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This site is intended as a front end or communication vehicle for the FMC initiative. It contains a.o. three pilot subsite(s) to guide and support the study process on a specific topic (Christ and MoG, reincarnation, and the Golden Chain), as well as a section for essays.

However the vision and intention is to publish the output of the project in Advanced Study Volumes which are a bit less volatile and more practical for earnest students then a website.

from old draft

  1. Advanced Study Volumes - existing content that is part of the SoSoG vision, translated, edited and published by the project
  2. SoSoG series: 'best of' anthroposophical secondary literature, complementing the GA Collected Works with the life work of great anthroposophists in one century of spiritual science, hence the acronym Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (SoSoG)

To date: per theme + work of SoSoG. In the works: two first volumes for two logical chapters.

See here for more info: Status of planned publications