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This topic page is about an image: to see Man and his life's actions: thoughts feelings and actions, as directly influencing and contributing to the future, as seeds for the future worlds that are to come. Specifically it captures the relationship of how Man today co-creates the kingdoms of Future Jupiter.

This has a huge moral implications in terms of responsability for Man to lead the best life possible, as directed by his conscience. Because he himself will be born again in the future world, as will his children. Therefore, given his free choice, he should be acting responsibly as co-creator of the future worlds. It is a stretch indeed to see, in Man's daily down-to-earth functioning, to see in those seemingly mundane things, the co-creator in cosmic development, yet it is so. That is why this site is called as it is, see Meaning of Free Man Creator.

This topic connects with various aspects:

  • the theme of reincarnation, where this becomes more visible as Man sheds off his bodily garments and contributes to the universe
  • the functioning of Man, and how he writes into the spirit world with his I, how his thinking feeling and willing soul actions create something new (into the fourth layer of devachan, the spirit world).
    • Man's 'soul functioning' - like acting, speaking, thinking .. is through the higher hierarchies, as Man is made up of these and they 'enable' our conscious functioning .. and as they evolve, so do our actions 'go along' in this process and influence future creation (1905-10-12-GA093A)
  • the vision of Future Jupiter, the next incarnation of our current planet Earth .. and how we can link the various aspects of humanity's activity to what we will find on Future Jupiter, what it will be constituted of
  • the impact of the Christ Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha on the above (see 1921-10-09-GA207 below) as well as enlivened pictures and Christ Module 10 in the study of the Christ

Man currently creates thoughts in the Elementary Kingdom in the Higher Spirit World, during Future Jupiter and Venus Man will create images with it, in Future Vulcan Man will be able to emanate and eject out what was created and evolved as an independant entity. See also Twelve Conditions of Consciousness, Meaning of Free Man Creator and Sacrifice.


  • in the current stage of evolution, Man has individual action, but not yet individual speech or thoughts. Our speech and thought are connected to shared higher hierarchies (folk souls at archangel level, archai) and concern a larger group of human beings to the whole human race. In the future Man's individuation will separate these faculties off as well so Man will become an individual creator (1905-10-12-GA093A)

Man during incarnate life

  • Man's inner soul life has in it the germs for Future Jupiter, its form constitution and kingdoms, see Schemas FMC00.357 and FMC00.364
  • interplay between the hierarchies as part of weaving creation together along the evolutionary path (see Three dimensions of evolution). So the hierarchies 'make up our constitution', they are active in us and our thinking-feeling-willing fields of soul activity nurture the hierarchies through the higher worlds - see Schema FMC00.213 on Thinking Feeling Willing. The three meetings of the current Human 'I' are like in-process touchpoints for development of the Higher Self
    • how the archai lie at the origin of Man on Old Saturn, 'carried' the seeds of this Elementary Kingdom along in their evolution, and on Earth were able to release it when Man became individualized. See The elementary kingdoms - schemas FMC00.147 and FMC00.143A. The Archai remain connected to humanity, though at a higher level, see Schema FMC00.357
    • how the angels were breathing out what helped Man develop on Old Moon (1915-01-03-GA275, see Schema FMC00.364)
  • the so-called 'reverse ritual' referring to the trans-substantiation from the earthly, created by Man, to the future spiritual. Man's conscious life as Free Man Creator in thoughts, feelings, acting, represents a form of communion. (see Schema FMC00.323 below and reverse ritual)

Man during process between death and a new birth

  • after death, Man lays off the lower bodies or repositories as 'fruits of the earth' and 'seeds for cosmic worlds we bear'
    • this image shows how we are the drop as part of the ocean, and the microcosm is making up the macrocosm

Pralaya process between Earth and Future Jupiter

  • the soul contents of human beings comes together in the regions of spirit land, these regions are not about one individual but about superhuman realm consisting of 'categories, strata, groupings' of moral qualities. After the major pralaya, between planetary incarnations, the kingdoms of the previous planetary stage are lifted 'one up' (and the rest down), so Man will enter in such a realm with his nature during Future Jupiter (1921-10-09-GA207)
  • Man's soul contains the germs of the future form and forces of Future Jupiter. Man will transform his body and spiritualize through working upon his soul, his body becomes "an outward image of the soul which has taken Christ into itself" .. and all these bodies together united in a single cosmic globe will make up Future Jupiter. (1908-06-26-GA104)


Schema FMC00.364 complements Schema FMC00.357 and can be read together with Schema FMC00.238, showing the influence of Man's activities today on the future world of Future Jupiter. See also Seeds for future worlds.


Schema FMC00.357 shows how Future Jupiter's kingdoms will arise through Man's soul activities, carried over by the spiritual hierarchies. The three lower kingdoms will arise from Man's thinking, feeling, and will based soul activities that nurture the third hierarchy H3. The upper right cell explains how the rise of the hierarchy of the archai through and after the pralaya transforms their impulses.


Schema FMC00.323 provides an infographic shows, on the right, the meditation text provides by Rudolf Steiner, with the explanatory quotes taken from the lecture reference shown. Through conscious thinking and the powers of the soul, Man becomes Free Man Creator: and this trans-substantion from the earthly to the future spiritual represents a form of communion. It is called 'reverse ritual' because Man now offers his contribution to the spiritual worlds, instead of performing a ritual with a receiving symbolism. See also: reverse ritual.


Lecture coverage and references


Future evolution must be prepared for. What Man already produces from himself, as preparation for the future human being, is the word, speech. What man speaks remains in the Akashic Record. It is the germinal beginning for the future human being.



Today Man sends out words: they are inscribed into the Akasha. There they remain, even though the airwaves vanish. Out of these words the Future Jupiter will later be formed. When therefore Man today uses evil, blasphemous language, then on Future Jupiter terrible formations will be brought about. This is why one should be so very careful of what one says, and why it is so immensely important that Man should be master of his speech.

In times to come man will send out his feelings, bring forth into his surroundings what he feels. This will be imparted to the fluid element. The entire fluid element of the planet which will follow next, Future Jupiter, will be an expression and result of the feelings of Men on Earth.

  • What Man speaks today will give Jupiter its form;
  • what he feels will engender its inner warmth;
  • what he wills determines the separate beings inhabiting Future Jupiter.

Future Jupiter will be constructed out of the basic powers of the human soul.

  • Just as today we can trace the rock formation of the Earth back to earlier conditions, so will the rock formation of the Future Jupiter be the result of our words.
  • The ocean of Jupiter, the warmth of Jupiter, will arise out of the feelings of present-day humanity.
  • The beings of Jupiter will arise out of human will.

Thus the inhabitants of a previous planet create the basic conditions for its successor. And beings who today still [Gap in text ...] hover over the Earth, as was once the case with the Monads, will enter into incarnation on the Future Jupiter. There will then exist a kind of Jupiter-Lemurian race. Beings will be there which we have created as the Pitris did. Just as we inhabited the grotesque forms of the Old Moon, so these beings will inhabit the forms which we develop by means of our pineal gland.


In occultism we differentiate in man firstly his actions, in so far as by actions we understand everything which proceeds from any kind of activity connected with his hands; secondly speech and thirdly thoughts. Everything which in this sense he accomplishes with his hands brings about its karmic results in his next earthly existence. What we speak concerns not only ourselves alone, but also a group of human beings having the same language, and this affects the karma of the group or race.

In words lies a greater responsibility than in deeds alone: for with them we are preparing the configuration of a future race.

What we think works on even into a new formation of our Earth. We therefore distinguish three stages.

  • Firstly: Human action is individual, with the exception of those actions in man that arise from nothingness.
  • Secondly: Man cannot speak for himself alone; words concern a group of human beings.
  • Thirdly: Thoughts are the concern of the whole of humanity.

With this, something else is connected.

[goes on to continue how this works, our 'functioning' is through the higher hierarchies as Man is made up of these and they 'enable' our functioning .. and as they evolve, so do our actions 'go along' in this process and influence future creation]


And ..

  • just as our inner being was prepared in the Earth,
  • in the same way, in that which we shall have developed as our new body when the Earth has reached its goal, do we carry within us the form which the future planet, the future embodiment of our Earth must assume.

Today Man works upon his soul; in this way he makes his body more and more like the soul, and when the Earth has arrived at the end of its mission, his body will have become an outward image of the soul which has taken Christ into itself.

Such a Man will survive and implant in the next embodiment of our Earth the forces he has thus developed.

Future Jupiter will have an appearance such as men are able to bring about by constructing it out of their own bodies. This Future Jupiter will, to begin with, receive its form from that which Man has made for himself.

Imagine that all the bodies you have fashioned are united in a single cosmic globe; that will be Future Jupiter. In your soul you have the germs of the future form of Future Jupiter, and of the forces it will contain. And out of Future Jupiter will be born the Future Jupiter beings.


- do read in full


... maps the three parts in Man to the future kingdoms on Future Jupiter:

  • the Saturn-man part through the archai to the mineral kingdom on Future Jupiter
  • the Sun-man part through the archangels to the plant kingdom
  • the 'dreaming-consciousness' Moon-man part in Man, through the angels, to the animal kingdom


  • Current thoughts -> mineral kingdom Jupiter
  • Spiritual science -> plant kingdom
  • Animal kingdom <-> a future kind of spiritual science
  • ... [after the pralaya] .. everything else there is to man will be lost, dissolving into the universe once the earth has reached its goal. The minerals, plants and animals around us will pass away. Only the Saturn man you have been remains, in the form of fine dust particles. It will go over from earth to Future Jupiter existence, forming the real atoms and solid skeleton of Future Jupiter. People studying external science today, people thinking in an external way, influence their Saturn man to the effect that they produce atoms for Future Jupiter in their Saturn man.
  • .. the Sun man in us only receives something from now on and into the future if men and women absorb concepts developed in spiritual science; for the concepts we absorb outside, from external science, enter into Saturn man. What we absorb by way of thoughts engendered through spiritual science enters into the Sun man. This is why spiritual science calls for greater activity. Its thoughts differ from those of external science in that they are active. They have to be grasped in a living way and it is impossible to remain passive towards thinking activity the way we do in the external world. In spiritual science everything has to be actively thought out, we have to be inwardly active. This has an effect on the Sun man in us. And if there were no Sun principle in man, the Future Jupiter of the future would be entirely mineral, with no plant world. People going through spiritual development take something across that will give rise to a plant world on Future Jupiter. Through the Sun principle in us we take across the future plant world. All we have to do to make Jupiter barren is reject spiritual science. We can establish spiritual science now in order that there shall be vegetation on Jupiter.
  • .. A time will come, however, when it will be necessary for us to try and influence the dreamer in us ... Animal life on Jupiter will arise from something that is going to follow on after spiritual science. It will be based on the spiritual science of the future.
  • Then something else will follow which will influence man on Future Jupiter, something which is still to come. It will provide the basis for Future Jupiter culture in the real sense.

At present, therefore, we are in a period in life where

  • we prepare the mineral nucleus of Jupiter through external science and where
  • spiritual science influences its plant life, providing the basis for vegetation on Jupiter.
  • The future will bring the principle that influences the dreamer, and this will provide the basis for animal life on Jupiter.

Only after this will come the principle which corresponds to what man is today producing in his thinking, feeling and will activity. This is guided by higher wisdom to the effect that when earth evolution has come to an end man will be able to take himself, as man, across to Jupiter.

This is how we are involved in the evolution of the earth, and we perceive, out of our very own human nature, that we are part of the great world, of the macrocosm. We know that everything we do is of account. We know that in joining in the pursuit of spiritual science we contribute to vegetative life for Jupiter and that through the things we put in words we create what will be given to the future at the Future Jupiter stage of the world.

.. everything belonging to the mineral kingdom will disperse in the world; everything belonging to the plant kingdom will disperse; everything belonging to the animal kingdom will disperse. Nothing will continue on from the earth except for the mineral atoms coming from man, from the Saturn parts of human beings. Nothing of the mineral, plant and animal worlds passes across to Future Jupiter. ...

The above does not say where the basis for the kingdom of future Man will originate from, that is left open. Then, after reference to the occult atom description ten years earlier in 1905, the above is linked to the deeper meaning of the phrase by Christ:

A person considering all this today might ask: 'What will remain of the present world when earth evolution has come to an end?' Mineral, plant and animal kingdoms — all that disperses and passes away. What man gains today by virtue of being man, the external power of discernment he is acquiring, will pass over into the mineral kingdom of Jupiter. The spiritual science he gains will pass over as Sun man and establish the vegetation. What we say - the words we speak - will pass over. Anything moral that happens will pass over.

Was not the One who was to give meaning and direction to the whole of earth evolution able to say some very special words? Was he not able to say: ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away’? ..

  • Words coming from external science influence Saturn man and become the atoms of Jupiter.
  • Words coming from spiritual science and influencing Sun man pass across to form the vegetation on Jupiter.
  • That which acts on the dreamer passes across to form the animal kingdom on Jupiter.

The moral progress made by man and what he gains through words of the spiritual science of the future — that will be man on Jupiter. It will be words, wisdom of thoughts. This shall endure. Everything all around us in the cosmos will perish. ‘Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.’ So we gradually come to see words of profound wisdom flowing from this point and central place of activity we call Golgotha.

... the whole earth evolution to follow exists so that gradually men shall come to understand the words spoken by the One who went through the Mystery of Golgotha. ... We need to enter into this with our feelings if we are to get a feeling for the utter uniqueness of the Mystery of Golgotha. Through perception directed upwards to the infinite we shall gain the marvellous insight into the one thing that has given the earth meaning from the world's beginning to its very end—the Mystery of Golgotha.


The title for this topic comes from 1921-10-09-GA207 (SWCC, DL editor 'shortened without content changes'):

quote A

If we consider the bodily members of the human being in the light of spiritual investigation, we discover how in the physical body, in the etheric body, in the astral body, in the I-body, there lie the seeds for cosmic worlds. We should discover the way to cultivate in the right way within us the seeds we bear for future cosmic worlds, so that the seeds may flourish. You know how seeds can deteriorate, and the possibility of deteriorating lies in these seeds as it does in all others.

Our bond with the Mystery of Golgotha gives us the forces that make Christ the Gardener within us. He will not allow the seeds to deteriorate but will guide them over into a future world. When the mineral realm of the earth melts away, when the plant realm of the earth withers, when the realm of the various animal species dies away, when the present form of the human being is no longer possible, because it is an emanation of the earth, belonging therefore to the earth — when everything thus disintegrates as if into nothingness, then the seeds are still there that the Gardener is guiding over into a future formation of the earthly world, called in my Occult Science the Jupiter world.

If we now look upon the spiritual realms above the human being, we see them as they were in the past and understand them according to their essential being. We know that part of their present work is to bring about what is weaving and living in our spirit. If we look upon the soul world of the human being, we find the present, we find this soul world intimately bound up with the present. In Man's bodily world we bear in us the seeds for the future.

The bodies unveil themselves to us according to the nature of their spirituality. When we see them outwardly they are just bodies, but when we penetrate to their inner being, they are force and spirit — force and spirit, however, that grow into the future. Regarding the human being we can group past, present, and future together symbolically by saying: the past (see drawing, blue) comes in this direction, circling into our present spirituality; out of our spirituality rays forth our soul element (bright) in thinking, feeling, and willing. The thinking separates, as it were, the physical body from the etheric body; the feeling separates the etheric body from the astral body; the willing separates the astral body from the I. It may be said that everything is developing in a seed-like way for the future in order to form new realms (red).

We thus can put into our diagram here the various hierarchies who take an interest in us as forming part of this spiral, and we have in the picture this human vortex which as it swirls together in the center, forms the present experiences of the human being in the soul element.

See also the preceeding 1921-10-08-GA207.


In the 1921-10-09-GA207 lecture (SWCC) considers the regions in lower Spirit Land to gather characteristics for Man's structure on Future Jupiter. After the major pralaya, between planetary incarnations, the kingdoms of the previous planetary stage are lifted 'one up' (and the rest down).

quote B

Nevertheless if we wish to describe how things actually are, this must be done by relying upon the larger, outer connections of the earthly planet — by applying to what we find in the land of spirit all that we connect with our continental regions here, and doing the same in the case of the oceanic regions.

What is described as continent there, as oceanic region, as air region, as region of warmth, is seen to be permeated at the same time by what the human being carries through the portal of death as moral quality.

The moral-spiritual world is described as having directly within it the outwardly substantial, the moral element there being a kind of shadowy outline that does not, however, reach the point of creating a heavenly body, a planet. What the human I lives through there, however, is the seed of these new distributions of categories, of these overall connections, on the planet Future Jupiter. In the human I today, therefore, we have the seed of what will be the overall distribution, the common life in regions that will then look different but that will be looked upon similarly to the way we look upon the regions of continents, oceans, and so on, today.

Here we are dealing with something that, in order to get an idea of it, we must consider in another way: in this weaving in the land of spirit we see at once that we are not dealing with the individual human being: in the second region, the oceanic region, we already find human beings together in human relationships, groups of human beings together; something superhuman arises. The I is lifted higher. The I joins with other I's in human groups.

It is a characteristic of the land of spirit and something that can be described only as a realm standing above the human realm. Into such a realm the human being will enter during the Future Jupiter existence.

It cannot be described, for instance, by saying that it is an angel-human realm, that would not be quite appropriate, because when I characterize the angels that is a concept for the present time, which is characterized by the fact that the angels went through their human stage during the Old Moon evolution.

To characterize what will develop during Future Jupiter, I must say: the human being is lifted to a higher sphere; the human being in his outer bodily manifestation has developed in such a way that what today lives deep within him in his soul, then manifests outwardly. Just as today in a mysterious way Man's inner nature is revealed by the coloring of his skin, so in the future his inner nature — whether he is good or bad — will be revealed in his outer configuration.

.. in the future there will be a clear distinction between Ahrimanic forms and Luciferic forms ...

  • people who cling to what is material will show it clearly in their form, they will take on Ahrimanic forms.
  • A good number of those belonging to various theosophical societies, for instance, are preparing Luciferic forms: always dreaming away in the higher regions.
  • There will also be forms, however, that will strike the balance. The dreamy mystics, they will take on Luciferic forms; all that will be attempted through the indwelling of Christ, however, is the balance.

In short, in the unfolding of what today is I-seed, we will have the soul-human realm.


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