Future Venus

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Future Venus is a future planetary stage in the evolution of our solar system, after the current stage Earth and the following stage Future Jupiter.

It is thereby the sixth of seven stages after Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, the current Earth stage, and Future Jupiter.


  • Central theme for Mankind during the Future Venus stage will be the development of the life spirit (or budhi), see Schema FMC00.130 on Man's transformation and spiritualization
  • The Christ Impulse will have its influence until the first half of the Future Venus cycle, see Schema FMC00.022.


Schema FMC00.022 shows the development of the macrocosmos, and sketches the impact of the Christ Impulse will be until the first half of the Future Venus cycle. Compare with the CoC and outbreathing cycles of the Logoi on Schema FMC00.077A.

Lecture coverage and references

Future Man

In 1914-10-06-GA156 (p60), the transformation of current elements of the physical body is described, and how the shoulder blades and the knee caps will become two more craniums or brains on Future Venus. Reference is made to the praying position with hands folded and sitting on knees.

.. just as once we only had pieces of the cranium here in front on the forehead, we now have lying flat behind our shoulder blades what will eventually enclose our future brain ..

.. there are yet other organs of the human organism that are pieces of a further cranium .. these are the kneecaps .. they will become a thought organ ..

.. the human being has in fact three craniums: one is fairly well formed and closed off on all sides, the second is so far present only in two pieces (the shoulder blades), the third consists of nothing more than the kneecaps. ..


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