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Unification is the term used for denoting the concept of Christ as the future 'group soul for humanity', the concept of Second Adam, and the underlying principle of brotherly love.

These various perspectives are like different images to describe the same reality: the human phantom lies at the basis for the resurrection process, and as all human phantoms will link into the Christ, a new kind of group soul for humanity will establish itself. That will make the transition to the next planet Earth, to Future Jupiter, and there form the basis for humanity. That humanity will have worked the astral body into spirit self, and live under totally different moral conditions. See also Man's transformation and spiritualization. Man will feel the pain and sorrow of another, and it will be impossible to feel happy without addressing that pain and sorrow.

Before Future Jupiter this will already develop, as in the next Sixth cultural age of the Current Postatlantean epoch and expecially the next Sixth epoch.


  • see also: Christ Module 1 - Unification of humanity
  • the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences sidetracked the form of the human being (and his etheric and physical bodies) from its original intention by the Spirits of Form (see 1916-01-09-GA165 reference on Human races).
  • the Jehovah induced love via blood lines as an intermediate stage, hence:
    • the departure from that, see o.a. the passages in the bible regarding the Marriage in Cana in Galilee, and the quotes regarding surpassing the love within the family ties
  • the effect of the Resurrection and the principle of the Second Adam which acts as a magnet for the cleansed phantom of human beings ( 1911-10-11-GA131 'cells multiplying' analogy, see extract on Second Adam).

Inspirational quotes

Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022)

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.


Schema FMC00.189 depicts, on the left, the descent of Man on Earth with the first Adam. The other spirit represents the so-called Adam sister-soul that incarnated in the Nathan-Jesus child and formed the pure etheric body for the Christ later on. For background, see The two Jesus children and Christ Module 2 - Nature of the Christ being

After the resurrection following the Mystery of Golgotha, the resurrected pure ether body forms the basis for what will attract, or attracts - as a magnet - and unifies, all future human beings who will join with purified ether bodies. It will thereby form a unified Group Soul and this point of convergence is called the Second Adam.

The drawing also illustrates the fact that the first stream of physical humanity is divergent (with reference to the various races, the mixing of the blood - see eg the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences in Human races), whereas the latter is convergent.


FMC00.384 shows the second of the seven apocalyptic seals, the two left illustrations are sketches provided by Rudolf Steiner as indications, the two on the right are paintings by Clara Rettich of 1907 and 1911. It shows the past with the four Group souls of humanity that led upto current humanity, and in the center the Mystical Lamb symbol of the Christ group soul as the future group soul of humanity, see also Unification and Second Adam.


Lecture coverage and references

Luke 12.51-54

(Young’s Literal Translation)

Think you that I came to give peace to the earth? No, I say to you, but rather division. For there shall be henceforth five in one house divided — three against two, and two against three; a father shall be divided against a son, and a son against a father, a mother against a daughter, and a daughter against a mother, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.

1908-06-30-GA104 gives adescription of what Man will be on Future Jupiter and gives a deep realization of the message of Christianity and the Golden Rule

The Future Jupiter-man therefore will possess spiritual vision of a certain degree. Part of the soul-world will lie open to him; he will perceive the pleasure and pain of those around him in pictures which will arise in his imaginative consciousness. He will therefore live under entirely different moral conditions. Now imagine that as a Jupiter-man you have a human soul before you. The pain and pleasure of this soul will arise in pictures before you. The pictures of the pain of the other soul will distress you, and if you do not remove the other's pain it will be impossible for you to feel happy. The pictures of sorrow and suffering would torment the Jupiter-man with his exalted consciousness if he were to do nothing to alleviate this sorrow and thus at the same time remove his own distressing pictures which are nothing but the expression of the sorrow around him! It will not be possible for one to feel pleasure or pain without others also feeling it.

Group Soul of humanity


see more on topic page for Current Postatlantean epoch

The Christ-Individuality was on the Earth in the body of Jesus of Nazareth for three years only and does not come again in a physical body; in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch He comes in an etheric body, in the sixth epoch in an astral body, and in the seventh in a mighty Cosmic Ego that is like a great Group-Soul of humanity.

Maximilian Rebholz

quote on the transition between planetary stages Earth and Future Jupiter:

And this process of reunification continues through the fact, that at the end of earthly evolution, the Christ will unite all these thought-phantoms, which surround the earth as "spiritual haze structures", into a single form, from which - after passing through the Pralaya - the archetypal image of Future Jupiter would appear.

with reference to


… and at the end of the ages the remains of our Earth incarnations will stand there … all the phantom-like beings… like a mighty tableau. … and what do they come to, taken as a whole? Because Christ unites them all … the remains of the single incarnations are all compressed together. … Compress what is rarefied and you will get density. Spirit also becomes dense, and so our collective Earth-incarnations are united into one spiritual body.

extract from that 1914-07-16-GA155 lecture;

quote A

When we connect what was said yesterday with what is being said today (and it is really the same, only seen from two sides) we understand how Christ takes upon Himself the guilt and sin of Earth humanity, in so far as these are objective guilt and sin. And if we have inwardly realized this “Not I, but Christ in me”, the Christ in us, then He takes over the objective remains of our incarnations, and they stand there vivified by Christ, irradiated by Christ and permeated by His life.

Yes, the remains of our incarnations stand there, and what do they come to, taken as a whole?

Because Christ unites them all — Christ who belongs to all mankind in the present and in the future — the remains of the single incarnations are all compressed together. Every human soul lives in successive incarnations. From each incarnation certain relics or remains are left, as we have described. Further incarnations will leave other remains, and so on, up to the end of the Earth period. If these relics are permeated by Christ, they are compressed together. Compress what is rarefied and you will get density. Spirit also becomes dense, and so our collective Earth-incarnations are united into a spiritual body. This body belongs to us; we need it because we evolve onwards to Jupiter, and it will be the starting-point of our embodiment on Jupiter. At the end of the Earth period we shall stand there with the soul — whatever the particular karma of the soul may be — and we shall stand there before our earthly relics which have been gathered together by Christ, and we shall have to unite with them in order to pass over with them to Jupiter.

We shall rise again in the body, in the earthly body that has condensed out of the separate incarnations.

Emmanuel Levinas

See also the work of Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995), the philosopher who called philosophy "wisdom of love", and his concept of 'the Other' or 'Altrui': in the face of the other person, the Other, we are confronted with our moral mirror image and responsability versus the other human being.

The 'moral authority' of the face of the Other is felt in my 'infinite responsibility' for the Other. The face of the Other comes toward me with its infinite moral demands while emerging out of the trace. ..

.. the trace is not just one more word: it is the proximity of God in the countenance of my fellowman. In a sense, it is divine commandment without divine authority.


Various notes

  • Quote on 'the face of the other'

Much error that we see today in social and political life is because we think in abstract terms ...

Love for All Humanity .. means Nothing .. it is just but a hollow abstract motto

Didn't Johann Wolfgang von Goethe say that "mankind is an abstraction"

It is not possible to love humanity or mankind .. just as it is not possible to love the Sun or the Moon .. because it is only an 'idea'

When we face a human being individually .. we are actually facing all mankind in that one particular individual

If one can do away .. with the maya of appearance .. and see the Truth .. it is possible to see all humanity .. in each Man

But to reach that stage of development, a lot of work is to be done

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