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Advanced Study volumes for spiritual science

The FMC project has been translating and editing study materials that have not been translated or published in English before. See SoSoG for more context of the valuable contributions by sometimes unknown German anthroposophists.

- series with the same format, layout, nomenclature, systematic referencing

- integrative (see 'Systematic Anthroposophy')

- in the same spirit as 'Arbeitsmaterial zum Studium der Geisteswissenschaft Rudolf Steiners' (prev. Verlag Die Kommenden, Freiburg) and the work of many anthroposophists who dedicated their lifetime to this (see SoSoG)

A - translated essays on Christ(ology)

Translator: HH Contents: Rebholz' Christology, Kuerten three booklet, Lorenzen typoscript (never published before), Berger, Hoffmeister

B - elementary kingdoms

Translator(s): TRG

Contents: Rebholz' three versions, Kuerten booklet, Lorenzen fragments, additions from GA not available for these authors (eg GA 88-89-90-91)

C - Rebholz' bundled work

Translator(s): HH+ TRG

D - works by Lorenzen

Translator: TRG

E - physiology - Norbert Glas'

Translator: TRG

The following two volumes are the result of many years of work, and still Work In Progress

E - Christ (new - by DL)

being worked .. will build on A (and B)

F - Reincarnation (new - by DL)

being worked ..