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This topic covers the tradition in the ancient Mysteries and Mystery Schools from the Atlantean epoch through the various cultural ages of the current epoch, with a distinction of Initiation before and after the Mystery of Golgotha, as also covered in the Mysteries of the Spirit, the Son and the Father and related to the Michaelic Stream.

The initiatory processes, rituals and traditions have always been tuned to the specific maturity of Man's bodily principles in each time period, and and very much related to the culture of the age and it's natural state of consciousness influencing the state of soul of 'how Man stood in the world'. For more context see also the Development of the I and the Current Postatlantean epoch.

The goal of the Mystery Schools has always been to establish, maintain and develop the link between humanity and it's spiritual guidance. This to assure Mankind is aware of the origin and future goal of evolution. This therefore requires a deep connection with the spiritual reality, hence the focus on initiation as the various and evolving ways for Man to connect, reach into this spiritual reality and communicate with spiritual beings.

Atlantean epoch

  • Atlantean oracles
  • Turanian mysteries

current Postatlantean epoch

  • Persian Mysteries: Mythras cult and bull mysteries
  • Egyptian Mysteries: Isis and Osiris cult, Hermes initiation
  • ancient European Mysteries: Hibernian, Druidic, and Trottic mysteries
  • Greek Mysteries: Ephesian, Eleusian, Chthonic, Samothracian mysteries of Artemis, Eleusis, Kabiri
  • current Anglo-German cultural age:
    • situation before the MoG
    • school of St. Paul and Dionysius the Areopagite in the 1st century in Greece, tradition upto the 6th century
    • the school of Mysteries of the Holy Grail
    • School of Chartres in France around the 12th century
    • Rosecrucian schooling
    • contemporary spiritual science after 1879


Lecture coverage and references

The School of Chartres is covered in 1924-09-14


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