After the resurrection

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Central in the study of the Christ is a focus on the Mystery of Golgotha and the Resurrection, placed in context of the gospels.

Here we look at the aspects of:

  • Ascension,
  • Pentecost and the entry into the sphere of the Earth
  • Christ becoming the spirit of the Earth


  • after his death and resurrection, Christ-Jesus stayed on the earth and taught to the apostles (see lecture references below)


Schema FMC00.083 presents the earthly phases of the Christ being mapping with the life of a human being:


Lecture coverage and references

The resurrected Christ-Jesus after MoG

G.R.S. Mead 'Pistis Sophia, A Gnostic Gospel' (1896)

On the first sentence, the note to the lecture says Rudolf Steiner assumed his audience was familiar with the work of theosophist G.R.S. Mead 'Pistis Sophia, A Gnostic Gospel' (1896), which begins with the words:

It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years speaking with his disciples ...

For more info on Pistis Sophia, see the discussion area of Sources of Spiritual Science


First the remarkable explicit quote (longer extract on the topic page of Rakshasas.)

You know that Jesus Christ remained on the earth for ten years after His death. The Pistis Sophia contains the profoundest theosophical teachings, it is much more profound than Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism. Jesus incarnated again and again. His task was to renew the mystery wisdom. This is no mere fact of cultural or historical interest, but it is the fact I have described to you, which is well known to all occultists, namely, the struggle against the Rakshasas. You see there is a deep and important occult secret lying hidden therein.


(p394 in first DE edition)

states that Christ-Jesus still taught after the resurrection, teachings that are included in the Book of Revelation


contains the prayer given by Christ to his apostles after his death and resurrection, for longer quote see also Lord's prayer

What I have just repeated to you is not simply an invented prayer, but it was thus that Christ taught those to pray who were able to understand Him after He had passed through the Mystery of Golgotha, during that time when He still lingered among His most intimate disciples.


These things were learnt by the intimate disciples of Jesus Christ during the time I have indicated. They were well aware how all things I have mentioned were brought about, and were instructed in all these matters during the time that Christ held intercourse with them after the Mystery of Golgotha.


When the Disciples and Apostles spoke in this way their relationship to the death of Christ was the right one. They were, therefore, able to continue to be His pupils after He had passed through death on earth.

Through Spiritual Science we know that when Christ had forsaken the body of Jesus of Nazareth He walked among His pupils spiritually and continued their instruction.

The power that came to the Disciples and Apostles when the Christ appeared to them in His spiritual body in order to teach them was gradually lost to them.


On the 1904-06-10-GA093 quote on Jesus and Christ-Jesus

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References and further reading

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