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The rhythmic subsystem is one of the three 'functional subsystems' in Man as a threefold being. The rhythmic subsystem consists of the rhythmic life pulses in man: breathing, blood circulation, and circulation of other fluids.

It has a balancing nature between the other two subsystems. See Schema FMC00.007 below, and for the nature of these pulsating circulations in Man:

  • The heart's two blood circuits and Ganganda Greida
  • Human breath
  • Circulating fluids are not only blood, but also lymphic fluid and chyle, these fluids map to the bodily principles (Schema FMC00.155)
    • the lymph to the astral body of man, in the lymph circulate moon and mars beings influencing Man's character
    • the chyle to the etheric body of Man, in chyle circulate Venus beings, impacting in lower spiritland and Man's Human temperament
    • there are also Saturn beings that live in Man's sensory observations, impacting on higher spiritland


  • rhythmic subsystem as the carrier for the life of feeling, with a dream consciousness
  • correspondence with the 'leaf' aspects of Man as an inverted plant (see Schema FMC00.111)


Lecture coverage and references

Schema FMC00.155 sketches how Man is traversed by spiritual beings from Moon, Mars, Venus in circulating lymph and chyle fluids, and how Saturn beings take their abode in Man's sensory perceptions. Chyle, lymph blood are also called the three bodily humors as it existed in ancient Greece and the cultures before, and that based itself on liquids for health treatment.


Schema FMC00.007 illustrates the three subsystems in Man, see also FMC00.282.


FMC00.282 illustrates the three subsystems in Man, see also FMC00.007.



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