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This is an English wiki-based reference site with advanced materials for the earnest student of spiritual science and anthroposophy.

You can start by typing keywords in the search box, or navigate via the "Contents FMC" menu. Furthermore, see How to use this site and Tools and practical site info. It is advised to use the site as a study tool instead of working via keyword searches.

The site is under development, the contents will be developed iteratively over time. It currently contains over 500 topic pages and illustrations.

All contents and schemas by the author can be re-used and distributed freely for non-commercial study and educational purposes. Just please always mention any original sources of reference materials as we do on the site. Teachings are to be shared so no money changes hands.

This work is a labour of love.

Feedback, suggestions and contributions are welcome. You can also send any questions or requests you may have: send us your thoughts via the Contact page, or register to post directly to the Discussion Talk pages.

Update news

  • 2023-04/05: Thank you! for your moral support - much appreciated
  • 2022-07-03: the PDF file The great journey of humanity bundles a selection of Schemas from the site regarding the evolution of humanity and the Christ Impulse. It zooms into the phase of the four epochs between the third and sixth epoch on Earth, and the crucial period of the next 3000 years which is pivotal in the transition of humanity between the current fifth and sixth epochs. Can be used a reference for further study.
  • 2022-04-24: the newest volume GA244 of GA2025 has just been published, with some 900 pages of previously unpublished Q&As on a wide range of topics. The first new contents from this volume has been uploaded, see Schema FMC00.428 with variants A and B on the Human 'I' page, Schemas FMC00.429, FMC00.430, FMC00.270B, or a topic on Christ, the cosmic I, and relation to the spiritual hierarchies
  • 2021-12-16: Version 2 (2021) of the FMC schema reference PDF file is now available on the FMC schemas download page, together with an inventory list of the 500+ schemas.
  • 2021-11-09: User registration has been activated to make the site more interactive. Registered users can now enter: