Three years of Christ Jesus

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This covers the period between the Baptism and the Mystery of Golgotha. The goal is not to cover all that is in the Gospels, rather to illuminate certain aspects for a better understanding of the being of Christ Jesus. And what really happened during the three years of Christ-Jesus from a spiritual scientific perspective.


  • the Lord's Prayer
  • the process of adaptation of Christ to the physical body, his weakening and becoming human
  • why did the MoG happen in terms of timing
    • when it took place (747 years after the start of the fourth Greco-Latin cultural age), and
    • when Christ-Jesus was aged 33 years old. See: Humanity is getting younger.

Chronological timeline of major events

  • temptation
  • the seven miracles and gradual increase in power
  • transfiguration (and the control of the lower bodies)
  • the Sermon on the Mount and the eight/nine beatitudes or blessings
  • the Holy or Last Supper
  • what happened on the cross:
  • Three days descent into Hades
  • Vitzliputzli (or 'Uitzilopochtli')
    • was a super-sensible being in human form and physical body that lived between the years 1 and 33 A.D., the time of the Mystery of Golgotha was taking place. He waged and won a violent three year war against most important initiates of the Mexican mysteries, a war won when in the year 33 A.D. in the other hemisphere of the Earth, an event parallel to the Mystery of Golgotha took place, as the greatest black magician of all was crucified by the action of Vitzliputzli who had appeared on the Earth for this purpose. (see also Discussion Note [1])
    • This countered the impulse of these mysteries of black magic for an ahrimanic Postatlantean culture, as they would have led to "the mechanization of the Earth culture and expulsion of all I's, so that the bodies born would no longer have been capable of bearing an I."


Schema FMC00.017 provides an overview on the 33 years period of the life of Christ-Jesus, with milestone events and coverage by the four gospels. It also provides a reference for the complementary coverage in the 18 lectures of the Fifth Gospel, read from the akashic records by Rudolf Steiner. See also clairvoyant research of akashic records. With the fifth gospel, confirmation and additional perspective was given of existing passages in the gospels (eg pentecost, temptation). Especially the period before and leading upto the Baptism is key, as it shows the accumulated pains and suffering in the figure of Jesus between age 12 and 30, realizing the state of affairs on Earth and caring for the fate and future of humanity.


Schema FMC00.083 presents the earthly phases of the Christ being mapping with the life of a human being:

Lecture coverage and references


[1] - Vitzliputzli

The fact that a fight with evil took place by a supersensible being in human form in Mexico/Latin America at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha appears to contain too many parallels to be purely coincidence. The descriptions by Rudolf Steiner on this are concise but specific and clear enough to convey this. However one needs to trust Steiner's wisdom if he did not elaborate further, as indeed his statements on Vitzliputzli are quite limited to a few sentences and there are surely good reasons for this.

Parallels can be observed between the Christ at the Mystery of Golgotha, and Vitzliputzli (his war banning evil souls and rendering them powerless, his crucification of the most powerful black magician, thus binding and containing the evil impulse). Both Christ and Vitzliputzli are referred to as Sun-beings, and born of a virgin around the same time period, and had three-year ministries with a crucifixion event at the end that freed souls from Lucifer (MoG) and Ahriman (Mexico)

See also:

  • the chaining of the counterforces by Christ and 'the binding of Satan for one thousand years', re Three days descent into Hades and the Discussion note on that page.
  • additional information in introductory text by Frédéric Kozlik (1984) on rsarchive

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