Four kingdoms of nature

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The current planetary stage of evolution called Earth has seven kingdoms of which we know four physical kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal kingdoms besides Man or the human being. The three other kingdoms are called the Elementary kingdoms that provide the formative forces working on the Earth's kingdoms - see also Golden Chain.

Man owes his ascent to the other kingdoms of nature, and will redeem them in the future, see Man and nature's kingdoms in evolution.


Evolutionary perspective

FMC00.147 provides an overview to contemplate how the kingdoms of nature on Earth originate in previous evolutionary stages.


Schema FMC00.149 gives a tabular synthesis of solar system evolution, showing the development of the Spectrum of elements and ethers and the development of our current Four kingdoms of nature, as well as Man's developing Condition of Consciousness.


Schema FMC00.142B is lifts out one aspect from Schema FMC00.142, graphically depicting the origin of nature's kingdoms as offsprings of the spiritual hierarchies in previous evolutionary stages.


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