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Asuras or Rakshasas are a group of spiritual beings that represent a third type of adverse counterforces for Man's development, besides the Luciferic and Ahrimanic.

Because their leader is Sorat, we call these soratic influences (consistently with Lucifer and Ahriman) even though often the term asuric is also used.

The Asuras stand higher in their will towards evil than the ahrimanic and luciferic beings by one and two grades, respectively (1909-04-21-GA110). They are beings that stayed behind on Old Saturn, and 'infected' humanity in the Atlantean epoch (see more on the Rakshasas page) and gave rise to the practice of black magic. Their goal is the development of evil rather than good or love, and they carry or sidetrack human material down into the Eight Sphere which separates it from the normal development in the current solar system evolution.


  • the beings of the very greatest egoism who remained behind during Old Saturn evolution, and strive for the Eighth sphere.
  • want to con­dense matter, increasingly to press it together so that it cannot be spiritualized again and led back to its original state.
  • Asuras inhabit the Moon and influence human beings, whom they wish to pull down into the eighth sphere and thus tear them away from progressive evolution and their goal —the Christ.
  • All who are striving toward the eighth sphere will ultimately find their existence on a moon (Future Jupiter).
  • AUM as a connection with the three Logoi godhead, and a protection to ward off bad influences when one says it in the right way
  • the indian sanskrite term asuras means non-gods, the opposite of the term suras for gods ('asu' meaning 'breath')


Lecture coverage and references

Helena Blavatsky

in The Secret Doctrine, Book 2, (‘On the Myth of the Fallen Angel, in its various aspects’) p.500.

Esoterically, the Asuras, transformed subsequently into evil spirits and lower gods, who are eternally at war with the great deities — are the gods of the Secret Wisdom. In the oldest portions of the Rig Veda, they are the spiritual and the divine, the term Asura being used for the Supreme Spirit and being the same as the great Ahura of the Zoroastrians. There was a time when the gods Indra, Angi, and Varuna themselves belonged to the Asuras.

Only in Atlantean times, at the transition from Lemuria to Atlantis, were these originally high gods transformed into non-gods.


makes clear that the term Asuras or Original Forces or Spirits of Personality are all terms for the Archai, beings who reached the human stage CoC4 on Old Saturn

Then follows the activity of the "Spirits of Darkness." which are also called "Spirits of Personality" or of "Self-hood" (Egoism). They implant a kind of sensory organs in the body, which are the germs of the sensory organs which later develop in the human body in the course of the development of earth.


But these Archai can treat the images of the 'sensory germs through their own soul in such a way that, with their aid, they can perceive external objects, as does man during his earthly development. In their work on the human body, the Archai pass through their own “stage of humanity.” Thus they are men from the middle of the fourth to the middle of the fifth Old Saturn cycle [CoL].

These spirits implant selfhood, egoism in the body of man. Since they only attain their stage of humanity on Old Saturn, they remain connected with the development of mankind for a long time. Thus they have important work to perform on man in subsequent cycles as well. This work always acts as an inoculation with selfhood. The degenerations of selfhood into selfishness must be ascribed to their activity, while on the other hand they are the originators of all of man's independence. Without them man would never have become a self-enclosed entity, a “personality.” Christian esoteric teaching uses the expression “Primal Beginnings” (Archai) for them, and in theosophical literature they are designated as Asuras.


The other intuition was the basis upon which the ancient Persian mysticism was founded, and this led to the veneration of beings who were also only twofold in their nature: the Asuras. They, too, possessed what we call soul, but the soul organ was enclosed within a physical body developed in sublime and titanic fashion. The Indian view of the world, which clung to the Deva worship, looked upon the Asuras as something inferior; whereas those who inclined to the viewpoint of the Northern peoples adhered to the Asuras, to physical nature. Thus there developed in the Northern Zone more especially the impulse towards controlling the things of the sense world in a material way, towards an ordering of the world of realities by means of the highest technical advancement, through physical arts and so on. Nowadays there is nobody who still persists in Asura worship, but there are many among us who still have something of this within them. Thence comes the tendency towards the materialistic side of life and that is the basic tendency of the Northern peoples. Whoever acknowledges purely materialistic principles can be sure that he has something of the Asuras in his nature.


To understand the position of the principle of spiritual evolution we have to consider a significant development in the Atlantean race. Spirits that had initially been [full of wisdom] now became rebels, agitators wanting to gain their independence. Suras became asuras. Until then they had been latent on Earth. They are the powers which now, at the present time, represent the intellectual and mental side of humanity.

other translation

If we wish to understand the point of view of spiritual evolution we must be clear about an important event of the Atlantean epoch. Those beings which had originally been spiritual, now appeared as revolutionaries striving for independence. Suras now became Asuras. Until this time they had taken no part in evolution. They are those powers which, just as in our day, represent the intellectual and spiritual side of human nature. This side of Lucifer's nature is that which also stood for Christianity during the first centuries. There are two documents referring to that, one is in the Vatican and a copy of it is in the possession of the most thoroughly initiated Christian of the western world: The Count of St. Germain.


The substance in astral space which is pressed together by passionate thoughts is the same as that which surrounded the previous planet, the Old Moon, out of which the Moon has developed to a higher stage. Thus wherever such substance exists, a certain danger is present. We human beings are created in such a way that we are obliged to incarnate in the physical matter of today. On the earlier planet there was not as yet physical matter of this kind; it was more highly developed than that of present day animals and less so than that of present day man. This substance in which Jehovah seeks to incarnate provides, as such, no favourable habitation. But the beings which are so far advanced that they reached their proper stage on the Old Moon will cause no harm. They have no liking for this substance.

It is not the substance in which man is now incarnated. But certain retrograde beings who had fallen behind on the Old Moon had discovered in this astral substance - food for their gluttony. They want to feed on it; it has for them a great force of attraction. This shows that we are continually surrounded by beings whose higher nature is related to our lower. When someone produces egotistical thoughts, this is very welcome to these beings. In other respects they are actually more advanced than man, but they have the craving to embody themselves in the astral forms which we ourselves create. They are the so-called Asuras. Through our baser thoughts we provide nourishment for these asuric beings.

When people whose nature is not yet purified, not yet free from passions, meditate, creating strong thought forms, they conjure up around themselves a powerful aura of desires. In this incarnate asuric beings of this kind which are then able to draw such people downwards. If a person drowsy with sleep meditates and in so doing does not rise clearly enough into thoughts, he creates this substance, and because he has no counterbalance, such beings incarnate in his thought forms. These are higher beings because they had completely developed Manas on the Old Moon, before the coming of the Buddhi impulse; they therefore do not possess this impulse. Hence with them Manas is egotistical.

Had not the human being on Earth, from that point of time at which Manas came to him from outside, also received the impulse of Buddhi, had he only developed further the forward urge of Manas, he would have become in the strongest sense of the word an egotistical being. Manasic evolution is one tending to egoism and independence. Its task was to make man independent, but then the Buddhi nature was necessary. The asuric beings already referred to, because they developed Manas too early, have missed this impulse of the Buddhi nature. On the one hand therefore they stand at a higher stage and on the other hand they cannot progress, but go on developing the Kama-Manas, which is egotistical.



On Old Sun, Christ is the regent of the archangels (fire-spirits). The satanic hosts are the fallen archangels that remain behind. The satanic beings begin their ‘work’ in the Atlantean race (black magic). They are the gods of hindrance.

On Old Moon it is the Luciferic spirits. In the Lemurian race Lucifer intervened in human development. He was drawn into earth development and served as a liberator through giving man independence and enthusiasm for wisdom.

The Asuras remain behind on Old Saturn. The Asuras intervene only now in the fifth epoch. They are by far the most harmful and work mainly into the sexual life, i.e. the physical body. The many sexual aberrations of the present can be traced back to their strong influence. All forces of hindrance work in such a way that they seek to hold on to what exists at present, what is imperfect, to carry it through and reinforce it in its imperfection.

The Luciferic beings still worked as liberators, because they gave independence, the egoity together with egoism. We had to pass through egoism, which was, as it were, the first expression of the I – just as error is the first expression of wisdom in a world of becoming, and animalistic love is the first expression of the highest spiritual love. Our task is the transformation in each case. The third epoch and root-race saw the separation of the sexes, in the sixth epoch it will be overcome; this has to be prepared in the next sixth cultural age.

The reproductive forces of man are undergoing transformation. Reproductive force in itself is the most holy in our possession because it is directly divine. The more divine what is dragged through the mud by us, the greater the sin. The reproductive organs in us will be heart and larynx. As the word became flesh in Christ, so in the time of the fulfilment of Christianity the flesh has to become word.


Good and evil are as yet differentiated relatively little. And our eyes do not much penetrate the behind the uniform appearance of the flesh. Now it is still a relatively small step from evil to good, from good to evil. When the powers of the Masters and of those who support them with all their strength and will, and the powers of the gods of hindrance, also called Mammon (the Satans and Asuras), with their human following, intervene ever more strongly in the life of humanity, in earthly development – then good will develop into a divine good, and evil into something terrible, the Anti-Christ. Then every single one of us world-helpers (may this word be spoken in deepest humility) will need all the strength that can be gained from suffering and the overcoming of suffering, from evil and the overcoming of evil. It is the task of Theosophy (Anthroposophy), of Rosicrucianism, to summon human beings to this battle through knowledge of such things, and in the battle to bring them peace.


Asuras are spirits of the very greatest egoism who remained behind during Old Saturn evolution. They want to condense matter and compress it ever more so that it can’t be spiritualized and brought back to its original condition. They’re the dregs of the planetary evolution that goes from Old Saturn to Future Vulcan. The asuras inhabit the Moon and from there they work on the men whom they want to drag down into the eighth sphere and thereby tear away from progressive evolution and its goal — the Christ. All those who strive towards the eighth sphere will eventually live on a moon. AUM. One wards off bad influences when one says it in the right way; it connects man with the creating Godhead, the three Logoi. The evil beings who want to tear men away from the Godhead can’t stand it.[…]

or again:

Asuras: the beings that strive for the Eighth sphere. They want to con­dense matter, increasingly to press it together, so to speak, so that it cannot be spiritualized again, that is, led back to its original state. They are the "dregs" of the entire planetary evolution, which begins with Old Saturn and goes through Old Sun, Old Moon, Earth, Future Jupiter, Future Venus, Future Vulcan. The Asuras already inhabit the Moon and influence human beings, whom they wish to pull down into the eighth sphere and thus tear them away from progressive evolution and their goal —the Christ. All who are striving toward the eighth sphere will ultimately find their existence on a moon (Future Jupiter).


These beings, whose lowest member is the I, are those who come into special consideration for us in the Old Saturn stage, when they were at the stage where humanity stands today. .. They were the human beings of Saturn and the ancestors of our present humanity. They irradiated the surface of Old Saturn with their I-hood, their external nature, they were the implanters of I-hood in the physical corporeality that was forming on the surface of Old Saturn. Thus they made it their care that the physical body was prepared in such a way that it could later become the bearer of the I. Only such a physical body as you have today, with feet, hands and head and the sense organs incorporated in it could be I-bearer on the fourth stage, the Earth. To this end the nucleus of it had to be already implanted on Old Saturn. One also calls these I-beings of Old Saturn, Spirits of Egoism.

Egoism has a two-fold character; it is excellent and desirable or obnoxious and evil. If at that time on Old Saturn and on the succeeding planets the essential nature of egoism had not been again and again implanted, man would never have become an independent being who can say “ I ” to himself. Into your bodily nature there has been instilled ever since Old Saturn the sum of forces which stamps you as an independent being, cutting you off from all other beings. To this end work the Asuras or Spirits of Egoism.

Among them are to be found two kinds, apart from slight deviations.

  • The one kind has elaborated egoism in a noble, self-reliant way, and has risen higher and higher in the perfection of the sense of freedom: that is the rightful independence of egoism. These spirits have guided mankind through all the successive planets; they have become the educators of men towards independence.
  • Now on each planet there are also Spirits who have remained behind in evolution, they have remained stationary and not wished to progress. You will recognise a law from this: If the most outstanding fall and commit the “great sin” of not advancing with evolution, then they become the very worst of all. The noble sense of liberty has been reversed into wickedness, into its opposite. Those are the Spirits of Temptation, and they must be taken gravely into account; they lead to the evil side of egoism, even today they are still in our environment, these evil Spirits of Old Saturn. All that is bad draws its power from these Spirits.

Lucifer anchored himself in the sentient soul […]. […]

It was in [...] the intellectual soul [...] that Ahriman established his footing. [...]

And in the age now, approaching, those spiritual Beings known as the Asuras will creep into the consciousness soul [...].


Q&A (not on rsarchive)

The asuras are evil beings who stand one degree higher in their will towards evil as the ahrimanic beings, and two degrees higher as the luciferic beings.


in the cycle on Genesis, describes how the backward Old Saturn beings played during the Old Sun evolutionary stage, especially the backwards Archai.

To get to the bottom of this, we must again go back to the earliest point we can reach in the development of our planet. As we have often said, we must think of the Old Saturn existence as a condition of pure warmth, and that with the transition to Old Sun there then took place on the one hand a densification to air or gas, on the other hand a rarefaction in the direction of the etheric, to light-ether. We have said that the passage in which the words ring forth And God (the Elohim) said, Let there be light; and there was light is describing a kind of repetition of this coming into existence of the light-ether.

Now we may ask: Was the darkness there of itself; or does spiritual Being lie behind this also?

If you read the relevant passages in my Occult Science you will come across something extremely important for the understanding of all development — the fact that at each stage of evolution certain beings remain behind. Only a certain number of beings reach their goal. ... Thus we may say that during Old Saturn evolution certain beings did not reach their proper goal, they lagged behind. During Old Sun evolution they still remained at the Old Saturn stage.

How could one recognise on the Old Sun the beings who were still really Old Saturn beings? By the fact that they had not acquired the light nature, which was of the very essence of the Old Sun state. But because these beings were nevertheless there, the Old Sun, which I have described as an inweaving of light, warmth and air, had darkness as well as light in it. And this darkness was the mark of the beings remaining at the Old Saturn stage, just as the weaving light indicated the Beings who had progressed regularly to the Sun stage. Thus, there was an interweaving of Beings who were still at the Old Saturn stage of development with beings who had progressed normally to the Old Sun stage. From the inner aspect these Beings moved in and out among one another; and outwardly they manifested themselves as an interplay of light and darkness. We can call the manifestation of the more advanced Beings, light, and the manifestation of the Beings remaining behind at the Saturn stage, darkness.

If we know this, we shall expect the relationship between advanced and backward Beings to reappear during the recapitulation of the Saturn and Sun epochs in Earth evolution. And because the backward Old Saturn beings represent an earlier stage of evolution, they will appear earlier than the light in the recapitulation also. Thus, quite rightly, in the first verse of Genesis we are told that darkness prevailed over the elementary substances. That is the recapitulation of the Saturn existence, now a backward one. The Sun existence has to wait; it comes later, it comes at the point where the Bible says: Let there be light.

Thus we see that the Genesis story is in complete accordance with the recapitulation described in my Occult Science.

If we would understand existence, we must be clear that what emerged at an earlier stage does not just go on for a time and then disappear. Something new is continually arising, but the old remains actual alongside the new and continues to work within it. And so even today we have co-existing the two stages of evolution which we can call light and darkness. Light and darkness permeate our existence.

... The concept of matter which is put forward today is simply a fantasy; it is an illusion. Matter is in reality a soul-spiritual being, which is to be traced everywhere where the polaric contrast of light and darkness is effective. The physical notion of matter which is generally accepted is, in truth, a chimera. In the regions of space where, according to physics, we are to look for a sort of apparition called “matter,” there is in actual fact nothing else but a certain degree of darkness. And this dark content of space is filled out with something of a soul-spiritual nature, something akin to what is intended in Genesis in the passage where “darkness” (the word used to denote the collective whole of this soul-spiritual entity) is described as weaving over the elementary existence. [1] All these things are much more profound than modern natural science dreams! Thus when Genesis speaks of darkness, it is speaking of the manifestation of the backward Saturn Beings. And when it speaks of light, it is referring to the advanced Beings. They interact and interweave with one another.

We said yesterday that the main lines, the main features, of evolution were laid down by Beings at the stage of the Exusiai, the Spirits of Form, so that these Beings plan the general direction of the activities of light. And further, we have seen that they make use of the Spirits of Personality as their servants, and that behind the expression yom, day, we have to see a Being of the rank of the Archai, appointed under the Elohim. We may also assume that, just as on the positive side these servants of the Elohim, these Spirits of Personality indicated by yom, are active, so also the backward spiritual Beings, who work in opposition to them in darkness, play their part. Indeed we may say that darkness is something that the Elohim find already there. Light is something they bring into being through their musing, their meditation. When they think out the two complexes from what has remained over from the earlier existence, it comes about that darkness is interwoven therein as the expression of the backward Beings. They themselves bestow the light. But just as out of the light the Elohim appoint the Beings represented by yom, day, so out of the darkness come Beings who are of the same rank as these, but Beings who have lagged behind at an earlier stage. Thus we can say that all that manifests itself as darkness stands together on one side in opposition to the Elohim And now we have to ask, who are the Beings who oppose the Archai, servants of the Elohim, the Beings indicated by the word yom? Who are the corresponding backward Beings in opposition to them?

To avoid misunderstanding, it would be as well to clear up first another point — whether we have always to look upon these backward Beings as evil, as something wrong in the world-context. It is easy for the abstract man, the man who is concerned only with concepts, to feel something like indignation over the backward Beings; or he can make the mistake of being sorry for the poor things! We should not harbour feelings and ideas of such a kind as regards these tremendous realities of the universe. That would lead us completely astray. On the contrary we should remind ourselves that everything happens out of cosmic wisdom, and that whenever Beings remain behind at a particular stage of development, it means something; it has significance for the whole for Beings to remain behind, just as it has for them to attain their goal; in other words, there are certain functions which cannot be carried out by the advanced Beings, functions for which Beings are needed who remain at an earlier stage. They are in their proper place in their backwardness. What would become of the world if all those who ought to be teachers of young children were to become university professors? Those who do not become professors are much better where they are than the professors would be. Those who occupy academic chairs would probably turn out to be very badly suited for the instruction of seven-, eight-, nine- and ten-year-olds! Something of the same kind is true in cosmic relationships. There are certain tasks for which those who attain their goal would be little fitted. For certain tasks those who have remained behind — we could equally well say those who have renounced progress — must take their place. And just as the advanced Spirits of Personality, the Yamim, were given their task by the Elohim, so the backward Archai also, those Spirits of Personality who reveal themselves not through light, but through darkness, are made use of in order to evoke the laws of earthly development. They are allotted their proper place, so that they may make their contribution to the orderly development of our existence.


It was necessary for the Saturn Beings to be kept back in cosmic evolution, so that they could undertake the rebuilding of the physical body during sleep, while there was no light. Thus the backward Saturn Beings have their part to play in our existence; without them we should be exposed to nothing but destruction. There has to be an alternation, a co-operation, of Sun Beings and Saturn Beings, of light and darkness. Thus if the activity of the light Beings is to be rightly guided by the Elohim, they must inweave into their own work in an orderly fashion the work of the Beings of darkness. There can be no stability in cosmic activity unless the force of darkness is everywhere interwoven with the force of light. And in this complication of the forces of light and darkness lies one of the secrets of cosmic existence, of cosmic alchemy.


Thus we must never forget that the interplay between the forces of sun-light and Saturn-darkness is a necessity of our existence. When therefore the Elohim placed the Spirits of Personality as their deputies in charge of the weaving of the light forces, of the work which is performed upon us men and upon other earthly beings while the light is affecting us, they had also to appoint the backward Saturn Beings as fellow-workers; they had to see that the whole work of the universe was carried on by the normally advanced and the backward Archai together. The backward Archai are active in the darkness. Hence the Elohim employ not only the Beings designated by yom, day, but they set in opposition to them Beings who weave in the darkness. And the Bible says with a wonderfully realistic description of the facts: And God called the light Day (yom), and the darkness He called Night (lay'lah). [ 2 ] And lay'lah does not mean our abstract night, but lay'lah are the Saturn Archai, who at that time had not advanced to the Sun stage.

And to this day it is they who are active in us during sleep, when they work upon our physical and etheric bodies, building them up. This mysterious expression lay'lah, which has given rise to all kinds of myths, is neither our abstract “night” nor is it anything which need lead to myth-making. It is simply the name of the backward Archai, who unite their activity with that of the advanced Archai.

Thus we have paraphrased the appropriate words in Genesis somewhat as follows: The Elohim planned the main lines of existence; they deputed the advanced Archai to work under them, and appointed to help them those Archai who in resignation had remained in darkness at the Saturn stage, in order that existence could come about. Thus we have yom and lay'lah as two contrasted groups of Beings, who help the Elohim and who are at the stage of the Time-Spirits, the Spirits of Personality. We see existence being woven out of the Spirits of Form and the Spirits of Personality, out of advanced Beings and the backward Beings of these two hierarchies.


as part of the Q&A

We have the physical world, the astral world, the lower and the higher spirit world. If the body is thrust down lower even than the physical world, it comes into the sub-physical world, the lower astral world, the lower or evil spirit world, and the lower or evil spirit world.

  • The evil astral world is the province of Lucifer,
  • the evil lower spirit world the province of Ahriman,
  • and the evil higher spirit world the province of the Asuras.

projects the three streams of adverse powers

In the last five or six years more lies have been told among civilized humanity than in any other period of world history; in public life the truth has scarcely been spoken at all; hardly a word that has passed through the world was true.

While this stream empties into lies (see drawing), the middle stream empties into self-seeking; and an economic life like the Anglo-American, which should end in world-dominion — if the effort is not made to bring about its permeation by the independent spiritual life and the independent political life, it will flow into the third of the abysses of human life, into the third of these three.

  • The first abyss is lies, the degeneration of humanity through Ahriman;
  • the second is self-seeking, the degeneration of humanity through Lucifer;
  • the third is, in the physical realm, illness and death; in the cultural realm, the illness and death of culture.

The Anglo-American world may gain world dominion; but without the Threefold Social Order it will, through this dominion, pour out

  • cultural death and cultural illness over the whole earth; for these are just as much a gift of the Asuras as
  • lies are a gift of Ahriman, and
  • self-seeking, of Lucifer.

So the third, a worthy companion of the other two, is a gift of the Asuric powers.


[1] - Asuric influence on Man


Rudolf Steiner expanded in great detail and coverage on the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences, but quite noticeably covered the Asuric influences much less. Although he does mention them explicitly with basic descriptions, Steiner does not expand or offer an in-depth understanding with an evolutionary positioning and the challenge they represent to humanity, with the same transparancy as he does for the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences.

Hence it is up to us to connect the dots and bring the clues and perspectives together, and there are plentiful.

Foundational pre-reading

With reference to:

For contemplation

Whereas Luciferic influence happened on Old Sun, when the archangels were going through the human stage (CoC=4), and the Ahrimanic influence is linked to Old Moon when the angels went through the human stage, the Asuras are fallen suras or archai who fell behind or stayed back on Old Saturn.

It is also said (tbc)

  • Lucifer is a fallen being from the hierarchy of the archangels fallen to the stature of an angel
  • Ahriman is a fallen being from the hierarchy of the archai, fallen to the stature of an archangel
  • Sorat is a fallen being from the hierarchy of the SoF, fallen to the stature of the archai (or 'suras').

The Luciferic infection was into Man's astral body, and the Ahrimanic infection influences Man's etheric body.

When Man cleanses his astral body and develops the spirit self or manas, he redeems lucifer - re the link to the holy spirit.

The Christ is to help Man overcome the Ahrimanic influence - see the seduction of Christ-Jesus in the desert - this plays in the etheric by the effect of Christ's budhi or life-spirit as the spirit of the Earth, whereby Man now gets an etheric 'tailwind push in the back' for its etherization, away from physical material incarnation and taking the ascent as a future fully spiritual being.

From the above, what can we deduce for the asuric influence on Man? The Old Saturn stage is where the physical body of Man found its origin, and the warmth of the archai was the core seed for the I of Man.

From the Spectrum of elements and ethers - see Schemas FMC00.084 and FMC00.172 - it can be gathered that the asuric influences are working in the life ether, thrown down into the sub-physical world (whereas electricity is compressed light ether and luciferic - see yellow: element air, astral; and magnetism is compressed chemical ether and ahrimanic - - see blue: element water, etheric).

If we consider for a moment a logical reasoning by extension or extrapolation, it would mean that the asuric influences give an infection into the level of the physical body and the consciousness soul, that is - the highest level of I-consciousness. Rudolf Steiner positions Sorat as the anti-christ .. but it correlates even to a level higher, to spirit-man or atma.

Then consider Schema FMC00.185 on Epochs in Earth physical round. It shows the third divine intervention, still to happen, in the sixth epoch. Which gives some correlation to the 666 thread.

Hence, maybe Rudolf Steiner did not go into Sorat because it represents a challenge for the next epoch?

On the other hand, the war of all against all seems to be a war of I-person to I-person, driven by the utmost egotism.

Contemplate: how could an infection inside, into our I-material have taken place? Compare with the luciferic and ahrimanic influences and the threefold soul. See also FMC00.246 on the interventions of Christ on Christ Module 14 – the counterforces: Lucifer, Ahriman and Asuras

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