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Note: this assumes an understanding of the Three dimensions of Evolution. When reading about evolution, the development of Mankind is usually covered in seven epochs of the current physical CoF (globe) in the current fourth mineral CoL (round) .. and so one could wonder: how about the other CoL (rounds) and CoF (globes)?

The Earth goes through seven CoL of which we are currently in the fourth 'mineral'. The first three were repetitions of the previous planetary stages, and specifically the main CoL in each (see also Schema FMC00.203 in Overview of solar system evolution).

The fourth current CoL is the start of a totally new development. Lorenzen explains how this is the start of a new cycle of creation, where Christ is the new creator taking over from the Father principle (see also creation in the Gospel of John). Note this is also the start of the current physical solar system with the planets, the way we know if from mineral science and sensory perception.

Whereas the previous CoL were repeats of lesser importance, the next CoL are of full importance because now Man becomes co-creator participating in the new cosmos (1905-02-06-GA090B, see also Meaning of Free Man Creator)

Each CoL or round unfolds in seven CoF or globes: in the first three downwards we have take something off and in and caring, from fast to slower this is de-acccelarating. The middle is the main globe and turning point and the slowest, afterwards the three next CoF speed up again. So there is retardation slowing down, a seeming persistance, and then again an acceleration going upwards again. (1904-06-16-GA090A).

Each next stage works with short repeats of the previous CoL that are of lesser importance for development (on Earth these are the first three CoL), and this repetition also takes place within the CoF.


Schema FMC00.298 is a synthetic table with descriptive quotes from various lectures on different aspects of the Earth's CoL (and CoF). Click to enlarge.


Schema FMC00.298A is a simplified version of the reference FMC00.298 to highlight the process of Man in context of the Meaning of Free Man Creator', his relationship with the kingdoms, and the aspect of recapitulation of CoC at CoL level.


Schema FMC00.219 is an illustration by Rudolf Steiner of the Mars and Mercury passages in the Earth's mineral round or CoL=4


Schema FMC00.057B positions the above FMC00.219 for ease of reference


Schema FMC00.057C provides an overview scheme for the study of the evolution of our current Earth planetary stage and CoC, the formation of the current physical solar system with the planets, the emergence of the spectrum of elements and ethers, and nature's kingdoms on Earth.

Note the threefold recapitulation at CoL level, at CoF level, and then at epoch level; as well as major events such as the Mars transit, and the separation of Sun and Moon. Compare also with FMC00.302 on Earth's seven epochs.


Lecture coverage and references


is called the 'Next rounds'


Fourth globe inside versus previous outside

At the same time, we can also call that which Man reached in the three former globes as the highest: these are beings into which Manas worked from outside. It is the task of earthly evolution to transform the body in such a way, that Manas can truly work from inside.

And now you shall also become clear about the difference between Man who stands at the fourth stage of evolution and Man who stood at the third evolutionary stage: that which formerly worked on him from outside, now emerges from inside.

Now everything must be properly prepared. Let us think of the lunar period as having passed. Now everything had to be repeated briefly, and previous stages were necessary for this to happen. First, the Lemurian Age was sufficiently developed, so that Manas could undertake the transformations.

The Lemurian race also had seven sub-stages. In the fourth (Lemurian) sub-stage, Manas emerges from within the human being.


and others still to be integrated


explains (see build-up on 1905-01-30-GA090B) that:

In every planetary stage, there is always one round or CoL where Man goes through the main development, the other six rounds are of little importance for Man 'as is' does not progress much in these. They are important though for other beings as they have meaning for these to achieve their goals.

See also Schema FMC00.203 on Overview of solar system evolution

From the lecture text it appears, though it is not stated explicitly so this is an interpretation (to be reviewed), that in the first three planetary stages the other future rounds (after the one that matters for evolution) are thrown off (as stated above with little meaning), but that from the fourth middle stage onwards, the other future rounds do have importance for the future development of Man as something fully new is added to Man. Freely translated (p58-59 in DE):

And now the next cycles do start to have a meaning for the future development of Man. They are no longer sheaths that are through off, but they start to have a meaning for the future cycles for Man.


[1] - Separation of the planets

FMC00.298 presents

  • CoL1 - Uranus, Vulcan, Saturn
  • CoL2 - Jupiter, Mars
  • CoL4 - Mercury, Venus (and Sun and Moon)



  • 1903-GA089 - Draft of a spiritual-scientific cosmology - Fragment from 1903/04

At the end of this document the "withdrawal of Mars" is discussed as an influence in the CoL4 stage as part of the changes corresponding in the Lemurian epoch -

Working hypothesis: this probably does not refer to the separation of Mars but instead to the withdrawal of the astral influence as depicted Schema FMC00.219 above - see also the astral Mars influence on Schema FMC00.451. To be clarified still with the original version of the text (still to be added on the site).

[2] - Notes for further work (draft WIP)

  • Mercury influence in the second half of Earth evolution, related to Buddhi and Christ Impulse, the spiritualization of Mankind

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