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The prajapatis are a high class of spiritual beings, and creators of a specific solar system, directly related to the Seven creative spirits and Logoi.

There are 21 prajapati (for 3x7), categorized in three groups for a total of 10+6+5=21, and they act as state transition coordinators (see Schema FMC00.057)

  • 10 prajapatis of conscious awareness - at the level of Condition of Consciousness (CoC)
  • 6 prajapati of Life
  • 5 prajapati of Form

The 10 prajapati of CoC are at the Nirvana plane, the last being the Third Logos itself.


Schema FMC00.057: the three types of prajapatis are shown as green (10), grey (6) and red (5) spheres.


Lecture coverage and references

Main reference lectures are 1904-11-05-GA089 and 1904-11-10-GA089


These seven creative powers give rise to what we call the prajapatis. As each is able to repeat this exactly at subordinate levels of conscious awareness, life and form, we always have three: three times a, three times b, three times c, three times ab, three times ac, three times bc, three times abc, making together three times seven = 21 prajapatis. Each of them acts like an original Logos. This gives us the 21 creators of a specific solar system.


When we have arrived on the nirvana plane, the entity will have reached the point where its atman is completely on the outside. We are then dealing with the kind of Logos which we have called 'the seven'. These are the Seven creative spirits, which is also why we have seven different root races with seven sub races or cultural ages in each.

The seven different spirits belong to the nirvana plane. Going through the para nirvana plane and the manapara nirvana plane then, we come to the first and second Logos itself. The second arises on the para nirvana plane, the first on the mahapara nirvana plane.

On the nirvana plane the cosmic system is brought to completion by the 7 times 3 = 21 prajapatis. The last of these is abc, the third Logos itself.

1904-11-05-GA089 has an explanation of the three types of prajapatis

In reality these seven CoF states are not seven different CoL but just one cycle or orb; this goes through seven successive states. Each state needs to be transformed into the next. To do this calls for a spirit which represents a specific sum of energy and takes the orb from one level to the next. Such a spirit is called prajapati. These sublime spirits, with their tremendous powers, were given that ability in earlier evolutions. They have a long learning stage behind them. This has made them into energies able to transform one orb into the next in the new universe.

H.P. Blavatsky also describes the Prajapati spirits in 'The Secret Doctrine Vol 1', and calls them 'the Builders'. She divides them into three chief groups, each group again divided in seven sub-groups.

  • The first build or rather rebuild every “System” after the “Night.” (night could be pralaya or maha-pralaya)
  • The second group of the Builders are the Architect of our planetary chain exclusively;
  • the third, the progenitor of our Humanity — the Macrocosmic prototype of the microcosm.

The “Builders” are the representatives of the first “Mind-Born” Entities (DL editor: the Logoi),

There are three chief groups of Builders (DL ‘editor: Prajapatis) and as many of the Planetary Spirits and the Lipika, each group being again divided into Seven sub-groups. The Planetary Spirits are the informing spirits of the Stars in general, and of the Planets especially.

The Lipika (a description of whom is given in the Commentary on Stanza IV. No. 6) are the Spirits of the Universe, whereas the Builders are only our own planetary deities. The former belong to the most occult portion of Cosmogenesis, which cannot be given here. Whether the Adepts (even the highest) know this angelic order in the completeness of its triple degrees, or only the lower one connected with the records of our world, is something which the writer is unprepared to say, and she would incline rather to the latter supposition. Of its highest grade one thing only is taught: the Lipika are connected with Karma — being its direct Recorders.


In 1904-07-03-GA089 it is said that there is a guiding spirit per planetary stage. It would not be impossible that the prajapati of CoC is meant hereby (see green dots in schema). However to try and map the Prajapatis to the Twelve guiding spirits as per zodiac can only be guessing.

Note: lecture states (checked typoscript 11) – 10 prajapatis at Nirvana plane, the last being Third Logos itself (abc)

The Blavatsky quote can be compared with the functional scope of the Seraphim and Cherubim that also makes the distinction between planetary solar system or beyond.

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