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Pentecost or Whitsun is a Christian festival on 31st of May, and symbolizes the outpouring of the Spirit into Man, the becoming conscious of the human spirit, the highest goal of humanity. In that sense it belongs together with Easter.

The picture of Pentecast, the sending of the Holy Spirit, is the permeation of the human spirit-and-soul, the I and astral body, with the power to understand the Mystery of Golgotha. It also symbolizes the possibility of imbuing Man's inner nature of spirit-and-soul with the Christ Impulse.

aspects for study

  • universal knowledge, wisdom, rising above opinions - link to the Sixth epoch (and development of the throat chakra)
  • the freedom of the spirit: the link with Lucifer and Holy Spirit
  • feast of the tabernacles
  • the secret document that contains the deep meaning of Pentecost (hidden in the Vatican)
  • festival of flowers
  • understanding of the phase and delay between Easter and Pentecost - see also After the resurrection



Lecture coverage and references

There are some 10 RSL lectures about Pentecost with references listed below.

1905-06-05-GA093 (in evo) is key lecture, it covers:

Link Pentecost with Luciferic Principle – festival of Prometheus and freedom

When the sun separated itself from the earth, the Word became entombed in the earth. It will be resurrected again when the earth has advanced as far as the Sixth epoch. Man will raise this Word from the dead, out of the earth; but first the spirit must live in him that will enable the Word to strike a chord in him. This was attained by the apostles at Pentecost.

In Light on the Path we find the words: ‘Acquire knowledge and you will have speech.’ Speech comes with true knowledge, which descends like the tongues of fire on the apostles at holy Pentecost.

When the inner Word comes, that is akin to the holy divine Word, and that sinks down into everything etheric, so as to make it come alive, then man will no longer speak out of himself but out of the divine Spirit. He is then the messenger of the Godhead and proclaims the inner Word of Godhead of his own free will.

Thus did the inner Word become alive in the apostles; thus did it spread its influence outwards from them. They proclaimed the fiery Word and were aware of their role as the messengers of the Godhead. Therefore the Holy Spirit hovered over them in the form of fiery tongues. They prepare humanity to receive the Logos. The great initiate, Christ Jesus, went on in advance. The Holy Spirit followed, fertilising the astral bodies so that they would become ripe for making their etheric bodies immortal. Once this has happened, then the Christ Principle will be drawn into humanity. This is what the initiates too had in mind when they said, somewhat as Heraclitus did: If, in escaping from the earthly, you ascend to free ether, with faith in immortality, you become an immortal spirit, free of death and of the physical.

Every single person will reach this point in the middle of the Sixth epoch. Today man is still vulnerable to death, in that his etheric body has still not attained immortality. Christianity contains the secret of how man can gradually develop himself towards the resurrection of the etheric body. This is where the third great festival is connected with the other two Christian festivals.

.. the Pentecost festival has infinite depths .. Man celebrates Pentecost best by making it clear to himself what deep truths have been implanted in this festival by the wise. And to celebrate a festival really means to unite oneself in spirit with the Cosmic Spirit








Whitsun is pre-eminently a festival of flowers. If a man has a true feeling for this Festival he will go out among the buds and blossoms opening under the influence of the sun, under the etheric and astral influences — and he will perceive in the flower-decked earth the earthly image of what flows together in the picture of Christ's Ascension, and the descent of the tongues of fire upon the heads of the disciples which followed later. The heart of man as it opens may be symbolised by the flower opening itself to the sun; and what pours down from the sun, giving the flower the fertilising power it needs, may be symbolised by the tongues of fire descending: upon the heads of the disciples. Anthroposophy can work upon human hearts with the power that streams from an understanding of the festival times and from true contemplation of each festival season; it can help to evoke the mood-of-soul that conforms truly with these days of the Spring festivals

1923-05-17-GA? Oslo



link with spiritual science and world pentecost

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