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Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was a spiritual teacher of esoteric Christianity. He lectured a.o. on the second coming (of Christ in the etheric) and the sixth epoch, but also on the dance of Paneurythmy. He is generally regarded as a high spiritual entity. The Master gave more than 4000 lectures and talks, prayers, exercises, occult formulas, mantras and songs. He lived and worked mainly in Bulgaria. Some regard him as the next bodhisattva, as referenced by Rudolf Steiner, though this is subject of much debate.

During the period 1888-1895 he studied medicine and theology in the United States (Boston University)

In 1897, aged 33, he had a first group of disciples and formed an association for raising the religious spirit of the bulgarian spirit, later called 'the chain' and 'universal white brotherhood'.

His first public lecture was 1914, aged 50. In total he gave thousands of lectures (figures between 3700 and 6000 are given) in the 30 years period up to 1944, teaching by stories like old prophets

From 1932 and onwards, he taught Paneurythmy in the Rila mountains south of Sofia, Bulgaria.


Lecture coverage and references

On 19 March 1897, Beinsa Douno received an inspiration by the spiritual world. From the archives of Boyan Boev (Vol 1, Sofia, 1999, p 339):

“Then I received a mission from Heaven, then it was told to me that I am a teacher for the whole humanity. The mission assigned to me is connected with the new path of the Slavs and with the coming of the sixth race"

Good Prayer

The Good Prayer of 1900-11-27, sent to his disciple with the words 'guard this prayer like the apple of your eye, for it comes from the Divine Spirit'. It consists of nine petitions, like the Sermon on the Mount, but links to the Lord's Prayer (seven petitions).

Lord, our God, our kind Heavenly Father, who has bestowed upon us life and health to rejoice in You, we pray to You, send us Your Spirit to guard and protect us from every evil and deceitful thought.

Teach us to do Your Will, to sanctify Your Name and to glorify You always.

Consecrate our spirit, enlighten our hearts and our mind, that we may keep Your commandments and precepts.

Inspire in us with Your Presence, Your pure thoughts, and guide us to serve You with joy.

Our life, which we dedicate to You for the good of our brothers and neighbours, bless You Lord.

Help us and support us to grow in every knowledge and wisdom, to learn from Your Word and to abide in Your Truth.

Lead us in everything we think and do in Your Name, to be for the victorious-success of Your Kingdom on Earth.

Feed our souls with Your Heavenly bread, and strengthen us with Your Power, that we may succeed in our life.

As You give us all Your blessings, so add unto us Your Love, to be our eternal law.

For to You belongs the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever and ever. Amen.

other translation

Lord God, our tender Heavenly Father, who has given us life and health to rejoice in Thee, send us Thy Spirit to protect us, to shield us from every harm and from all evil thoughts.

Teach us to do Thy Will, to sanctify Thy Name, to glorify Thee at all times.

Sanctify our spirits, enlighten our hearts and minds to keep Thy decrees and commandments.

Inspire us with Thy holy presence and pure thoughts, direct us in Thy ways, so that we may serve Thee with joy.

Bless the life we consecrate to Thee for the sake of our brothers and sisters, and those dear to us.

Succour us and assist us, so that we may grow in Wisdom and understanding, that we may be instructed by Thy Word and that we may abide in Thy Truth.

Guide us in all our thoughts and actions in Thy Name, so that the Thy Kingdom may come on earth.

Feed our souls with Thy Heavenly bread and fill us with Thy strength, so that our lives may be fruitful.

And as Thou dost shower us with all Thy blessings, may Thy love remain our eternal law.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever. Amen


Rudolf Steiner said in a conversation with Boyan Boev, who would become one of the closest disciples of Beinsa Douno, in Munich in1910

The Slavonic people are destined to have a great mission. They, and particularly Bulgaria, will contribute a good deal to the elevation of humankind. Return to Bulgaria, there is a powerful spiritual movement in Bulgaria, headed by a great spiritual Initiate.

another version of this quote is

I have nothing to teach you, go back to Bulgaria, the universal teacher is already working there

Albert Einstein

All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria.

Some caution for unqualified statements may be appropriate as many claims abound, such as:

  • by Krishnamurti who would have said that the World Master was in Bulgaria,
  • that Peter Dounov worked through Rudolf Steiner in the period 1910-13

.. but seemingly none of these statements can be traced or backup with factual evidence.


  • Beinsa Douno is characterized by teachings for the people, whereas Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science or anthroposophy represents more of a 'knowledge' stream.
  • In 1898 he gave a prophetic angelic message.

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