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When using the word Earth we typically refer to the mineral physical sphere we live on, but just like the other planets it is also a living organism consisting of a multifold structure, from I-consciousness to the etheric planetary spheres.

As a living organism or being, a planet it has a physical and etheric body and a Spirit. Our current Earth itself is only a temporary incarnation of that Being, which previously had existed as Old Moon, Old Sun, and Old Saturn. These incarnations are called the 'planetary stages' in evolution, with corresponding Conditions of Consciousness (CoC).

The Earth is currently in a solid state: this is also a temporary condition, a cyclic state in a cosmic rhythm related to the Sun's journey through the zodiac, and the precession of the equinoxes. The earth was still more fluid and less dense some 15.000 years ago, and it will be back in a similar condition in the future. See Three dimensions of evolution to see how the Earth goes through the different Conditions of Life and Form (CoL, CoF).

As a living being, the earth has a daily etheric breathing cycle (related to rotation around its axis) and also a yearly cycle (related to the changing influences and relationship of the Sun). As a spiritual being, the earth is awake in the winter, and asleep in the summer.

The Earth organism is not just a physical mineral sphere, it is made up of Earth's inner layers as well as Earth's outer etheric spheres (see FMC00.003A and FMC00.003).

Since the Mystery of Golgotha (MoG), the Christ has become the Spirit of the Earth. At the time the blood flowed at the MoG, the astral atmosphere changed as the Christ's forces of life and chemical ethers were infused back into the Earth. See Christ Module 7 - Cosmic dimension.


  • rhythmic aspects
    • daily rhythm breathing (as researched by Goethe, and Wachsmuth)
    • yearly rhythm: asleep in summer, awake in winter
    • ice ages
  • Evolution of Earth
    • Genesis and the development of elements and ethers
    • solidification: became harder was fluid before
  • structure and form
  • Christ Impulse
    • the change in the astral atmosphere at Mystery of Golgotha
    • Christ as spirit of earth from Pentecoast
  • various aspects
    • etheric geography
    • nature's forces (of volcanoes, earthquakes and lightning)
    • the earth's magnetic field
    • the double - geographic medicine
    • Earth's breathing centers (Hagemann)


Schema FMC00.003A illustrates the Earth with its inner layers or strata, and the etheric spheres girdle beyond the atmosphere.


Schema FMC00.003 provides an overview of the Earth embedded further into the planetary spheres.


Lecture coverage and references

1911-02-09-GA060 is called 'What Has Geology to Say About the Origin of the World?' and quotes Eduard Suess (1831-1914) from 'Der Antlitz der Erde' (3 volumes 1885-1909)


Our current Earth itself is only a temporary incarnation of that Being, which previously had existed as Old Moon, Old Sun, and Old Saturn

A funny quote is in 1923-10-06-GA229

.. if we can suppose that a flea, let us say, were to become an anatomist and were to study a bone, it would have before it an exceptionally small piece of bone, because the flea itself is so small and it would be examining the bone from a flea's perspective. The flea would then discover that in the bone we have to do with phosphoric lime in an amorphous condition, with carbonic acid, lime and so forth. But our flea anatomist would never come to the point of realising that the fragment of bone is a small part only of a complete skeleton. Certainly, the flea jumps, but in studying the tiny piece of bone he would never get beyond it.

Similarly, it would not help a human geologist or mineralogist to be able to jump about like a gigantic earth-flea. In studying the mountain ranges of the Earth, which in their totality represent a skeleton, he would still be working on a miniature scale. The flea would never come to describing the skeleton as a whole; he would hack out a tiny piece with his little hammer. Suppose this were a tiny piece of collar-bone; nothing in the constituents of the little piece, carbonate of lime, phosphate of lime and so on, would reveal to the flea that it belonged to a collar-bone, still less that it was part of a complete skeleton. The flea would have hacked off a tiny piece and would then describe it from his own flea-standpoint, just as a man describes the Earth when somewhere — let us say in the Dornach hills — he has hacked out a bit of Jura limestone. Then he describes this bit, and works up his findings into mineralogy, geology, and so on. It is still the same flea-standpoint, though certainly somewhat enlarged.

This, of course, is no way to arrive at the truth. We need to recognise that the Earth is a single whole, most firmly consolidated during winter through its salt-formation, its mercurial formation and its ash-formation. Let us then ask what the whole nature of the Earth signifies when we look at it not from the flea's point of view, but in relation to the cosmos.

Earth magnetism

in 1917-11-25-GA178 is described how the forces of Pisces and Virgo have a impact on doing Good, whereas adverse forces will - in the future - try to use the mid-night forces of Sagittarius.

Those concerned to present an Anti-Christ as the real Christ will try also to make use of something that works through the most material forces, but in this very way can work spiritually. Above all they will strive to make use of electricity and earth-magnetism in order to produce effects all over the world.

I have shown you how earth-forces rise up into what I have called the human Double, the Doppelgänger. This secret will be opened up. An American secret will be to make use of earth-magnetism, with its north-south duality, and by this means to send over the earth guiding forces which will have spiritual effects.

Look at the magnetic chart of the earth and compare it with what I am now saying. Observe where the magnetic needle deviates to East and West and where it does not deviate. I can give only hints about all this.

Structure and form


- tetrahedron

- volcanoes lie along the sides of the tetrahedron

Rhythmic aspects

1924-02-09-GA352: 'Fluid cycle of earth in relation to the universe' describes the image of the water cycle as Earth's blood circulation.


An etheric map of Europe was made by Ernst Hagemann.

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References and further reading

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