as 'Star Children: Understanding Children Who Set Us Special Tasks and Challenges'. He writes:

While working on this book the following happened to me: As I checked in at the airport in Hamburg a young couple was in front of me, and the mother had a three-to-four-month old baby in her arms. All of a sudden the baby turned round, looked me straight in the eye, and I was deeply shaken; for that was not the look of a baby but of a very self-aware adult, a wise one, and he appeared to see right through me ..

Based on extensive research, Georg Kühlewind confirms that this new generation has been incarnating among us for the past couple of decades. This event, he states, is one of the most important of our age. The following is an excerpt of an interview with therapist Henning Köhler (1951-2021) (who worked with Kühlewind) in 2011, published in Das Goetheanum No11 of March 2001

Does this mean that you represent the same concerns as those depicted in the book 'The Indigo Children'? It says there that instead of giving hyperactive children Ritalin to calm them down we should be trying to understand their specific messages and treat them accordingly.

Yes, I do agree with the basic ideas expressed in that book, it seems to me, non-phenomenologically. I have been writing and speaking for years and trying to differentiate as much as possible between the different phenomena. Strange to say, in anthroposophical circles I have failed to generate the high degree of interest which this book has now suddenly aroused. Children with new and special capabilities are literally pouring into the world. For many of them it will be disastrous if they are regarded as disturbed and therefore side-lined or subjected to all kinds of therapeutic procedures.

I have been traveling all over the place trying to draw people’s attention to this fact which, for me changed from a supposition to a certainty in 1995/96 on account of a number of experiences I had. The term I usually use to describe this is premature aptitude profiles, “premature” in the sense that the present time is not yet mature enough to recognize what is going on. The children in question definitely come to the earth in a way that makes it possible to speak of abnormal configurations of their various bodily and soul members. These abnormalities are, though, not pathological in any way; they are precursors of a change in consciousness. The future is rushing in only to be brought up short by rigid social and institutional structures that manifest a turn of mind which will be incapable of developing an understanding of what these new children are bringing into the world. The conflicts resulting from this have been hastening towards the crisis point over about the last fifteen years.


Could we return to the new aptitude profiles for a moment, and especially the aspect of those children’s spiritual faculties of which you spoke and which are also mentioned in the book The Indigo Children. How can we approach this against the background of anthroposophy?

The special children are precursors of a change in consciousness. Through them a future culture of spirit-self as the 'illumined consciousness soul' is entering into what I would call the intellectual age, where it is bringing about a good deal of bewilderment. All our educational efforts will come to naught if we as adults do not endeavor to grasp this dimension and school ourselves accordingly.


The “Star Children,” as Kühlewind calls them (his description especially fits the scouts, the souls who seek) “know” of Christ at work in the etheric realm. They live with the impression of an encounter with Christ in the realm they passed through immediately before birth – in the “sphere of aims” (Steiner) where the life panorama lights up and the primal purpose is chosen. We can imagine that timeless moment of Christ-proximity as a profound and lastingly moving warmth event. Still imbued and immersed in this, souls enter the world where spiritual and social life lies frozen beneath an Ahrimanic crust of ice. This is where a huge and potentially traumatizing field of tension arises, and it is essential that we should understand this. Our understanding alone brings comfort and healing. To allow these new children to be regarded as brain-function-damaged and let them be normalized by the million with medications such as Ritalin spells a creeping catastrophe for our world. On the other hand, if we are prepared to welcome them in the right way, to accompany them and for their sake to change our awareness, then a grass-roots movement can begin of which the movement of 1968 will have been nothing but a stumbling vanguard.


In 1921-05-13-GA204 Rudolf Steiner writes that advanced spirits/souls have been incarnating since the end of the 19th century, and comments on the importance of this new development. See Discussion topic [1] above.

Kuehlewind, to our knowledge, appears to be the only one to make the link. Many people can relate though, to 'wise' children being born that amaze with what can be called 'spiritual maturity' at very young age. Furthermore, irrespective of the very materialistic culture and society, there indeed seem to be youngsters who come with amazing experiences and/or a very clear conscious drive towards spirituality.

It is left open here whether the 'star children' theme has a factual basis in reality (as this is hard to assess or judge), or whether there is any correlation, it just might.

More to do: check and 1924-06-16-GA317

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More unqualified: After the first book in 1998, a whole raft of books appeared, here are just some of the very many. And then there's chrystal children, star children. Most to all without much research or tangible scientific approach or research foundation.

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