Christ Module 9: Trinity and Logoi

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This module covers the beginning of the Gospel of St-John and statements that Christ was the creator of the solar system, and what this implies for the relationship between Father and Son. It requires a deeper understanding on the threefold aspect of the Trinity.

Secondly this module also looks into what is what additional meaning is in the fact for Christ the name or term 'Logos' is used, or 'the Word'. This to distinguish when the term Sun God is used. See also Threefold Sun.

The above comes together in the rosecrucian line: 'Ex Deo nascimur - In Christo morimur - Per Spiritum Sanctum reviviscimus', see EDN - ICM - PSSR.

Temporary introduction

see 1904-10-25-GA089 quote in the Discussion area of Three dimensions of evolution

Lecture coverage and references

Friedrich Rittelmeyer reports a conversation with Rudolf Steiner about the difference between the Christ and the Logos.

Rudolf Steiner confirmed that Christ was the highest being in the hierarchy of the Sun, but that one needed to differentiate this being from the second divine person or Logos. The Logos stands 'above' or 'behind' this highest of the Sun hierarchy or Sun God called Christ. Behind each of the three groups of the Spiritual Hierarchies stands a person of the Godhead.

When Christ spoke of the Father it was always with extraordinary respect or awe, but this was not versus Jehovah - even though this was how Jewish people maybe understood it. Christ would have identified himself with Jehovah.


On Old Moon the astral element was added, both to the beings on Old Moon and to those evolving on the separate Sun. We find the spiritual prototypes on the Sun, and on Old Moon their counterparts on the level of the animal. Finally on the Earth a new condition was brought about, enabling man to absorb into himself the astral element which had developed on the Sun during the Old Moon stage, and which henceforth worked in him as a force. We will now trace these four conditions.

  • The sublime power which, during the evolution on Old Saturn, furnishes the germ of the human body form out of cosmic Chaos, is called by the writer of the Gospel of St. John the Logos.
  • The element which appeared on Old Sun and united itself to the first bodily form, he calls Life; it is what we call accordingly etheric or life body.
  • The element added on Old Moon, he calls Light; for this is the spiritual light, the astral light. This astral light causes a densification on the Old Moon, but a spiritualization on the separate Sun. This spiritualized element could evolve further, and did so evolve. And when the Sun again separated, the force evolved during the third stage (Old Moon) now shone into men; but man was not yet able to behold that which shone into him from the Sun. It worked upon man as a force and formed him, but man could not behold it.

The essential nature of the Old Saturn stage, as we have clearly understood it, we now express in the words of St. John:

‘In the beginning was the Logos.’

We now pass to Old Sun. When we express the fact that whatever originated on Old Saturn was further developed on the Old Sun, we say: The etheric body was added:

‘And the Logos was the Life.’

On Old Moon the astral being was added, both of a corporal and of a spiritual nature:

‘In the enlivened Logos was Light.’

The light developed further; on the one hand, to the light of clairvoyance and, on the other, with man to darkness. For when he should have received the Light, man, being darkness, comprehended it not. Thus when we throw light from the Akashic records upon the Gospel of St. John, we read of the evolution of the world as follows:

In the beginning, during the Old Saturn stage of evolution, everything arose out of the Logos. During the Old Sun evolution, there was Life in the Logos; and from out of the living Logos, during the Old Moon evolution, there arose Light.

And from out of the Logos filled with Light and Life, there arose, on the Sun, during Earth evolution, Light in a more glorious form, but man fell into a state of darkness.

From the Sun, the beings who were the advanced Bull-, Lion-, Eagle-, and human-spirits shone down as Light upon the Earth into the developing human forms. But these were darkness; they could not comprehend the Light that shone down upon them. (We must not confound this Light with physical light; this Light consisted of the combined radiations of the spiritual beings, the Bull-, Lion-, Eagle-, and human-spirits who represented the spiritual evolution on the Moon in continued form.)

This Light that streamed down was spiritual Light. Men could not receive it; they could not comprehend it; their whole evolution was furthered by it, but they were unconscious of its presence.

‘The Light shone in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not.’

Such are the exemplary words of the writer of the Gospel of St. John, when he places before us those great truths. And they who knew these things were ever called ‘ministers and priests of the Logos, as He was from the beginning.’ A priest or minister of the Logos, as he was from the beginning, is one who speaks thus.


Rittelmeyer quote

Christ as Lion and Sun Cherub

Why do we sometimes find references to Christ as the Lion, or as the Sun Cherub?

On Old Sun, the spiritual hierarchy going through the human stage of waking consciousness were the archangels. The most advanced leaders of these archangels got an initiation by the 'world initiators'. On Old Sun the highest hierarchy meeting the archangels in their support of their development were the Cherubim (see 1909-04-13-B-GA110). Leo was the zodiac sign through which the development of Old Saturn developed with the emanation of the Seraphim.


.. it is our duty to speak of this fact, just as the great Essene teacher, Jesus ben Pandira, spoke prophetically of the Christ as ‘the Lion Who was to come forth from the line of David,’ thus referring to the Sun-Force that was to stream from the constellation of Leo.

See FMC00.077A

Shining through the gate of the Spirit of Wisdom.

The 'level' 10 CoC-10 on Earth corresponds to the hierarchy of the Spirits of Wisdom. My reading of this is that the second Logos quite naturally started his descent to Earth, as CoC-10 represents the emanating level of the Third Logos or Holy Spirit.

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