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Introduction and scope

This website is intended as a front end or communication vehicle for the FMC initiative. It contains a.o. three pilot subsite(s) to guide and support the study process on a specific topic (Christ and MoG, reincarnation, and the Golden Chain), as well as a section for essays.

Another important aspect of the vision and intention is to publish the output of the project in Advanced Study Volumes which are a bit less volatile and more practical for earnest students then a website. In other words: we want to put these in the world so they can continu to exist and be shared and used for personal study offline.

Thinking about publishing includes:

  1. Advanced Study Volumes - existing content selected as reference materials from secondary literature and that provides a unique foundation for study. The Advanced Study Volumes could be scoped per topic (eg Christ, or Elementary Kingdoms, the etheric formative forecs ..) or per author (eg Maximilian Rebholz, Oskar Kürten, ..). See Status of planned publications.
  2. An overview 'best of' anthroposophical secondary literature, complementing the GA Collected Works with the life work of great anthroposophists in one century of spiritual science. Hence the acronym Standing on the Shoulders of Giants or 'SoSoG'.
  3. Last, the original materials and reference files from the Free Man Creator initiative. These are extensive and so could be made available in digital format.

Project status


Over 1500 pages have been translated by two translators.


The project is still looking for editors.


Contacts with two publishers have been ongoing but no concrete collaboration has followed as yet.


The following people who published reference work in Study Volumes:

  • Ernst Hagemann, Ewald Grether
  • Maximilian Rebholz, Iwer Thor Lorenzen,
  • Norbert Glas, Oskar Kuerten
  • Fred Poeppig, Karl Heyer, Otto Hartmann
  • and many others

More background on the Study Volumes and SoSoG in the Free Man Creator initiative in the PDF file downloadable here: to be replaced

'Project FMC - Advanced Study Volumes and SoSoG'

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