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Future Jupiter is the next planetary stage in the evolution of our solar system, and the current evolutionary stage Earth. It is thereby the fifth of seven stages after Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, and the current Earth stage. Central theme for Mankind during the Future Jupiter stage will be the development of the spirit self (or manas), see Schema FMC00.130 on Man's transformation and spiritualization

Future Jupiter will be constructed out of the basic powers of the human soul, out of the words, feelings and will of present-day humanity on Earth.


  • Future Jupiter 'men' (CoC=4) during current Earth stage :
    • Future Jupiter human beings of the future will evolve out of what we breathe out in present ages, just as we also owe our existence on Earth to the exhalation of the angels on Old Moon (1915-01-03-GA275)
  • Future Man (evolved humanity) on Future Jupiter (1914-12-20-GA156)
    • in the fifth CoL, current Man will become a light form, a glimmering light. Like how the clairvoyant initiate can bring forth lighing forms in astral space already today (1905-03-18-GA090B).
    • Man will attain self-conscious image consciousness and be able to enter into intercourse with beings which are completely hidden from his present sensory perception. (1904-GA011)
    • Christ impulse and 'Last Judgement' of Michelangelo (1915-04-03-GA161)
      • around the middle of the Future Jupiter stage, Man will experience around mid-life a short but life-changing revival of Earth consciousness. A brief renewal of Earth consciousness will happen during a period of three days, and a review of all one has achieved during the previous Earth stage of evolution, and one's relationship with the Mystery of Golgotha (and it's meaning for a person and humanity, so meant broadly). After that nothing will be the same again for that soul. Rudolf Steiner links this to the three days of Christ between death and resurrection, and the rescue of the human soul from the adverse powers of Lucifer and Ahriman. See also the Representative of humanity, and Michelangelo's 'Last Judgement'
  • Future Jupiter body
    • will be accompanied by a satellite, composed of those who are excluded from the life in the spiritual, who are unable to attain the Future Jupiter consciousness. However there will still be a possibility, through the strong powers which the advanced will have, to move those fallen beings to turn back and even to convert a number. (1908-06-30-GA104)
    • during the Future Jupiter stage the sun will depart from and reunite again with Future Jupiter (1910-GA013)
  • the various kingdoms will arise on Future Jupiter from transformation of current activities of Man on Earth:
    • the main kingdoms (1921-10-09-GA207)
    • see also:
      • Man on Earth co-creates: Future Jupiter will be constructed out of the basic powers of the human soul. See Seeds for future worlds (oa 1905-10-04-GA093a)
        • what man speaks today will give Future Jupiter its form, the rock formation of Future Jupiter be the result of our words
        • what he feels will engender its inner warmth, the ocean and warmth of Future Jupiter will arise out of the feelings of present-day humanity
        • what he wills determines the separate beings inhabiting Jupiter, these beings will arise out of human will
      • Schema FMC00.149 on Overview of solar system evolution
    • elementals on Future Jupiter will be those souls that have not reached the evolutionary goal on Earth (1908-05-16-GA102)

Inspirational quotes


... it is one of the moving experiences of spiritual life to know that Future Jupiter human beings of the future will evolve out of what we breathe out in present ages ... ... through our earthly morality we take a creative part in the whole cosmic order ..


Schema FMC00.357 shows how Future Jupiter's kingdoms will arise through Man's soul activities, carried over by the spiritual hierarchies. The three lower kingdoms will arise from Man's thinking, feeling, and will based soul activities that nurture the third hierarchy H3. The upper right cell explains how the rise of the hierarchy of the archai through and after the pralaya transforms their impulses.


Schema FMC00.364 complements Schema FMC00.357 and can be read together with Schema FMC00.238, showing the influence of Man's activities today on the future world of Future Jupiter. See also Seeds for future worlds.


Schema FMC00.238 depicts various aspects related to the battle for the soul, the 'I' of Man on Earth - see more on I-less human beings. It shows how, in the second half of a planetary phase, the beings of the next phase already emerge, whilst the main beings go through what is called the 'human stage' at CoC level 4 (see Twelve Conditions of Consciousness, and schema FMC00.077A on Creation of solar system). Hence, already today the Future Jupiter men are emerging, and they can incarnate prematurely into human beings that are not evolved or strong enough.


Schema FMC00.123 shows the transformation between planetary stages

Lecture coverage and references


.. is about the process at the end of Future Jupiter, and contains the following phrasing that reminds of the process of Christ as a group soul for humanity, described under Unification and Second Adam (see also FMC00.128)

.. the next planetary stage of evolution will have the task of purifying the manas element on the budhi plane.


All purified feelings for karma will then flow together into a single power that will strive forward the primal spirit that flows and floods through our planet. Everything that human beings feel today will, in the next stage, stream together in a purified form like flames, and these many individual flames will be united into a total fire.

Thus the future sixth planet, Future Venus, is called the cosmos of fire, it will be formed from the purified feelings of human hearts as they intertwine and harmonize their sounds together.


Man is approaching a condition in which he will have a self-conscious image consciousness appropriate for such perceptions. On the one hand, the coming development of Earth will raise the present life of conceptions and thoughts to an ever higher, more delicate, and more perfect condition; on the other hand, the self-conscious image consciousness will gradually develop itself during this time.

The latter will attain full life in Man only on the next planet into which the Earth will transform itself, and which is called Future Jupiter in spiritual science. Then Man will be able to enter into intercourse with beings which are completely hidden from his present sensory perception. It will be understood that not only does the life of perception thereby become totally different, but that actions, feelings, and all relations to the environment, are completely transformed. While today Man can consciously influence only sensory beings, he will then be able to act consciously on very different forces and powers; he himself will receive what to him will be fully recognizable influences from very different realms than at present.

At that stage there can no longer be any question of birth and death in the present sense. For 'death' occurs only because the consciousness has to depend on an external world with which it enters into communication through the physical sense organs. When these physical sense organs fail, every relation to the environment ceases. That is to say, the man 'has died'. However, when his soul is so far advanced that it does not receive the influences of the outside world through physical instruments, but receives them through the images which the soul creates out of itself, then it will have reached the point where it can regulate its intercourse with the environment independently, that is, its life will not be interrupted against its will. It has become lord over birth and death. All this will come to be with the developed self-conscious image consciousness on Future Jupiter. This state of the soul is also called the 'psychic consciousness'.


In times to come Man will bring forth into his surroundings what he feels. This will be imparted to the fluid element. The entire fluid element of the planet which will follow next (future Jupiter) will be an expression of what people feel. Today man sends out words; they are inscribed into the Akasha. There they remain, even though the airwaves vanish. Out of these words the Future Jupiter will later be formed. When therefore today man uses evil, blasphemous language, then on Future Jupiter terrible formations will be brought about. This is why one should be so very careful of what one says, and why it is so immensely important that man should be master of his speech. In the future man will also send out his feelings; the conditions of the fluids on Jupiter will be a result of feelings on the Earth.

  • What man speaks today will give Future Jupiter its form;
  • what he feels will engender its inner warmth;
  • what he wills determines the separate beings inhabiting Jupiter.

The Future Jupiter will be constructed out of the basic powers of the human soul.

  • Just as today we can trace the rock formation of the Earth back to earlier conditions, so will the rock formation of Future Jupiter be the result of our words.
  • The ocean of Future Jupiter, the warmth of Future Jupiter, will arise out of the feelings of present-day humanity.
  • The beings of Future Jupiter will arise out of human will.

Thus the inhabitants of a previous planet create the basic conditions for its successor. And beings who today still [Gap in text ...] hover over the earth, as was once the case with the monads, will enter into incarnation on the Future Jupiter. There will then exist a kind of Jupiter-Lemurian race. Beings will be there which we have created as the pitris did. Just as we inhabited the grotesque forms of the Old Moon, so these beings will inhabit the forms which we develop by means of our pineal gland.

We are building the house for future monads. A similar procedure took place when the development of the human being led over from the Old Moon to the Earth. This makes absolutely clear how everything external is actually created from within outwards.


also covered in 1908-01-26-GA266/1

  • the seed of Future Jupiter consciousness in the feeling of fear
    • shame is a remnant of Old Moon consciousness, fear announces Future Jupiter consciousness (the blood streams towards the heart in order to find a center there)
  • purely utilitarian technical machines will become evil demons on Future Jupiter, while what is beautifully formed will become good spirits
  • the conscious regulation of the breathing process in connection with Old Moon and Future Jupiter

page 247:

Everything that human beings create today in terms of technical apparatus and machines will in the future come to life and oppose them in a terrible and hostile way. All that is created out of purely utilitarian principle, out of individual or collective egotism, is the enemy of humanity in the future.

On shame and fear, see also 1909-08-30-GA266/1: two of Parzival's feelings after his time in solitude, two sayings of Christ, two principles of an esotericist (page 447)


.. talks about the origin of elementals on Earth in earlier stages of evolution, and how human beings who unite too strongly with the bodily nature can become elemental beings in the Future Jupiter evolution.

And now, since the later is the fruit of the earlier, these would then find no bodies suitable for them. They are, as it were, too good for the bodies of a subordinate order and for the other bodies they are too bad. They must therefore live a bodiless existence. They must cut themselves off entirely from the progress of evolution. Why have they deserved this? By reason of the fact that they have not made use of life! The world is around them; they have possessed senses in order to perceive the world, to enrich the life-kernel and mold it to a higher stage. They do not advance with world evolution, they remain behind at a certain stage. Beings that stay behind at such stages appear in a later epoch with approximately the character of the earlier age. They have grown together with it, but not in the forms of the later epoch. They appear in a later epoch as subordinate nature-spirits.

In fact the human race will furnish a whole number of such new nature-spirits in the second half of the Jupiter evolution, for Man will have fully completed the fifth principle at the Future Jupiter stage. For those who have not used the opportunity on Earth to develop the fifth principle there will be no available form. They will appear as nature-spirits and they will appear then with four principles, the fourth being the highest. Whereas the normally advanced man will have the principles 5, 4, 3, 2 at the Jupiter stage, these men will have 4, 3, 2, 1. That would be the destiny of those who have not gradually developed their higher principles by making use of earthly life. They become nature-spirits, so to speak, of future evolutionary periods, working invisibly.

Just the same occurred in the case of our present nature-spirits in the earlier periods of evolution, except in so far as there are, of course, continual changes according to the character of the different periods. Everything has now been graded, so to speak, according to moral responsibility, and because this is so, the nature-spirits that arise from the human race will have a certain morality. Upon Future Jupiter there will be nature-spirits which have moral responsibility ..


.. This second death passes unnoticed over those who have made their etheric body harmonize with the astral body through the reception of the Christ-principle. The second death has no power over then. But the others feel the second death when they have to pass over into the future astral form. The condition of humanity will then be such that those who have reached the goal of evolution will have entirely permeated their astral body with Christ. They will be ready to pass over to Future Jupiter. Upon our Earth they have made the plan of the Future Jupiter evolution. This is the plan which is called the New Jerusalem. They live in a new heaven and a new earth, that is, Future Jupiter.

This Future Jupiter will be accompanied by a satellite, composed of those who are excluded from the life in the spiritual, who have experienced the second death and are, therefore, unable to attain the Future Jupiter consciousness.

Thus we have such men as have pressed forward to the Future Jupiter consciousness, who have attained to spirit-self; and such beings as have thrust away the forces which would have given them this consciousness. They are those who only upon Future Jupiter have attained to the I-consciousness of the Earth, who exist there, so to speak, as Man now exists on the Earth with his four members. But such a Man can develop himself only on the Earth, the Earth alone has the environment, the ground, the air, the clouds, the plants, the minerals which are necessary to man if he wishes to gain what may be gained within the four members.

Future Jupiter will be quite differently formed, it will be a new earth, soil, air, water, everything will be different. It will be impossible for beings who have only gained the earth consciousness to live a normal life; they will be backward beings.

But now comes something more for our comfort. Even on this Future Jupiter there is still a last possibility, through the strong powers which the advanced will have, to move those fallen beings to turn back and even to convert a number.

Only with the Future Venus incarnation of the Earth will conic the last decision, the unalterable decision. When we reflect upon all this, the thought we recently considered will be seen in a new light. I will no longer call forth anxiety and disquietude, but only the determination: “I will do everything necessary to fulfil the Earth mission.”

1910-GA013 quote A

A great deal of the work of this second human kingdom will consist of ennobling the fallen souls in the evil union so that they will still be able to find their way back into the actual human kingdom.

quote B

as evolution proceeds on Future Jupiter, the Sun will once again break away from Future Jupiter and influence it from outside. Then a reunification of the Sun and Future Jupiter will take place, and the transformation into the Future Venus stage will gradually continue

quote C

during the Future Jupiter state .. evolution proceeds in such a way that at a certain point of time the sun departs once more from Future Jupiter and the latter receives its effects from the outside. After a time, the union of Sun and Future Jupiter [Future Jupiter minus the sun in contradistinction to Future Jupiter with the sun] again occurs and the transformation gradually proceeds over into the Future Venus stage.


Then, after an intermediate stage, which presents itself as a sojourn in a higher world, the Earth will transform itself into Future Jupiter.

  • Within this state, what is now called the mineral kingdom will no longer exist; the forces of this mineral kingdom will be transformed into plant forces.
  • The plant kingdom, which in contrast to the present plant kingdom will have an entirely new form, appears during the Future Jupiter stage as the lowest kingdom.
  • To this a higher kingdom is added, the transformed animal kingdom;
  • above it there is a human kingdom, which proves to be the progeny of the evil community that arose on the Earth;
  • above all these are to be found the descendants of the good community of Earth men, a human kingdom of a higher order.

A great part of the activity of this latter human kingdom consists in the work of ennobling the fallen souls of the evil community, so that they may still be able to find their way back into the actual human kingdom.

The Venus evolution will be one in which the plant kingdom also will have disappeared; the lowest kingdom at that time will be the retransformed animal kingdom; this will be joined on an ascending scale by three human kingdoms of different degrees of perfection. During the Venus state the earth remains united with the sun; during the Future Jupiter state, however, evolution proceeds in such a way that at a certain point of time the sun departs once more from Future Jupiter and the latter receives its effects from the outside. After a time, the union of sun and Future Jupiter [ Jupiter minus the sun in contradistinction to Jupiter with the sun. (Tr.)] again occurs and the transformation gradually proceeds over into the Venus state.

During that state a special cosmic body splits off that contains all the beings who have resisted evolution, a so to speak “irredeemable moon,” which now moves toward an evolution, for the character of which no expression can be found because it is too dissimilar to anything that man can experience on earth.

The evolved mankind, however, advances in a completely spiritualized existence to the Vulcan evolution, the description of which does not lie within the scope of this book.


(synthesis from all records)

we have something in our head that is a remnant of the Old Moon stage: the leaf-like cerebellum at the back of our head. Then, during the Old Moon stage it was not small, it is now shrunken. ..

.. in our present-day cerebrum, there is something left over from the Old Moon stage: the pineal gland and the mucus gland. These glands were, on Old Moon, what the lungs and heart are in the human being of today. The two organs are no longer active today but are stunted and dried up as a remnant of the Old Moon human.

Lungs and heart of the Old Moon human beings transformed themselves and became brain for the Earth human beings. In like manner, the lungs and heart of the human beings on Earth will transform into the brain for the human beings on Future Jupiter.

.. what human beings are in their actions, deeds and their whole being will build their cerebrum on Future Jupiter. And what they now think will one day build the cerebellum on Future Jupiter.

.. What today is the brain of the human being on Earth will be the cerebellum of the human being on Future Jupiter. .. they will a being sitting in the neck region telling them what is good or evil. It will be Christ, who will sit in our neck region as the judge (re Michelangelo's Last Judgement). What humanity will experience on Future Jupiter as the judgement will be something totally different from what anyone has been able to think of imagine.


(p60) describes the transformation of current elements of the physical body, and what they will become by Future Venus.


.. describes the process of transformation of the bodily subsystems, as covered in Man as a threefold being, and does this by relating Man's thinking to the illumination of the Cherubim, and Man's willing to the heating of the Seraphim. (SWCC). See also Schema FMC00.123 above.

When we study the human being from a spiritual-scientific perspec­tive, it becomes apparent as we go further back into primeval times and the Old Moon development stage of our planetary existence, that precisely what appears significant for the earthly development of the human being of today, really was not yet present during the Old Moon stage. During the Old Moon development, what was - in essence - the present, was what relates 'more or less exactly' with the development of the modern human brain. And what the human being has outside the head, the rest of his corporeality is the product of the Earth, a product of earthly organization - once again, I say 'in essence'.

We could also say: when we follow human beings back to the Old Moon development, we gradually see, the further back we go, that the external limbs, by virtue of which we are today terrestrial human beings, crumple together, and what then remains is the head, which has obviously been reshaped through the Earth development, but which remains in its essentials as it was if one goes back to the Old Moon development. The rest has organized itself around it, joined itself onto it. (re 1911-GA128). Therefore, in essence, we arrive at the knowledge that the human being began with what is present today, compressed and concentrated in its skull organization; and the rest has joined itself onto it. We must therefore say that, drawn schematically,t we would have human beings in their Old Moon development, and in their Earth development, in such a way that the rest of their organization joins itself onto this. ...

.. what became the human head in the Old Moon stage is during the Earth stage on its way to becoming the entire human being. During the Old Moon development, the ancestor of the present-day human being existed. What was at that time an external organism has become the head today, and the limbs have attached themselves to it.

In the coming Future Jupiter development, the whole organism of the present-day human being will become the head. What you are today as a whole human being will be the brain, the head of the Future Jupiter human being, just as the whole Old Moon human being has become the head of the Earth human being.


.. is called 'Future Jupiter and its beings'

... the evolution of the Earth through the Saturn, Sun and Moon periods: at each of these evolutionary stages, one particular kind of being from among what we would now call the higher hierarchies, attained their human level, as it were. We know that during the ancient Saturn period the Spirits of Personality, the Primal Beginnings, the Archai reached their human level, during the Sun period the Archangels, during the Moon period the Angels and during the Earth period, mankind.

each level of beings that reaches a certain stage of development, received preparation in advance. We know that the human being was being prepared throughout the Saturn, Sun and Moon periods, and that what we nowadays call man's completed physical body has been evolving since the Saturn period, the etheric body since the Sun period, the astral body since the Moon period, and that the ego was only added to these during the Earth period; that is, all the beings that are at a certain level are prepared as a whole.

during the Saturn, Sun and Moon periods (re Outline of .. ) the spirits of the higher hierarchies took part in the preparation of humanity. There is a description of how the Angels, Archangels and Archai were involved in the development of human beings, and therefore an obvious question is


Now you may be anxious to know whether, in our present period of evolution, beings are being prepared to attain their human level in the Future Jupiter stage .. and you know is that during the Old Saturn, Old Sun and Old Moon periods the spirits of the higher hierarchies took part in the preparation of humanity: the angels, archangels and archai were involved in the development of human beings, and therefore an obvious question is whether human beings, during their Earth existence, are possibly involved in preparing the beings who will reach their human level during the Future Jupiter stage?

This question is certainly a vital one for every feeling person, if his feelings have been inspired by spiritual science, as we have been describing. For it could be the case that human behaviour in general during the course of Earth evolution could either help, or omit to help, the beings who might attain their human level on Future Jupiter. We might say, ‘What could be worse than behaving in such a way during Earth evolution as to make it impossible for proper Future Jupiter beings to arise through our deeds?’ We must of course take it for granted, if we want to talk about these things, that there is a certain goodwill, for these are truly important secrets of initiation, the kind of initiation secrets that modern science detests as a matter of course. One certainly has to prepare one's feeling to be able to look at the attitude modern science is bound to have to the real truths of life.


.. our question concerning the beings who will reach the human level on Future Jupiter is connected in very truth with the deepest questions of Man's Earth evolution. There is something in our Earth evolution that has always been a philosophical problem, namely the relation between Man's moral behaviour and his natural existence. As an earthly being, Man has to decide to what extent he is the kind of being who is ruled by his instincts, has to obey and satisfy them, and is at the mercy of his instincts and their satisfaction, because the laws of nature simply insist on their being satisfied. That is one side of human nature. In this respect we say, ‘We do these things because we have to. We have to eat and we have to sleep.’

But there is another realm of human conduct on this Earth, a realm in which we cannot say ‘must’, for it would lose its whole significance if we were to say ‘must’ here. This is the wide realm of ‘shall’, a realm where we feel that we have to follow a purely spiritual impulse as distinct from instinct and everything arising out of ourselves on a natural level. ‘You shall’ never speaks to us from out of our instincts but directs us in a purely spiritual way. ‘You shall’ comprises the realm of our moral obligations.

There are some philosophers who cannot find any connection between what is implied by the ‘you shall’ and ‘you must’. And our present age that is almost bogged down in materialism, especially where moral life is concerned, and will get more and more bogged down, would like to turn all the ‘you shalls’ into ‘you musts’.

and here follows the paragraph which makes the link with the human breath: (see also Sensitive flames on Hints of future etheric force technology)

What does this ‘you shall’, or in other words the categorical imperative, actually signify within the whole framework of human existence? Whoever obeys the ‘you shall’ is known to carry out a moral action. Whoever does not obey the ‘you shall’ commits an immoral action. This is of course a trivial truth. But now let us attempt to look at ‘moral’ and ‘immoral’, not only with regard to the external maya of the physical plane, but with regard to the truth and what is actually behind physical maya.

Here the moral element corresponding to the ‘you shall’ appears to initiation science as something that hits you in the eye, spiritually, to put it rather crudely. If you look at a person in certain temperature and weather conditions - you see this even better in horses, but we are not speaking about horses now - you will see him breathing out, and the [human] breath becoming visible as vapour in the air. Obviously as far as materialistic science is concerned, this breath a person exhales, disperses and dissolves and has no further significance. But it has significance for a person who follows up the phenomena of life with initiation science, for he sees in the patterns of the breath the exact traces of the moral or immoral conduct of the person.

A person's moral or immoral behaviour can be seen in the steamy breath, and the breath of a person who is morally inclined is quite different from the breath of a person who is inclined to immorality.

You know, with regard to various things in the human being, the more delicate qualities can only be seen in the more delicate parts of the etheric and astral aura. But Man's moral and immoral nature in the ordinary sense of the word is actually visible in the etheric-astral content of the steamy breath.

The physical part of it dissolves. But what is incorporated in it does not dissolve; for it contains a genie, which, in the case of steamy breath, has a physical, an etheric and an astral part, only the physical is not earthly, just watery. Something that has an extremely differentiated form can be seen in this breath.

Deeds which arise out of love show something quite different from deeds which are done out of enthusiasm, a creative urge or the urge for perfection, for instance. But in every case the form in the breath reminds one of beings that do not exist on Earth at all as yet. These beings are a preparation for the ones that will reach their human stage on Future Jupiter. Their forms are very changeable and will pass through further changes in the future, for these beings are the first advance shadow images of the beings who will reach the human level on Future Jupiter.

In a certain way we also owe our existence to the exhalation of the angels on Old Moon, and it is one of the moving experiences of spiritual life to know that Future Jupiter human beings of the future will evolve out of what we breathe out in present ages. If we turn to the Bible with such knowledge in mind, and read the opening words, we can tell ourselves, ‘Now we begin to understand what is meant when it says that the Elohim formed earthly man by breathing into him.’

I will confess that I would never have understood the part about the Elohim breathing the living being of man into his mouth and nose, if I had not known beforehand that the breath of earthly human beings also contains the first germinal beginnings of the beings who will become human on Future Jupiter. But Future Jupiter human beings can only arise from the kind of breath that owes its existence to deeds that obey the ‘you shall’, and which are therefore moral actions.

and then the immoral

You could now ask, ‘What about immoral behaviour?’ Immoral behaviour also comes to expression in the formation of the breath and imprints a demonic form on it. Demons are born through man's immoral conduct. Let us look at the difference between the demons that arise through immoral behaviour and the spiritual beings - spiritual in so far as they only have a watery existence on Earth - the spiritual forms that are created by moral actions.

  • These beings that incarnate as far as a transitory watery existence and arise from moral conduct, are the kind of beings that have an astral, an etheric and finally a physical body condensed to the level of wateriness, just as, in the Old Moon stage, we had an etheric, an astral and a physical body, and this physical body was also only condensed to a wateriness. We were more or less like that, even if not exactly the same. And this creature, with a physical body, etheric body and astral body that arises out of moral actions, is predestined to receive an I, just as in the Moon period our physical, etheric and astral body were predestined to receive an ego. They have the basis for receiving an I, and beings of this kind are qualified to undergo a regular progressive evolution in the cosmos.
  • The other beings, the demons created out of immoral actions, also have an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body, at the watery stage, but they do not have the basis for developing an I. They are born without heads, as it were. Instead of taking up the basis for progressing along a regular evolutionary path to the Future Jupiter existence, they reject this basis. By doing so they fall victim to the fate of dropping out of evolution.
  • But this only increases the hordes of luciferic beings, for they come under their power. As they cannot progress in a regular way they have to become parasites. This is what happens to all the beings that reject their normal path; they have to attach themselves to others in order to move on. These beings that arise through immoral actions have the particular inclination to be parasites in human evolution on Earth under Lucifer's leadership, and to seize hold of the evolution of the human being before he makes his physical entry into the world. They attack Man during the embryonic period and share his existence between conception and birth. Some of these beings, if they are strong enough, can continue to accompany the human being after birth, as seen in the phenomena of children who are possessed.

see: Christ Impulse at planetary chain level#1915-04-03-GA161


The good can arise if, instead of our instincts and impulses, which are bound to work toward the cultivation of egoity, we pour into this source of destruction, by means of a moral inclination of soul, all moral and ethical ideals. Then something new arises. Then in this very source of destruction the seeds of future worlds arise. Then we, as human beings, take part in the coming into being of worlds.

When we speak, as one can find in my book Outline of Esoteric Science, of how our Earth will one day face annihilation, and of how through all kinds of intermediate states of transformation the Future Jupiter existence will evolve, we must say the following.


In the Future Jupiter existence there will be only the new creation that already is being formed today in the human being out of moral ideals, within this source of destruction. It is also formed out of his anti-moral impulses, out of what works as evil from his egoity.

Hence the Future Jupiter existence will be a struggle between

  • what Man on Earth is already bringing to birth by carrying his moral ideals into his inner chaos,
  • and what arises with the cultivation of egoity as the anti-moral.

When we look into our deepest selves,therefore, we are gazing upon a region where matter is thrown back into its nothingness

see also: Matter is destroyed in the brain


.. describes the kingdoms of nature on Future Jupiter, see Seeds for future worlds


Group soul characteristic of humanity

The group soul characteristic of humanity on Earth, and how the next 'good' kingdom of Man is formed as opposed to the 'lower' (or evil) kingdom of Man, is described in Second Adam > Discussion > Group soul characteristic

On shame and fear

see 1908-01-16-GA266/1 and 1908-01-26-GA266/1: shame is a remnant of Old Moon consciousness, the feeling of fear announces or is the seed of Future Jupiter consciousness (the blood streams towards the heart in order to find a center there)

On shame and fear, see also 1909-08-30-GA266/1: two of Parzival's feelings after his time in solitude, two sayings of Christ, two principles of an esotericist (page 447)

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References and further reading

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  • Richard Seddon: The future of humanity and the earth, as foreseen by Rudolf Steiner (2002)