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The 'reverse ritual' is a term coined by Rudolf Steiner in the lecture of

It is a symbolic term to describe the whole wider meaning of the study of spiritual science with heart and soul by modern Man, as the new and reversed ritual of devotion and religiosity for a connection with and towards a communion with the divine.


Throughout twenty years of lecturing, Rudolf Steiner insisted on the importance of Man to rise above sensory thoughts and develop free thinking of super-sensory nature, for which the spiritual science offered was the entry pathway. Like the Mystery of Golgotha, this is a theme that comes back in numerous lectures, mostly together with the MoG. However whereas that way the link and importance is stressed again and again, it may not be obvious to realize why, and all the underlying reasons and implications.


Lecture coverage and references

A key person to study the religious aspects in the study of spiritual science was Friedrich Benesch (1907-1991)


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