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The Lemurian epoch is the third epoch in the current Condition of Life and Form of planetary stage Earth, it came after the Hyperborean epoch with the separation of the Sun, and precedes the Atlantean fourth and our current fifth Aryan or Postatlantean epochs. See also: Earth's seven epochs.

In the Lemurian epoch the Moon separated from the Earth, and from then onwards we find the Earth in a balance held between the Sun and Moon influences.

The Lemurian epoch is a most crucial phase for the development of Mankind, as Man became an upright being, warm blooded, bi-sexual, and with the start of I-consciousness as well as physical reincarnation. It was also the start of good and evil due to the 'fall' or luciferic infection.



  • the Book of Genesis and its description of what happened after separation of the Sun, especially the impulse of the Spirits of Form

Lemurian epoch: inhabitants, culture, location

Main evolutionary events

  • Separation of Moon
  • the start of self-consciousness or 'I-hood' by the impulse of the Spirits of Form and the joining of spiritual group souls of humanity with the physical bodies. This trickling in of the SoF or Elohim is also called the 'descent of the monads'.
  • the influence of backward spiritual beings, also called the luciferic influence or 'the fall'),
  • the balance brought about by the impulse of a SoF Jehovah
  • the following current balance between Lucifer and Jehovah, or sun and moon influences. An understanding in terms of cosmic etheric and astral influences, links to the Mysteries of the Blood and the Mystery of the Heart.
  • 'blinders on' for higher ethers to protect etheric body
  • mars-passage


Schema FMC00.137 is an infographic as a reference to the moment in the Lemurian epoch where the fusion of the lower physical and higher spiritual part of Man took place, the human being assumed its upright position, and first got his astral body made up of a lower and a higher component. See also Centaur.


Schema FMC00.299 provides an overview reference to the first creation in the Book of Genesis, as explained in the 1910-08-GA122 lectures. This takes place fully in the Lemurian epoch.


Lecture coverage and references






1906-01-06/07 letters







When the Sun spirits had withdrawn the Saturn and Moon spirits were left on the Earth. The development of the Saturn spirits was such that they could direct and guide the separation of the Moon from the Earth; they had passed through the same stage on Old Saturn as the Sun spirits had done on the Old Sun; their maturity had preceded that of the Sun spirits, and they were therefore able to separate the Moon from the Earth and to stimulate from within the inner development of man, who, otherwise, would have hardened and become mummified.

It may be said that the withdrawal of the Sun was brought about by the Sun spirits, and that of the Moon by the Saturn spirits. The Sun is a cosmic symbol for the act of the Sun spirits, the Moon for that of the Saturn spirits. And what is left upon the earth itself Spirits of the Old Moon period.


Zeus is a word of uncertain meaning when used in ancient times, for it was applied to spiritual individualities at very different stages of evolution. But men in ancient Greece who know something of initiation recognised in Zeus the ruler of the Sun spirits. Zeus lives in the influences which came to the Earth from the Sun.

Chthon is a designation of the somewhat chaotic condition of the earth after the withdrawal of the moon, at which time neither plant nor animal nor human forms were to be found.

In most remarkable words, Pherecydes spoke of the holy primordial triad, of Zeus, Kronos and Chthon, principles fundamental to the earth, having come over from pre-terrestrial ages; he also speaks of a further evolution. But in ancient times men did not clothe matters of this kind in such dry, crude concepts as they do today, they drew vivid pictures of what they saw and recognised in spiritual realms.

Pherecydes said: ‘Chthon becomes Gea (today called earth), because of the gift of Zeus whereby she came to be covered as with a garment.’ This is a wonderful description of that evolution which I have just outlined in a few short words. The earth was alone; outside it were the sun and the moon, the spiritual kingdoms of Zeus and of Kronos. The sun from without began to work upon the earth and to fructify it in its then chaotic state; or, in the language of the old Greek sage, Zeus fructified Chthon. The beneficent influences of the kingdom of Zeus were sent down to the physical earth in the warmth and light of the sun. This was the gift made by Zeus to the earth. The earth covered herself with the garment of plant and animal forms, and with the forms of physical men. Chthon becomes Gea; therefore, because of the gift of Zeus the earth covers herself with a garment.





Through the wickedness of masses of human beings and the fact that man succumbed too completely to the influence of the luciferic beings and lent himself to evil, the forces of fire in Lemuria were kindled. Thus, Lemuria perished as the result of the raging fires and the wickedness of a large section of its population. The human beings who were saved went to the West, to a continent lying between the present Africa, Europe and America, namely, Atlantis. There the evolution of humanity continued for long, long ages.


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