Man and nature's kingdoms in evolution

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Man evolves in the first planetary stages by 'pushing down' and living by the grace of building on and using the other kingdoms of nature. Man rises in his development thanks to the lower kingdoms. Man therefore owes these lower kingdoms his development, and will redeem the kingdoms in his ascent during the future cycles and planetary stages.

For a spiritual scientific 'technical' understanding: this is related to the cycles of evolution at the levels of Conditions of Consciousness, Life and Form - see The two halves of an evolutionary cycle

For the evolution and appearance of the kingdoms on Earth, see Earth's seven epochs and beyond, for their redemption, see the Earth round perspective.


Schema FMC00.149 gives a tabular synthesis showing the development of the Spectrum of elements and ethers and the development of our current Four kingdoms of nature, as well as Man's developing Condition of Consciousness.


FMC00.149A is a BBD depicting the planetary stages in evolution

FMC00.147 provides an overview to contemplate how the kingdoms of nature on Earth originate in previous evolutionary stages.


Lecture coverage and references

Man owes his development to lower kingdoms, and will redeem them in his ascent

Man 'pushes' down the other kingdoms in the planetary stages, he rises in development thanks to the lower kingdoms. Man therefore owes these lower kingdoms his development, and will redeem the kingdoms in the next planetary stages.

One can imagine this to happen

  • within one round (descent/ascent per CoF, see 1905-02-27-GA090B),
  • but also at the level of the CoL or rounds in one planetary stage (man redeems the lower kingdoms in the next CoL, see eg 1905-10-26-GA093a)
  • and last at the level of the planetary stages.

See more on Man and nature's kingdoms in evolution

See eg 1905-02-27-GA090B (freely translated)

all that was shed out in the descent, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, are breathed in and integrated again, thereby pulling back up what was pushed down for our own development.

More references:

1904-06-12-GA090A (p173)

1904-06-13-GA090A (p176)

1904-12-25-GA090A (p464)

1905-01-19-GA090B (p328)


Schema FMC00.147 is a reference table to show the relationship of Man with the different hierarchies.

The role the SoF played since Old Saturn and through each planetary stage is described in 1908-02-29-GA102. It can also be found in record C of the esoteric lesson 1908-03-14-GA266/1, but as it does not appear in the other three records of that lesson, and corresponds totally to what is laid out in the lecture two weeks before, it is quite likely the author inserted it into her notes.

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