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Daskalos is the greek word for 'teacher' and the name for Stylianos Atteshhilis (1912-1995), a greek cypriot spiritual teacher in the christian esoteric stream. His direct teacher Yohannan is supposedly the author of John's Gospel or the individuality also known as Christian Rosenkreutz.

His individuality is part of the greater circle called the White Lodge. Previous incarnations included one as a young boy at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha.

He taught via a group called Researchers of the Truth with the symbol of the unpointed sword, see also Daskalos and initiation. He also wrote a book with esoteric teachings, and a book on Christ-Jesus with excerpts from the gospels put in a narrative context with original aramaic and greek.

The book 'The magus of Strovolos' (see references and discussion) offers a good background introduction.


Lecture coverage and references

Asked about Rudolf Steiner (in an interview by Günther Zwahlen on 13 August 1990 in Switzerland), Daskalos described that he knew Rudolf Steiner for a very, very long time, and was in regular contact with him. Also that both himself and Steiner belonged to the same Christian stream. Then literally:

We are working together. There is no difference between my teachers and those by Rudolf Steiner.

Daskalos also said on Rudolf Steiner:

He is a very high being, one of the highest beings at all.

(Source: ‘Goetheanum’ No 34 of 3 December 1995)


Seemingly Daskalos openly supported Markides' first book 'The magus of Strovolos', but this was no longer the case for Markides' follow up books. This is relevant because it implies Daskalos was fine with the contents of the first book as a truthfull reflection that was acknowledged for publication to the world, whereas it is not clear what caused the apparent issues later on, and from which point onwards exactly.

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