Christ Impulse at planetary chain level

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This topic considers

  • the impact of the Christ Impulse at the level of the full chain of our solar system, consisting of the seven planetary development stages
  • the evolution of the Christ being at a level of multiple planetary stages of evolution

The development of macrocosm and microcosm are related and intertwined.

Consider the three previous planetary stages, and how (as explained in GA011 and GA013):

  • on Old Saturn - in the seventh course ... the Thrones weave a predisposition for the Spirit Man principle, even if Man cannot use it in his state of dull consciousness
  • on Old Sun - in the sixth course .. the Cherubim put to germinal predisposition the substance for the Life Spirit principle, and Man takes over from the angels to work it - hardly progressing because his state of dull consciousness
  • on Old Moon - in the fifth course .. the Seraphim permeate the Spirit Self principle, Man can be engaged in the dullness of his consciousness. In the sixth and seventh courses this combined with the Life Spirit and Spirit Man principles that had evolved from the two previous planetary stages where a 'first and second pass' was laid .. resulting in the monad or higher triad.

This shows that an ever-higher spiritual hierarchy is needed for the lower principle. In the next fourth planetary stage Earth, an even higher power is needed to now has to connect the higher triad and integrate it with the I substance woven by the sacrifice and work of the Spirits of Form. See also Development of the I and Christ Module 12 - the cosmic 'I'

See Schema FMC00.022 below.



Schema FMC00.022 shows the development of the macrocosmos, and sketches the impact of the Christ Impulse will be until the first half of the Future Venus cycle. Compare with the CoC and outbreathing cycles of the Logoi on Schema FMC00.077A (which does not show the weaving, at the end of the cycles, of the monad of the higher self by the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim).

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