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With reference to schema FMC00.067 below (see also: Cosmic breath of Brahma), The three Logoi have three outpourings:

  • in the 1st outpouring or outstreaming, the Third Logos through sacrifice of its higher consciousness streamed out its own substance to created the five planes below the nirvana plane .. giving Form
  • with Substance already existing .. in the 2nd outpouring, the Second Logos gave it Life so it could be forming (tbc?)
  • in the 3th outpouring, the First Logos gave it conscious awareness: form and substance exist so it is about observing and generating and emanating images

The three Logoi give rise to the Seven creative spirits, and these give rise to the 21 Prajapatis. Each of them acts as an original Logos, giving 21 creators of a solar system.


Schema FMC00.067 shows the three outpourings by the Three Logoi. See also IAO


Schema FMC00.010 is the original drawing from 1906 (published in GA089 and later in GA046)

Schema FMC00.010A is the english digital version of the original FMC00.010, and links the Three Logoi to the Three dimensions of evolution.

See also the '1904-10-25-GA089 quote' section in the Discussion area on that page.


Schema FMC00.062 depicts the spiritual entities involved in creation of cosmic systems like our solar system. Our solar system is described as everything upto the spirit world, with the spiritual hierarchies involved in a great dynamic interaction as explained in the Golden Chain. The spirits described in this schema are above that, and operate from nirvana and buddhi planes, orchestrating the changes at the highest level including transitions between the stages of consciousness (CoC), conditions of life (CoL) and conditions of form (CoF).

Note: The evolutionary dynamic is ongoing at all times for all hierarchies simultaneously and in parallel. In terms of the specific guidance for the development of humanity, it is also from these higher planes (buddhi and nirvana planes), that the White Lodge circle of Boddhisatvas and Buddha's operate and guide the evolution of Mankind, guided by the Christ, see the Occult atom.

Schema FMC00.062 shows the main creative entities at the highest level (as per GA089):


Schema FMC00.303 is a meta schema for purposes of study and contemplation


Lecture coverage and references

The best way into this subject matter is to read a number of lectures in the descriptive story they unfold:

  • 1903-L3-GA088 of summer 1903
  • 1903-10-30-GA089
  • 1904-08-8H-GA091
  • 1904-11-10-GA089 is the best lecture to explain the creation of a new solar system
  • 1905-08-12-GA091

as well as

  • 1905-10-30-GA093a (and 1905-10-12-GA093a)
  • 1906-06-09-GA094

Note 99 in GA089 provides a list of lectures in which Rudolf Steiner spoke of the three Logoi

The force-substance representation

See Force substance representation

This conceptual representation starts with a few abstract prime concepts of substanc and force that are used to 'explain', or let us see, the 'spectrum of spiritual substance and force' that lies behind the 'coarse' matter and forces that we know in the physical world around us. In that sense it links to and represents a conceptual extension of the spectrum of elements and ethers.

  • Primal force (Son, the wanting) <-> unity
  • Primal substance (Father, being)
  • from which Consciousness springs as divine thought, the thinking of the Logos (Spirit, the wanted) <-> manifoldedness

In this frame the descent into matter is projected, with a tension between both force and substance: the larger the force, the finer the substance, the more consistent the substance, the larger the tension.

The three Logoi and threefold origin of Man

1903-11-11-GA088 gives a good overview


Schema FMC00.062

Schema FMC00.062 above triggers the question how this links to the spiritual hierarchies and specifically the First Hierarchy consisting of Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. The answer is given by a combination of 1909-04-GA110 with schema FMC00.077A.

Schema FMC00.067

Why does the outpouring of the Logos go to the spirit world (mental plane or devachan)? The answer lies in the explanation of the wheel of planes Planes or Worlds of Consciousness

Cosmic breath of Brahman and maha-pralaya

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