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Planets, or better the the planetary symbols in general, describe and their influences relate and connect:

  • the spiritual communities at other levels of development than ours
  • the physical planetary bodies that we observe with our visual sensory perception and consciousness. This is from where we start our naming, thinking and relating.
  • the large spheres that correspond to these planetary bodies, of from which these bodies are just an 'expulsion' (1912-04-08-GA136). These spheres have an their etheric, astral and spirit perspective.

In each planetary stage in the evolution of our solar system, planets are created in the different stages to accomodate spiritual beings at various levels of development. Later on they are merged again.


  • formation of a planetary body, see also 1912-04-08-GA136 as well as FMC00.271 and FMC00.271A on The two etheric streams
  • naming of the days of the week and link to the names of the planets


Lecture coverage and references


Thus we see, that the planets of the present day which are visible to us in the heavens must be thought of as having originated during the time which we call the fourth period of the evolution of the earth.

In speaking of Old Saturn, I spoke of a globe of fire or of a large fiery egg, and then of a revolving motion. And it was in fact originally a sort of ball or egg. Whilst that globe, which corresponds to the very first Old Saturn condition, is revolving, the following is gradually formed: it acquires a sort of girdle, which does not surround the whole egg, but which is there as a sort of broad band. And within that belt these single forms collect which are being formed all around.


This belt formation is a general Cosmic law. This law - which rests on an accumulation in the form of an equator or belt - you can see exemplified in the Cosmos, as far as your sight can reach, in the Milky Way, which owes its existence to that law. When you look at the Milky Way, stretching like an external belt around the heavens, with the stars shining sparsely in between, you must think of its being the result of that law which causes things to draw together into a belt as soon as a rotatory process begins. Our world system, as we have it, has really the form of a bean; it is not round, as is usually accepted, and the belt is drawn around as a distant equator.

You must also think of such a belt when a planet originates.

If - trivially speaking - one took an egg desiring to make a diagram on it of these various conditions, one would have first to paint such a belt around it, with red if you like. One would not paint the whole egg red, but only just a belt. Along this belt assemble those bodies which were selected to form later a heavenly body. One would have to draw on it a point where all these were gathered together.

The lecture of 1912-04-08-GA136 describes how a physical planet emerges at the boundary of two opposing spiritual influences. The lecture focuses on the hollow indent produced by the luciferic SoF, it does not go into how that hollow is filled with mineral matter due to the ahrimanic influences.


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References and further reading

  • Elisabeth Vreede: 'Astronomy and Spiritual Science'