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The Christ can be approached in different ways (see [1] below):

  • the historical Christ, as in the person of Christ Jesus that lived 2000 years ago
  • the mystical or inner Christ that lives in the heart of every person
  • the resurrection cosmic Christ that lives as the spirit of the Earth and in the astral atmosphere of the Earth

In what follows one needs to be clearly aware of the nature of the Jesus (as a human being) and the nature of the Christ as a spiritual being, in order to be able to understand the spiritual entity of Christ Jesus and what this being enacted on Earth. And secondly, to also understand how the Christ is central to the development of humanity and the solar system evolution from Old Sun to Future Venus.

With reference to Schema FMC00.050A below:

  • the historical Christ is mainly points 7 to 12 with focus on 11,
  • the cosmic Christ include all other aspects from 1 to 15,
  • the mystical or inner Christ - probably the most important for Man individually - is expanded in Christ study modules 15 to 21.


  • the essential nature of the Christ is the principle of unconditional brotherly love and selflessness dimension of all (see also the link with the nature of 'budhi' and 'not me but the Christ in me').
  • names of Christ
    • through the ages (Schema FMC00.090)
    • the only true name of Christ is 'I am' (1909-05-27-GA266/1)
  • Christ as a Sun-good, see Threefold Sun

What is the nature of the Christ being that descended and merged with the body of Jesus, and is now with humanity as the spirit of the Earth?

To build a comprehensive picture, an appreciation is needed of some fifteen known aspects of the Christ being as listed below (see Schema FMC00.050A). They are put in logical sequential order and can be mapped to Christ Module 3 - Evolutionary framework. The four Gospels inform us about aspects 7 and 8, and especially aspects 10 to 12. Rudolf Steiner's commentaries on these, as well as additional lecture cycles, inform us about all the others. The Fifth Gospel adds aspect 9 specifically.

  1. Christ as creator of the current solar system
  2. Christ on Old Sun
  3. Christ on Old Moon - with Lucifer on Old Moon + evolution to macroscoscopic I
  4. Pre-MoG interventions Lemurian and Atlantean time
  5. Descent of the Adam sister soul
  6. Christ's descent to Earth over various cultural ages - link with Khrishna Zarathustra Buddha
  7. Preparations in Jesus hereditary tree of descent (of Hebrew generations)
  8. The two Jesus children - their birth and lives upto age 12 - Birth of two children and their merger at age 12
  9. Fifth gospel coverage between ages 12 and 30
  10. The Baptism
  11. Three years of Christ Jesus
  12. Mystery of Golgotha (MoG), from before until the resurrection;
  13. Ascent cultural ages - Christ in the etheric and 6th epoch
  14. End of Earth and second Adam and group soul humanity
  15. Future Jupiter
  16. Future Venus

This module does not go into:

These aspects provides information, knowledge. To know the Christ however is also a deep soul feeling and realization of the essence of love, in its purest and most encompassing form. So one who lives the unconditional love towards every human being, loves his fellow human being like a parent loves his children today, this person knows the Christ better even if that person knows nothing of the above.

The above therefore is a descriptive biography with facts to satisfy intellectual curiosity but also to build a feeling connection to the Christ being.



Schema FMC00.050A is a temporary draft sketch to show how, to get closer to an understanding of the Christ, we need to follow all clues on the nature of that being from the Old Sun to the Future Venus planetary stages. In this scope we can easily point some 16 aspects for further study.

For stages 10-11-12 in the table, see schema FMC00.359 below.


Schema FMC00.090 lists the various names of Christ across the ages:


See also FMC00.267 on Threefold Sun

Schema FMC00.090 gives an overview of the structure of Christ-Jesus is presented in the following schema. There is a deep meaning behind each component in this table, as well as the stepwise development of this structure. For more info see the table with aspects above.

FMC00.246 shows how the evolutionary forces of Spirits of Form (SoF) enabling the faculties of Walking, Speaking, Thinking, were brought into harmony through Christ impulse in the three pre-MoG interventions of the Christ. See also 1914-03-07-GA152.


FMC00.359 maps the three years of Christ Jesus on Earth to the phases of Man's life between birth and death, and between death and a new birth.


Further imagery

  • Sistine Madonna (Raphael)
  • Madonna with two children (Raphael), see Two Jesus Children

Lecture coverage and references

[1] the three ways of seeing the Christ are discussed in 1910-01-14-GA117A and 1910-01-15-GA117A.

The distinction between historical and mystical inner Christ is also presented in 1912-02-22-GA069D, 1912-11-16-GA069D, 1913-11-15-GA069D and 1914-01-10-GA069D.

Also in 1902-04-05-GA087 the difference is pointed out between exoteric and esoteric nature of christianity, and in 1910-01-15-GA117A the Gospel of John as a way from the historical to the mystical Christ.


The only true name of Christ is 'I am'. Who does not know this or understand this and calls him otherwise, knows nothing at all about him. 'I am' is his only name.


Christ Jesus vs Jesus Christ

Note the use of the term 'Christ Jesus' and not 'Jesus Christ'. The main player here enacting a unique fact in the history of the solar system is Christ, and he did so having become Man in the body of Jesus. It is an important distinction to show we are talking, in the first place, about a divine being here. This is not a detail but it quite fundamental.

Indeed also 1918-08-19-GA183 mentions it explicitly:

.. it is Man's task to understand how the Christ dwells in him ... For Christ has descended to mankind. Jesus is a human being in whom the Christ has dwelt. True human self-knowledge must be the bearer of the germinal impulse of Jesus, so that it is possible to move on, into the future. It is deeply significant that we speak of Christ Jesus. For Christ correctly corresponds to the human aspect; but this cosmic element has come down to the Earth and has taken up his abode in Jesus.

and this specifically in the context of Ahrimanic in both Americanism and Jesuit movement

If there is an endeavour to sever Man's connection with the spiritual world, he will also lose his connection with Christ. The possibility then arises to make use of Jesus in such as way that the Earth continues to exist only in its earthly aspect. You will therefore find in Jesuitism a continual battle against Christology and a strong emphasis on there being an army for Jesus.

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