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Welcome to the anthroposophy.eu website. This sites uses Mediawiki as a platform for sharing information about the Free Man Creator project for integrated study and support materials for spiritual science. The site is a front-end to the project as well as the Free Man Creator school.


The intention of this site is to be a front-end portal to inform about the project and provide more details on the initiative to interested parties. This is not to a full-fledged content management system for the FMC project. Therefore the site will use schematics and embedded files as much as possible

Today, the project consists of digital materials in english, over 15000 pages, hundreds of tables and thousands of illustrations and schematics.

However what matters is not quantity but quality of insightful information that can be shared so it is useful for earnest students of spiritual science, which is ultimately the aim of the initiative. The goal is indeed to offer didactic supportive materials in a modern contemporary way. With the humble ambition of being or becoming a reference through the quality, depth and breadth of coverage.

Whereas the main motivation is that this may be useful to, and may help, other students .. this does not mean it can replace 'doing the actual soul work'. So this site is not to present partial snippets of fastfood info for quick digestion (as we find in social media or blogs) .. but rather quite the opposite. The main point remains to engage one's soul and spirit into longer process of concentration through in-depth study and contemplation.

The essence of what we are working

  • Integration: integration of Rudolf Steiner's Collected Works (CW or GA) across the fragmentated publishing, with consistent taxonomy, indexing and cross referencing.
  • Enrichment: with modern media: blackboard drawings, illustrations of direct references made, contemporary best illustrations of principles, synthetic tables (or 'tabular summaries'), graphical mindmaps, enriching illustrations and 'evocation images'
  • Extension: with other sources of anthroposophists after and besides Rudolf Steiner's work, contemporary developments
  • and we do this for the 21st century in English and digital format using contemporary technology.


  • Project FMC, for 'Free Man Creator' is based on the author's systematic approach to core anthroposophy, an approach developed on the following vision and as an answer to the following problem statement regarding the study of spiritual science
  • Later, this self-developed approach was found to be resonant and consistent with the principles of Systematic anthroposophy as presented by Maximilian Rebholz in the 1930-40s after suggestions of Rudolf Steiner. This approach was followed by others as well, for example Adolf Arenson, Ernst Hagemann, Iwer Thor Lorenzen, Oskar Kuerten, to name just a few.
  • Researching and discovering the work of so many others, the scope was extended to what was coined as 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants' or SoSoG. In essence SoSoG is an extension of Rudolf Steiner's foundational CW/GW with an essential 'best of' of secondary literature in the lineage from great anthroposophists of the past 120 years.