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The War or Fight in Heaven happened between two classes of the Spirits of Motion, the more advanced and the ones who had remained behind, during the contraction of Old Sun to Old Moon.

It caused a split from the one sphere which was Old Saturn or Old Sun, into two bodies: the advanced SoM staying on ancient Sun (part of Old Sun during Old Moon stage), and the less advanced forming the Old Moon body.

The planetoid belt or host of small planetoids scattered between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are a result of this Fight or War in Heaven. Jupiter represents the outer limit of the Old Sun sphere, Mars the outer limit of the Old Moon sphere.


Lecture coverage and references

1909-04-14-G110 (SWCC) - see more on Planetoid belt

For those who have already followed me in this domain, it is not new to hear that [in] the Cosmos things happen very much in the way they happen in ordinary human life. Where beings are evolving there are some who advance and others who remain behind, as many a father knows, who complains that his son in college lags behind whilst others are making good progress. We are concerned, therefore, with a difference in the ‘tempo’ of development. It is the same in the Cosmos.

And through certain causes, which we shall learn later, now that the SoM have entered on their Mission, something came into play which is called in all Esotericism, and in all Mysteries, the ‘fight in Heaven.’ This ‘fight in Heaven’ forms an essential, and integral part of all Mysteries; it contains also the primeval Mystery regarding the origin of Evil.

At a certain point of the Moon evolution the Spirits of Motion (SoM) had reached very different degrees of maturity. Some of them aspired to rise spiritually as high as possible; others again had remained behind, or at least had progressed normally in their development. Some of the SoM on Old Moon had progressed much further than their companions. The result of this was that these two classes of SoM divided. The more advanced ones drew out with the body of the Sun, and the others formed the Moon revolving around it.

We have now given a sketchy description of the fight in Heaven, the rending asunder of the Old Moon, so that the planet accompanying the Old Moon comes under the domination of those SoM which had remained behind, and the Old Sun under the domination of the advanced SoM.

Something of this fight in Heaven still sounds in the first sentences of the divine Gita, where symbolically at the beginning of the battle can still be heard echoes of that mighty fight of the heavens. O, it was a mighty field of battle! From the time when the SoM brought about the formation of the Old Sun, up to the time of that of the Old Moon, when the SoM took up their mission, all was a mighty field of battle; a gigantic fight reigned in Heaven. The SoW had contracted the whole mass of our solar systems to the boundary of Jupiter, then the SoM contracted it to the boundary of the Mars of today.

Between these two planetary frontiers in the heavens lies the great battlefield of the fight of Heaven. Only in the nineteenth century has the physical eye discovered again these devastations produced by the Fight in Heaven. You have a host of small Planetoids scattered in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. These are the wreckage of the battlefield of the fight in Heaven which was fought between the two points of Cosmic time when our Solar System was contracted first as far as Jupiter, then to Mars. And when our Astronomers direct their telescopes towards the heavenly spaces and still discover other planetoids, these are still the wreckage of that great battlefield, of that fight in Heaven between the advanced SoM and those who were less advanced, and which also brought about the severing of the Moon from the Sun.

1917-10-GA177 of 'The fall of the spirits of darkness'

  • 26-10-1917-GA177 (L12) introduces the spirits of darkness
  • covers the battle between Michael and the dragon (L9 of 14th),
  • the influence of the backward angels (L10 on 20th),
  • and the influence of the fallen spirits in the world (L13 on 27th)


Post in wikipedia talk page

This is a short note I wrote in 2015, in one go, in just a few minutes without editing. Reviewed now without major changes. It was at that time a test to 'enter cold' and write from a worldview of spiritual science and try to communicate to a world who doesn't know a thing about it. One needs to introduce everything from scratch as one goes along and build up the storyline at the same time. The question is whether such writings 'can work', at all, whether they can maybe still have an appeal of truth .. even if people have not been educated before on any of the concepts used.

Re: War in Heaven - Anthroposophical worldview provides contextual background and explanations

There are obviously many questions to this. One may want to refer to or check out the anthroposophical or theosophical worldview that explains the evolution of the solar system and mankind. This gives an answer to all the questions asked here. A first entry point, just suggesting to add one concrete reference,may be Rudolf Steiner's Outline of Esoteric Science.

Now these are not matters that can be explained in short and simple terms, as the evolution of spiritual beings and influences on mankind is of a rather high complexity.

But in short, a high level introduction for the open mind.

On this planetary embodiment Earth, mankind received the 'I', the ability to have self-consciousness and free will, and hence be de-coupled from direct guidance by other spiritual beings. This 'I' is threefold in that it includes the awareness of the other bodies: physical, etheric or life body, and astral body. This threefold soul is hence constituted by a sentient soul (astral body), intellectual soul (etheric), and consciousness soul (physical). These new faculties were woven onto and granted to mankind by the Spirits of Form and enabled by the first hierarchy (of Thrones, Seraphim and Cherubim).

Now as these components were added in previous epochs Lemuria, Atlantis, and the current Postatlantean epoch, some influences 'sneaked in' to the threefold soul, respectively called Luciferian, Ahrimanic and Asuric influences. These influences (by spiritual beings off course of normal development) put stress on the normal evolution of mankind, challenge it but thereby strengthen its anticipated evolution. In other words: by having to face these challenges, the development of mankind is served in its ultimate finality (even if it makes for a hefty and painful journey).

The war in heaven is this stress field between the main or normal spiritual beings that guide the development of mankind, and the countering spiritual beings (named above). Proponents of this are ao Lucifer or Satan at the time of the Fall, in the Lemurian epoch .. when the awareness through senses seduced mankind by infusing desires, urges. Similarly Ahriman or Mephistopheles convinces man to focus on the material only (re the current material physical worldview). And the Asuric influences that come with the infusion of the consciousness soul make for an over-increase in egotism (which will ultimately lead to the destruction of by mankind at the end of this epoch; this is called the 'war of all against all' in Revelation).

The goal of the whole affair is to allow mankind to be free of spiritual guidance (we don't believe in the spiritual reality these days because our current sensory experience is blind to it), the key point is that freedom is a requirement for love. And mankind is to develop as the next hierarchy in creation, after the previous nine spiritual hierarchies known in religions through the ages, to ultimately become the 'Spirits of freedom and love'. This is the core of what we are to develop, this is our task at hand. Now this freedom is 'a first' in creation and the cosmos. And to enable this feat, something exceptional had to happen, a high spiritual being had to go through the gate of death. This spiritual being is called Christ, the sun-spirit, who has been guiding the development of mankind by making corrective actions at each stage of development of the threefold soul, in order to warrant a balanced evolutionary progression. This happened in Lemuria, Atlantean periods, and finally also at Golgotha which was truly a cosmic event and not something that can be understood in human mundane terms.

Michael is a being of the order of the archangels, and is the representative of sun spirit Christ. His fight represents this battle for balance, against the dragon which represents the opposing influences mentioned above. In practice, what all this means, is that Man has to fight these influences in himself, to find a way of balance through these opposing influences that push and tear his development sidesways. This fight takes place in Man. Christ represents the seed in every human being that allows us, through conscious control by our I, to refine our lower bodies (astral: by controlling urges and growing out of emotional drives; then etheric, ultimately the physical). That way the I is pivotal in creating a higher (spiritual) self by refining and letting go of the lower bodies. This process is one of living the golden rule, of improving morally and becoming love, a giving rather than a wanting human being.

It is important to realize that our physical reality is a Maya reflection of what is going in in this War in Heaven. So everything you see around you, from the first and second World Wars, to current mobile internet computing with Facebook/Google and Apple .. in all such things, we can find a reflection of the above-mentioned spiritual influences. We should not think or judge in the polarity of good or bad, the challenge for us is to retain balance in our development. As in: retain focus on our task at hand, and not be carried away left or right off center. If you doubt it: check the world around you and see how people focus only on the material, or how the small smartphone screen sucks people into a virtual world and out of this world with human beings of flesh and blood around them, or: where did the selfie come from all at once, and can you think of a better symbol of egotism? .. and realize that none of all this existed .. only hundred years ago. So to keep a clear course through that storm is not for everyone. The key to the door is called Initiation, and some people are awakening spiritually in one way or another to this. Sorry if this was too lengthy or too far fetched for most readers not into esoteric or metaphysical worldviews, I guess I was just in a flow there for a minute or two. For what it's worth. May those who are ready to hear, hear.

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