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This is an overview page to various 'student tools' and practical information about what you can find on this site.

Often used acronyms are:

  • RSL stands for Rudolf Steiner Lecture(s)
  • FMC stands for Free Man Creator, the name of this initiative

Practical information

  1. Rudolf Steiner's Gesamtausgabe bundels some historical and practical information including availability of media and in different languages
  2. Navigating anthroposophical resources provides reference info about available indexes, glossaries, and secondary literature.
  3. RSL main cycles overview is a matrix table for quick access to Rudolf Steiner's main cycles
  4. RSL study tools is a practical jump-board page to various online search engines and databases

About the study process and working spiritual science

  1. Notes on the study process .. gives some quotes by Rudolf Steiner that are worthwhile for the student of spiritual science to take to heart
  2. Study process and developing imaginations .. goes into the fact it is not about dry intellectual study but soul work
  3. Communicating over spiritual science - not only about lecturing but also the importance of the work in groups.
  4. On educating yourself in holistic spiritual science - is about the fact that everything is connected with everything, and spiritual science expects a vivid flexible mind for non-linear reading and learning. As you study, you are actually developing or re-building for yourself a worldview in its totality. You are building a new spiritual scientific worldview foundation which encompasses everything your logical mind can take in scope of consideration.

Terminology, naming conventions, references and acronyms

This section groups choices made by the Free Man Creator and applied on this website.

  1. RSL references provides background on naming conventions in this initiative, and editing choices on this site.This includes the SWCC acronym for 'shortened without contents changes'
  2. Terminology gives an introduction to the challenges with spiritual scientific terminology, and the choices made for this site.

Initiative ideas