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Schema FMC00.160 gives an overview on the main organs and their interrelationships, with an analogy to the planets of the solar system not shown here (lungs mercury, heart sun, kidney venus, gall mars, liver jupiter, spleen saturn)


Schema FMC00.157 illustrates the blood circulation through the upper four organs (Holtzapfel, see references below)

Schema FMC00.160 maps the planetary influences to the life functions of the human etheric body.

Lecture coverage and references


A basis is 1911-03-GA128: An Occult Physiology

Source extracts

1911-03-GA128 is the eight lecture reference course on 'occult physiology'

Sense organs

1905-08-27-GA091 eye and ear

Evolution of sense organs

1905-08-08-GA091 sense organs on Old Moon 1905-08-28-GA091 future senses eye, ear, touch


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References and further reading

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  • Heinz Hartmut Vogel: 'Die vier Hauptorgane Herz - Niere - Leber - Lunge: Anthroposophisch-menschenkundliche Gesichtspunkte zur Entwicklungsgeschichte, Pathologie, Psychosomatik und Therapie' (1995)
  • Peter Selg: Vom Logos Menschlicher Physis: Die Entfaltung einer anthroposophischen Humanphysiologie im Werk Rudolf Steiners (2000)
  • Dennis Klocek: 'Esoteric physiology' (2016, based on lectures 2010)