Initiation before and after the Mystery of Gologotha

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The topic of the Old and New Mysteries can be approached from many perspectives, it is related to

  • the evolution of consciousness
    • the stages of the development of the human 'I' through the working of the SoF since the Lemurian epoch
    • the effects of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences and the 'fall into matter' that affected this evolution and the connection of Man with the spiritual worlds
  • the impact of the Mystery of Golgotha at the 'turning point of time' between descending and ascending evolution
  • The processes and rituals of initiation in the ancient Mysteries are a direct consequence and related to the above, and are put in perspectives in the Mysteries of the Spirit, the Son and the Father .. whereby the 'Mysteries of the Spirit' refer to the 'Old Mysteries' and those of the Son to the New Mysteries.

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  • In initiation, the initiate would be in the higher worlds for three days and experience the whole progress of future human evolution, whereby every future stage was represented by an individual. The initiate would perceive twelve people representing the twelve stages of inner development and corresponding powers of soul in the form of human individuals. At a given moment the initiate would see his own individual nature taken to the stage where the whole of humanity is filled with buddhi, meaning that it will be christed. He would see himself in the God, with behind him John, the final figure indicating he had reached completion. He would see himself transfigured in a state he would achieve when he had reached completion; his powers of soul personified, with John the final stage of completion, proclaiming the Christ stage. In the yoga sleep those twelve figures would then make a group, gathering for the `mystic communion'. The human being sitting surrounded by the powers of soul would say to himself: these are at one with me; they have taken me through earth evolution and I have walked their feet. The communion meal symbolizes that the twelve powers of soul are at one with the human being.
  • The brotherhoods in Palestine, developed out of the order of the Essence, had a meal symbolizing the mystical Holy Supper 'eating the easter lamb' at Easter

Mysteries of Spirit, Son, Father see also 1907-03-07-GA264 p 349


Within the anthroposophical movement and society the topic of the 'New Mysteries' receives an additional dimension with the discussion around the fact that Rudolf Steiner 'founded the New Mysteries'. Without sufficient background this topic leads to considerable confusion, exemplified with discussions around the Foundation Stone event and meditation.

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