Journey between death and a new birth

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Main stages

The ascent:

  • death of the physical body on Earth
  • leaving behind the etheric body - the so called 'memory tableau'
  • the path in the Soul World, the purification of the astral body, the link with the Third Hierarchy (H3)
  • the transition to the spirit world in the Sun sphere, the link with the Second Hierarchy (H2)
    • the importance of Christ as a guide to the spirit world
  • the journey in the Spirit World, consisting of seven regions
    • focus on the lowest three regions (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn spheres; or continents, ocean and atmosphere)
    • the higher spirit world - spiritual sleep or pralaya
  • the cosmic twilight or midnight hour

The descent .. upto physical birth.


FMC00.287 depicts the cycle of incarnate life with the journey between death and a new birth. The drawings are taken from George O'Neil's book 'The human life'.

One can map this to the PDCA cycle of Plan Do Check act:

  • plan one's life based on learnings,
  • do by living the incarnate life,
  • check by the learning path in kamaloka (astral rewind) and the spirit world, and then
  • act by incorporating the learnings in the plan for the next life in the higher spirit world

Lecture coverage and references


Rudolf Steiner describes this pathway in various languages and from various perspectives.

Sometimes the language of the planetary spheres is used, sometimes the theosophical language (of the planes of astral and devachanic world), then again the language of the spiritual hierarchies.

Sometimes the technical aspects of each stage are described in general characterizations, sometimes the personal experience of the soul.

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