Christ Module 15 - Study of Spiritual Science and the Mystery of Golgotha

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How do we have to understand what is really going on when we study spiritual science, and how come it's impact is so important?

For this we need an in depth understanding of a number of aspects:

  • the concept of Grace brought by the Christ Impulse and how it heals or corrects for the Fall and Original Sin as a result of the Luciferic infection, and how the Human 'I' and consciousness soul is used to draw closer to the Christ (see eg 1911-05-03-GA127)
    • how this concept of Grace or the Christ Impulse is working without individual merit of Man, hence 'Not I but the Christ in me
    • how this is related to living spiritual moral ideals and ideas (as a center of a new spiritual beginning - see also Christ Module 7), which also underlies spiritual transformation, see eg in Bardon's IIH, from step 2 character transformation based on soul mirrors, to step 10 communion with personal god)

  • physiological perspective:
    • the newly developed organ for spiritual science to work on the etheric body (1905-05-05-GA266), this is the third eye and pituitary gland (in some lectures Steiner calls it the 'I point'), see also Kundalini page
  • what is going on as a spiritual activity when we study spiritual science with our heart and soul, how our non-sensory thoughts inscribe in the spirit world and create something new, and contribute to the future .. see also the topic of 'enlivened images'
  • the study of spiritual science by modern Man as the 'reverse ritual'. In short: whereas before Man's ritual offered devotion and received from divine guidance, it is now upto Man himself to create through devotion
    • editor note: sorry contact me if you have suggestions for better phrasing, I'm still to refine the concise descriptions but not always easy to capture essence in one or two sentences)
  • essential is the section on 'About the study process and working spiritual science' that describes the state of soul required, and what is meant with 'studying spiritual science' as soul work, 'developing imaginations', or the importance of working together.
  • the working in groups, see 1915-06-15-GA159 on Communicating over spiritual science

See also link with cosmic breathing (as in: what we take into our souls), and the process at night.


Friedrich Rittelmeyer describes in his book 'Rudolf Steiner enters my life' how he, as someone who had a deep inner soul connection with Christ and Christology, why he had to bother learning about Old Saturn. See also Evolution Module 1 - Foundation.


Lecture coverage and references


[editor: there are two lectures on that date for Dusseldorf, the statement below is not in the lecture called 'about the concept of the divine' (which is also about Man redeeming the other kingdoms to which he owes life), it may be in the other lecture about Goethe's Faust - the transcripts for that lecture are not on steinerdatenbank]

Man can only meet these Vulcan beings with understanding by raising himself to an artistic perception and insight (Imagination). True Spiritual Science points to an artistic understanding. ... The study of Spiritual Science is not something abstract; it opens the door to cosmic influences which have sought to pour themselves into the Earth since the last third of the 19th century.

1905-05-05-GA266 (SWCC)

The being whom we call the archangel Gabriel started directing things around 1525. Through the right control of births he brought it about that the organ that's in the sinus above the root of man's nose gradually developed. It's not directly perceptible physically, but if one could compare a recent corpse with one from the 13th century, one would find differences in structure and in the windings of the brain at the place mentioned. Archangel Gabriel gradually prepared this organ in man, so that he was able to take in the message of archangel Michael, who was next in line in 1879.

Through this new organ Michael will bring the message of spiritual science into men, although not directly but

  • by letting his wisdom stream into men's etheric bodies through the white lodge,
  • and from there Man must consciously let them flow into the organ for them, and then let them work in his etheric body.

Those who make messages receptive for the message are ready to work on human and earth evolution in the right way, and an esoteric should place this high, ideal goal before his soul modestly but also decisively and to become ever more aware of his high, responsible task. The others who don't use the organ allow it to degenerate and dry out, and so they don't do the work they should be doing.

Archangel Michael will see to it that the work gets done, but in a different way than it would have been done by men. Whenever men shirk their duty the spiritual world is obliged to do their work. When the Earth passes over to the Future Jupiter condition the task that was assigned to it in this evolutionary period must be done.

We want to unroll the great future panorama that will be seen when the Earth matures for the Jupiter condition.

  • It will be completely spiritualized by the men who worked in the right way, and these men will live in a wonderful paradise.
  • But another part of the Earth will harden and shrink into a small kernel, as it were, through the men who let their organ dry out, and the men who live on it won't perceive the others; they won't exist for them. They aren't mature enough to go into the Future Jupiter condition by themselves and will therefore be carried over in the lap of spiritual beings; and they'll show one how hard it is not to have gone along with evolution.

A Man only has this Earth period to develop to freedom and through it to love and we should get strength for this work in our meditations. Sooner or later we'll get to know spiritual worlds that surround us, and namely through our meditation, but we should always remember to do it with the right attitude, not out of curiosity — that we like to call thirst for knowledge — but to help mankind to progress towards freedom and love.

1915-06-15-GA159 is about the importance of meeting and working in groups. This is related to the 'creation of a new center', as explained in Module 7 on the Christ and the GA089 lecture where this principle is explained. This principle is iterated in other lectures: that a common ideal between a group of people is the development of, building of, a group soul, a new common center.

If this question is to be answered truly, we must realize that we make a distinction, even if only in thought, between the work we do in a group like this and our other work in the world. Those who are unwilling to enter deeply into more intimate truths connected with the spiritual progress of humanity, might ask if we could not cultivate spiritual science without forming ourselves into groups, but simply by finding lecturers and providing opportunities for people who may not know each other to come together and have access to the spiritual treasure of which we speak. We could, of course, proceed in this way. But as long as it is at all possible to establish, in the wider and narrower senses, associations of human beings who are known to one another and who come together in friendship and brotherliness within these working groups, we will continue to found them in full consciousness of the attitude of soul that is part and parcel of spiritual science. It is not without meaning that among us there are human beings who want to cultivate the more intimate side of spiritual knowledge and who sincerely intend to work together in brotherliness and harmony.

Not only are relationships and intercourse affected by the fact that we can speak quite differently among ourselves, knowing that we are speaking to souls consciously associated with us — not only is this so, but something else is also to be remembered. The establishment of individual groups is connected with the whole conception that we hold of our Movement if we understand its inmost nature. We must all be conscious that our Movement is significant not only for the existence known to the senses and for the existence that is grasped by the outward turned mind of man, but that through this Movement our souls are seeking a real and genuine link with the spiritual worlds. Again and again, in full consciousness, we should say to ourselves that by the cultivation of spiritual science we transfer our souls as it were into spheres that are peopled not only by beings of earth but also by the beings of the higher hierarchies, the beings of the invisible worlds. We must realize that our work is of significance for these invisible worlds, that we are actually within these worlds.

In the spiritual world, the work performed by those who know one another within such groups is quite different from work carried on outside such a group and dispersed about the world. The work carried out in brotherly harmony within our groups has quite a different significance for the spiritual world than other work we may undertake. To understand this fully we must remind ourselves of truths we have studied in many aspects during recent years.


We may therefore picture to ourselves that by uniting in brotherliness in working groups, something hovers invisibly over our work, something that is like the child of the forces of the spirit self - the spirit self that is nurtured by the beings of the higher hierarchies in order that it may stream down into our souls when they are again on earth in the sixth cultural age.

In our groups we perform work that streams upward to those forces that are being prepared for the spirit self.

1916-03-15-GA174B covers the importance of spiritual scientific thinking and thoughts for the development of humanity (and the fact our human thoughts are work material for the third hierarchy). See also: Seeds for future worlds


At the present time man is going through a crisis as far as understanding the Mystery of Golgotha is concerned. Last week I attempted to illustrate this crisis by means of a specific example. I wanted to show how a human being may make a thorough study of Christianity yet fail to find Christ. At present it is possible to belong to established Christian communities, perhaps to one which at present has an ever-increasing influence, without approaching Christ. This is a phenomenon which spiritual science must emphasize again and again. What must also be emphasized is that it is modern man's task to call up the inner forces of his soul which enables him to grasp spiritual-scientific thoughts. A certain power of soul must be called upon in order to make these thoughts inwardly living. Unless we do we shall make no progress, for it lies in the nature of present-day man that he should call upon this soul-force. A force which ought to be used, but is not, produces sickness in some form. Illness is caused not only through lack of something but also through overabundance of something. Numerous people who appear weak are in reality strong. Paradoxical as it may seem they are strong inwardly. Many who go about like weaklings dissatisfied with life, not knowing how to be — as they put it — “in tune with the infinite” are actually strong, but subconsciously. However, they are incapable of bringing their subconscious strength into consciousness because they have no inkling of what it is that clamours for recognition within them. As a consequence the subconscious rebels and causes instability. The aim of spiritual science is to make man conscious of what is stirring within him, of what is in fact striving to become conscious. A true and satisfying understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha is what above all wants to become conscious, a fact which often expresses itself in remarkable ways.


It is a very difficult thing for our dry intellect to accept: that what you study would make such a difference. But then it's not only the what but also the how.

The difficulty one may have at first to grasp this, is because one does not have the frame or perspective to realize what is going on with sense-free thinking and the processes of perception and thinking in the soul. The fact we fill this activity with something that comes from our innermost human nature and lives deep deep inside of us.

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