Transition between Earth and Future Jupiter

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The Earth rounds perspective provides a view on the Conditions of Life and Form (CoL, CoF) after our current fourth mineral CoL and CoF will have concluded with the Seventh Epoch. See Schemas FMC00.057B and FMC00.298.

This is relevant because as Man spiritualizes, humanity will develop further beyond the purely mineral. In the Book of Revelation the next CoF corresponds to the seven bows or vials - see Schema FMC00.258.

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Schema FMC00.057B


FMC00.298 is a synthetic table with descriptive quotes from various lectures on different aspects of the Earth's CoL (and CoF). Click to enlarge.


Schema FMC00.258 links the structure and chapters of the Book of Revelation


Lecture coverage and references


It will permeate the totality of human souls, who will rise out of the corpse of the Earth, out of the earthly dross. The Christ Being, together with the totality of human souls, ascends further into the spiritual realms, in order later to come to the next incorporation of the Earth, which in Spiritual Science we call Future Jupiter


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